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Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo
On-line version ISSN 1806-9657


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ciênc. Solo vol.27 no.5 Viçosa Sept./Oct. 2003

 Soil physics
 ·  Compressibility of a clayey Red Latosol as a function of water tension, use and management of the soil
Oliveira, G. C.; Dias Junior, M. S.; Curi, N.; Resck, D. V. S.

 ·  Analytical models to estimate the soil water redistribution process
Loyola, J. M. T.; Prevedello, C. L.

 ·  Spatial sariability of infiltration in an Alfisol
Cichota, R.; Jong van Lier, Q. de; Leguizamón Rojas, C. A.

 ·  Effects of liming and phosphorus application on the structural stability of an acid soil
Albuquerque, J. A.; Bayer, C.; Ernani, P. R.; Mafra, A. L.; Fontana, E. C.

 Soil chemistry and mineralogy
 ·  Importance of mineral species in total potassium content of clay fraction in soils of the Triângulo Mineiro, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Melo, V. F.; Corrêa, G. F.; Maschio, P. A.; Ribeiro, A. N.; Lima, V. C.

 ·  Total stocks of organic carbon and its pools in acrisols under forest and under maize cultivated with mineral and organic fertilization
Leite, L. F. C.; Mendonça, E. S.; Neves, J. C. L.; Machado, P. L. O. A.; Galvão, J. C. C.

 Soil biology
 ·  Taxonomic classification of rhizobial strains recommended for soybean and common bean crops in Brazil based on the sequencing of the 16s rRNA gene
Chueire, L. M. O.; Bangel, E. V.; Mostasso, F. L.; Campo, R. J.; Pedrosa, F. O.; Hungria, M.

 ·  Effect of phosphorus, soil fumigation and mycorrhizal colonization on papaya growth
Minhoni, M. T. A.; Auler, P. A. M.

 Soil fertility and plant nutrition
 ·  Evaluation of the sugarcane root system with different methods
Vasconcelos, A. C. M.; Casagrande, A. A.; Perecin, D.; Jorge, L. A. C.; Landell, M. G. A.

 ·  Common bean response to variable proportions of calcium and magnesium in the cation exchange capacity of oxisols
Oliveira, E. L.; Parra, M. S.

 ·  Silicon contents in soil and in highland rice plants under different doses of silicon and nitrogen fertilization
Mauad, M.; Grassi Filho, H.; Crusciol, C. A. C.; Corrêa, J. C.

 ·  Root morphology and potassium supply to pearl millet roots as affected by soil water and potassium contents
Rosolem, C. A.; Mateus, G. P.; Godoy, L. J. G.; Feltran, J. C.; Brancalião, S. R.

 ·  Efficiency of uptake, translocation and use of calcium, magnesium and sulphur in young Coffea arabica plants under the influence of the rootstock
Tomaz, M. A.; Silva, S. R.; Sakiyama, N. S.; Martinez, H. E. P.

 ·  Phosphorus accumulation fractions in a clayey oxisol in relation to phosphate doses under no-tillage
Conte, E.; Anghinoni, I.; Rheinheimer, D. S.

 Soil and water management and conservation
 ·  Soil and water losses in different soil tillage systems on a hapludox under simulated rainfall
Mello, E. L.; Bertol, I.; Zaparolli, A. L. V.; Carrafa, M. R.

 ·  Carbon forms of a Typic Eutroferric Red Latossol under no-tillage in a savanna biogeographic system
Rosa, M. E. C.; Olszevski, N.; Mendonça, E. S.; Costa, L. M.; Correia, J. R.

 ·  Kriging and inverse-square-distance for the interpolation of rainfall equation parameters
Mello, C. R.; Lima, J. M.; Silva, A. M.; Mello, J. M.; Oliveira, M. S.

 ·  Chemical soil properties of an inceptisol under long-term sugarcane crops with vinasse application and without slash burning
Canellas, L. P.; Velloso, A. C. X.; Marciano, C. R.; Ramalho, J. F. G. P.; Rumjanek, V. M.; Rezende, C. E.; Santos, G. A.

 Pollution and environmental quality
 ·  Interaction between lead, soil base saturation rate, and mycorrhiza on soybean development and mineral nutrition
Andrade, S. A. L.; Abreu, C. A.; Abreu, M. F.; Silveira, A. P. D.

 ·  Utilization of beeswax in procedures of soil bulk density determination
Silva, E. M. B.; Silva, T. J. A.; Oliveira, L. B.; Mélo, R. F.; Jacomine, P. K. T.