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Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP
Print version ISSN 0080-6234


Table of contents
Rev. esc. enferm. USP vol.33 no.2 São Paulo June 1999

 Artigos Originais
 ·  Bibliography review about children' accidents
Souza, Luiza Jane Eyre Xavier de; Barroso, Maria Grasiela Teixeira

 ·  Do we comfort? We deal with human beings without being aware of our humanness
Mussi, Fernanda Carneiro

 ·  The patients's perception during their stay in the intensive care unit
Guirardello, Edinêis de Brito; Romero-Gabriel, Cláudia Adalgisa A.; Pereira, Isabel Cristina; Miranda, Alba Franzão

 ·  Preliminary study of the relationship between the cardiopulmonary arrest time and its consequences in patients who underwent trauma
Bertelli, Andréia; Bueno, Márcia Regina; Sousa, Regina Márcia Cardoso de

 ·  Making something more: a nursing students experience nursing care in the family context
Neman, Fabiana

 ·  The mother's representation of the child with down syndrome
Sigaud, Cecília Helena de Siqueira; Reis, Alberto Olavo Advíncula

 ·  Nature and severity of injuries in traffic accident victims
Sallum, Ana Maria Calil; Koizumi, Maria Sumie

 ·  Pedagogical and conceptual models acting on nursing education planning: a bibliographic review
Antunes, Maria José Moraes; Shigueno, Luiza Y. Okudaira; Meneghin, Paolo

 ·  Regarding the process of making laws
Oguisso, Taka; Schmidt, Maria José

 ·  Requirements for academical working in nursing schools: perspectives for the subject
Ide, Cilene Aparecida Costardi

 ·  The changing practice and teaching in psychiatric nursing
Barros, Sônia; Silva, Ana Luisa Aranha e; Lopérgolo, Ana Cristina Delgado; Pitta, Ana Maria Fernandes

 ·  Nursing students expectations regarding their inicial hospital training
Carvalho, Maria Dalva de Barros; Pelloso, Sandra Marisa; Valsecchi, Elizabeth A.S.S.; Coimbra, Jorséli A.H.