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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
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Table of contents
Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz vol.101  suppl.2 Rio de Janeiro Dec. 2006

Advances in Paleopathology: from phylogenetic analyses to ancient medical literature - an editorial forward
Coura, José Rodrigues

Powel, Mary Lucas; Cook, Della Collins

Challenges of phylogenetic analyses of aDNA sequences
Dittmar, Katharina; Souza, Sheila Mendonça de; Araújo, Adauto

Paleogenetic and taphonomic analysis of human bones from Moa, Beirada, and Zé Espinho Sambaquis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Marinho, Anderson Nonato do Rosario; Miranda, Newton Cardoso; Braz, Valéria; Ribeiro-dos-Santos, Ândrea Kely; Souza, Sheila Maria Ferraz Mendonça de

Tuberculosis in the New World: a study of ribs from the Schild Mississippian population, West-Central Illinois
Raff, Jennifer; Cook, Della Collins; Kaestle, Frederika

Quantitative paleoparasitology applied to archaeological sediments
Fugassa, Martín H; Araújo, Adauto; Guichón, Ricardo A

Pathoecology and paleodiet in Postclassic: Historic Maya from northern coastal Belize
White, Christine; Maxwell, Jay; Dolphin, Alexis; Williams, Jocelyn; Longstaffe, Fred

Paleoparasitological remains revealed by seven historic contexts from "Place d'Armes", Namur, Belgium
Rocha, Gino Chaves da; Harter- Lailheugue, Stephanie; Le Bailly, Matthieu; Araújo, Adauto; Ferreira, Luiz Fernando; Serra-Freire, Nicolau Maués da; Bouchet, Françoise

Parasitism in Kansas in the 1800s: a glimpse to the past through the analysis of grave sediments from Meadowlark cemetery
Le Bailly, Matthieu; Gonçalves, Marcelo LC; Lefèvre, Christine; Roper, Donna C; Pye, Jeremy W; Araujo, Adauto; Bouchet, Françoise

Pintomyia (Pifanomyia) paleotownsendi, a new sand fly from the Miocene amber of Dominican Republic (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae)
Andrade Filho, José Dilermando; Falcão, Alda Lima; Galati, Eunice A Bianchi; Brazil, Reginaldo Peçanha

Patterns of tuberculosis in the Americas: how can modern biomedicine inform the ancient past?
Wilbur, Alicia Kay; Buikstra, Jane Ellen

The antiquity of tuberculosis in Hungary: the skeletal evidence
Marcsik, Antónia; Molnár, Erika; Szathmáry, László

Paleopathology of the commoners at Tell Amarna, Egypt, Akhenaten's capital city
Rose, Jerome C

Gauging differential health among the sexes at Windover (8Br246) using the Western Hemisphere Health Index
Wentz, Rachel K; Tucker, Bryan; Krigbaum, John; Doran, Glen H

Paleopathology and osteobiography of the people of Peñuelas, Chile's semiarid north
Rosado, Maria Araya; Vernacchio-Wilson, Jessica

Health at the time of Native-European contact in Southern Patagonia: First steps, results, and prospects
Guichón, Ricardo Aníbal; Suby, Jorge Alejandro; Casali, Romina; Fugassa, Martín Horacio

Infectious disease among enslaved African Americans at Eaton's Estate, Warren County, North Carolina, ca. 1830-1850
Lambert, Patricia M

The girl from the Church of the Sacrament: a case of congenital syphilis in XVIII century Lisbon
Souza, Sheila Mendonça de; Codinha, Sonia; Cunha, Eugénia

Symbolic trephinations and population structure
Szathmáry, László; Marcsik, Antónia

Broken noses for the gods: ritual battles in the Atacama Desert during the Tiwanaku period
Lessa, Andrea; Souza, Sheila Maria Ferraz Mendonça de

Caries prevalence in skeletal series: is it possible to compare?
Wesolowski, Veronica

Ancient medical texts, modern reading problems
Rosa, Maria Carlota