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Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo
On-line version ISSN 1806-9657


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ciênc. Solo vol.29 no.4 Viçosa July/Aug. 2005

 Soil physics
 ·  Aggregate compressibility of an Amazon Oxisol in response to water potential
Tavares Filho, João; Grimaldi, Michel; Tessier, Daniel

 ·  Temporal stability of water content and water matric potential in a field soil
Melo Filho, José Fernandes de; Libardi, Paulo Leonel

 ·  Evaluation of compressibility of a dystroferric Red Nitosol under no-tillage and conventional tillage systems and a native forest
Assis, Renato Lara de; Lanças, Kléber Pereira

 ·  Evaluation of physical attributes of a dystrophic Red Nitosol under no-tillage, conventional tillage and native forest systems
Assis, Renato Lara de; Lanças, Kléber Pereira

 Soil chemistry and mineralogy
 ·  Effect of pH on cadmium adsorption and desorption in Brazilian Oxisols
Pierangeli, Maria Aparecida Pereira; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães; Curi, Nilton; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Lima, José Maria de; Costa, Enio Tarso de S.

 ·  Kinetics of potassium and magnesium release from clay minerals of soils in the Triângulo Mineiro region, Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Melo, Vander de Freitas; Corrêa, Gilberto Fernandes; Ribeiro, Anderson Nora; Maschio, Paulo Alessandro

 ·  Microwave-assisted decomposition of soil samples: strategies to avoid formation of insoluble fluoride salts
Vieira, Edivan Carvalho; Kamogawa, Marcos Yassuo; Lemos, Sherlan Guimarães; Nóbrega, Joaquim de Araújo; Nogueira, Ana Rita de Araújo

 Soil biology
 ·  Characterization of soil fauna in different vegetation covers in the northern Fluminense region (RJ)
Moço, Maria Kellen da S.; Gama-Rodrigues, Emanuela Forestieri da; Gama-Rodrigues, Antonio Carlos da; Correia, Maria Elizabeth F.

 Soil fertility and plant nutrition
 ·  Critical level and crop yield response to potassium in a typic Hapludalf under no-tillage
Brunetto, Gustavo; Gatiboni, Luciano Colpo; Santos, Danilo Rheinheimer dos; Saggin, Adair; Kaminski, João

 ·  Efficiency of superficial and incorporated liming on a hapludalf prior to no-tillage implementation
Kaminski, João; Santos, Danilo Rheinheimer dos; Gatiboni, Luciano Colpo; Brunetto, Gustavo; Silva, Leandro Souza da

 Soil genesis, morphology and classification
 ·  Morphological, micromorphological and hydro-physical characterization of soils with a nitic B horizon
Cooper, Miguel; Vidal-Torrado, Pablo

 Soil and water management and conservation
 ·  Flow hydraulics and sediment transport in rills of a sandy clay loam soil
Cantalice, José Ramon Barros; Cassol, Elemar Antonino; Reichert, José Miguel; Borges, Ana Luiza de Oliveira

 ·  Cover crops residue decomposition and nitrogen release in a cerrado soil
Torres, José Luiz Rodrigues; Pereira, Marcos Gervásio; Andrioli, Itamar; Polidoro, José Carlos; Fabian, Adelar José

 Pollution and environmental quality
 ·  Modelling the risk of nitrate leaching from two soils amended with five different biosolids
Corrêa, Rodrigo Studart; White, Robert Edwin; Weatherley, Anthony James

 ·  Rhizospheric activity of potentially phytoreme-diative species for tebuthiuron-contaminated soil
Pires, Fábio Ribeiro; Souza, Caetano Marciano de; Cecon, Paulo Roberto; Santos, José Barbosa dos; Tótola, Marcos Rogério; Procópio, Sergio de Oliveira; Silva, Antonio Alberto da; Silva, Carlos Shigeaky Weky

 ·  Zinc redistribution among soil fractions and concentration of available Zn in sewage sludge-treated soils
Araújo, Josângela do Carmo Trezena de; Nascimento, Clístenes Williams Araújo do

 ·  Urease activity in oxisols as influenced by vegetation cover and sampling time
Longo, Regina Márcia; Melo, Wanderley José de

 ·  Urea hydrolysis in oxisols: effects of substrate concentration, temperature, pH, incubation time and storage conditions
Longo, Regina Marcia; Melo, Wanderley José de