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Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP
Print version ISSN 0080-6234


Table of contents
Rev. esc. enferm. USP vol.37 no.3 São Paulo Sept. 2003

Silva, Maria Júlia Paes da; Miyadahira, Ana Maria Kazue

Alternative or complementary therapies: knowledge and action of the nurses at the 71st administrative district - Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Brazil
Nuñez, Helena Maria Fekete; Ciosak, Suely Itsuko

Decentralization as a guiding principle for the reorganization and implementation of the Unified Health System's principles
Palha, Pedro Fredemir; Villa, Tereza Cristina Scatena

A dialectic of patients' daily life with cronic renal failure in hemodialysis: the unavoidable and the casual
Machado, Leise Rodrigues Carrijo; Car, Marcia Regina

An experience of nursing education in collective health: the use of the informatics to teach epidemiological surveillance
Nichiata, Lúcia Yasuko Izumi; Takahashi, Renata Ferreira; Fracolli, Lislaine Aparecida; Gryschek, Anna Luiza de Fátima Pinho Lins

Development of a on-line course about administration of medication
Cassiani, Silvia Helena De Bortoli; Benfati, Flávia Borges da Silva; Dias, Denise Costa; Zem-Mascarenhas, Silvia Helena; Zanetti, Maria Lúcia

Anxiety and coping in ambulatory surgical patients
Moraes, Lygia Oliveira de; Peniche, Aparecida de Cássia Giani

Stress the nurse's work
Costa, José Roberto Alves da; Lima, Josefa Vieira de; Almeida, Paulo Cesar de

The dimensions of the care in a burn unit: an ethnographic study
Costa, Elaine Carvalho Fernandes Braga; Rossi, Lídia Aparecida

Sexuality as a cultural construction: reflexions on inherent prejudice and myths on a group of women in rural areas
Ressel, Lúcia Beatriz; Gualda, Dulce Maria Rosa

The smear test under the point of view of the woman who has experienced it in her life
Paula, Aline Fernandes de; Madeira, Anézia Moreira Faria

Factors which influence nurses to promote physical activities among psychiatric patients
Oliveira, Elda de; Rolim, Marli Alves

Critical thinking and accuracy of nurses' diagnoses. Part II: application of cognitive skills and guidelines for self-development
Lunney, Margaret