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Revista de Administração (São Paulo)
Print version ISSN 0080-2107


Table of contents
Rev. Adm. (São Paulo) vol.47 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2012

Reinhard, Nicolau

 Human Resources and Organizations
 ·  Recognizing and developing the competence of disabled individuals in a specific organization
Beltrão, Danielle Cristine; Brunstein, Janette

 ·  Perceiving individual and organizational change: the role of attitudes, values, power and organizational capacity
Neiva, Elaine Rabelo; Paz, Maria das Graças Torres da

 ·  The imaginary of hawkers and traveling salesmen from Minas Gerais in the configuration of place, non-place and in between place
Xavier, Wescley Silva; Barros, Amon Narciso de; Cruz, Rafaela Costa; Carrieri, Alexandre de Pádua

 Corporate Strategy and Economics
 ·  Creating and managing value through metrics based on the perspectives of intellectual capital
Rezende, José Francisco de Carvalho; Avila, Marcos; Maia, Renata Sitônio

 ·  Congruencies between strategic positioning and business networks: case study of a multinational subsidiary in Brazil
Moran, Márcio Roberto; Façanha, Sandra; Gonçalves, Marilson Alves; Fischmann, Adalberto Américo

 Finance and Accounting
 ·  Problems in the estimation of the cost of capital for highway operating contracts in Brazil: an application to the regulation of highway operating contracts
Sanvicente, Antonio Zoratto

 ·  Pricing R$/USD exchange rate options: a comparison between the Black model and the artificial neural networks model
Maciel, Leandro dos Santos; Ballini, Rosangela; Silveira, Rodrigo Lanna Franco da

 Governance Studies
 ·  Differences and inter-relations between the concepts of governance and management of horizontal business networks: contributions to this field of study
Roth, Ana Lúcia; Wegner, Douglas; Antunes Júnior, José Antônio Valle; Padula, Antonio Domingos

 Public Sector Management
 ·  Analysis of the electronic system of procurement of the Brazilian federal administration from the standpoint of creating public value
Inamine, Ronaldo; Erdmann, Rolf Hermann; Marchi, Jamur Johnas

 ·  Comparing car preference and ownership: predictions based on human values, product attributes and socio-demographic variables
Porto, Rafael Barreiros; Torres, Claudio Vaz