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Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo
versión impresa ISSN 0100-0683


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Rev. Bras. Ciênc. Solo v.28 n.2 Viçosa mar./abr. 2004

 Soil chemistry and mineralogy
 ·  Mineralogy and forms of K and Mg in different weight and size classes of sand fraction of Triângulo Mineiro soils, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Melo, V. F.; Ribeiro, A. N.; Maschio, P. A.; Corrêa, G. F.; Lima, V. C.

 ·  Mineralogy and physical chemistry of mangrove soils from Iriri River at the Bertioga channel (Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil)
Prada-Gamero, R. M.; Vidal-Torrado, P.; Ferreira, T. O.

 ·  Quantification of iron oxides in Brazilian latosols by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Fernandes, R. B. A.; Barrón, V.; Torrent, J.; Fontes, M. P. F.

 ·  Phosphorus fractions after successive resin extractions and incubation in semi-arid soils of Pernambucco State, Brazil
Araújo, M. S. B.; Schaefer, C. E. G. R.; Sampaio, E. V. S. B.

 Soil biology
 ·  Phenotypic characterization and diversity of diazotrophic associative bacteria isolated from soils rehabilitated after bauxite mining
Nóbrega, R. S. A.; Moreira, F. M. S.; Siqueira, J. O.; Lima, A. S.

 Soil fertility and plant nutrition
 ·  Soil and plant phosphorus critical levels for Brachiaria brizantha related to physical and chemical characteristics of soils in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil
Bonfim, E. M. S.; Freire, F. J.; Santos, M. V. F.; Silva, T. J. A.; Freire, M. B. G. S.

 ·  Calcium effects on growth and solute contents of sorghum seedlings under NaCl stress
Lacerda, C. F.; Cambraia, J.; Oliva, M. A.; Ruiz, H. A.

 Soil genesis, morphology and classification
 ·  Evaluation of morphometric characteristics of the soil-landscape relationship at Córrego Rico Watershed, Jaboticabal (SP), Brazil
Pissarra, T. C. T.; Politano, W.; Ferraudo, A. S.

 Soil and water management and conservation
 ·  Land use and physical and chemical properties of a distrophic Yellow Argisol in the Western Amazon region
Araújo, E. A.; Lani, J. L.; Amaral, E. F.; Guerra, A.

 ·  Liming management and its effect on acidity components of an oxisol under no-tillage
Ciotta, M. N.; Bayer, C.; Ernani, P. R.; Fontoura, S. M. V.; Wobeto, C.; Albuquerque, J. A.

 ·  Chemistry and physical-hydric characterization of a Red Latosol after 20 years of different soil use and management
Oliveira, G. C.; Dias Junior, M. S.; Resck, D. V. S.; Curi, N.

 ·  Physical properties of a dystrophic Red Latosol (Oxisol) under crop cultivation and native forest
Araujo, M. A.; Tormena, C. A.; Silva, A. P.

 ·  Simulation of organic matter dynamics in an Argisol under mineral and organic fertilization with the century model
Leite, L. F. C.; Mendonça, E. S.; Machado, P. L. O. A.

 ·  Movement of lime particles in the profile of an Inceptisol under no-tillage
Amaral, A. S.; Anghinoni, I.; Hinrichs, R.; Bertol, I.

 ·  Corn crop residue decomposition and related parameters
Bertol, I.; Leite, D.; Zoldan Jr., W. A.

 Pollution and environmental quality
 ·  Cadmium, copper, and lead adsorption and desorption in Oxisol samples pre-treated with phophorus
Pierangeli, M. A. P.; Guilherme, L. R. G.; Curi, N.; Anderson, S. J.; Lima, J. M.

 ·  Soil chemical alterations and growth of maize and bean plants after sewage sludge application
Nascimento, C. W. A.; Barros, D. A. S.; Melo, E. E. C.; Oliveira, A. B.

 ·  Spatial and temporal-time analysis of land use in part of the semi-arid region of Ceará State, Brazil
Andrade, J. B.; Oliveira, T. S.

 ·  Saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conducti-vity of a sewage sludge treated "Latossolo Vermelho eutroférrico" (Oxisol)
Barbosa, G. M. C.; Tavares Filho, J.; Fonseca, I. C. B.