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Cadernos de Pesquisa
On-line version ISSN 1980-5314


Table of contents
Cad. Pesqui.  no.117 São Paulo Nov. 2002

 Tema em Destaque
 ·  Conhecimento, educação e contemporaneidade
Moreira, Antonio Flavio Barbosa

 ·  The phenomena of segregation and social exclusion in the knowledge society
Tedesco, Juan Carlos

 ·  Educational politics of identity and category
Willinsky, John

 ·  Durkheim, Vigotsky and the curriculum
Young, Michael F. D.

 ·  The field of curriculum in Brasil: curriculum building in the context of ANPED
Moreira, Antonio Flavio Barbosa

 Outros Temas
 ·  The national faculty of philosophy and the training of mathematics teachers and researchers
Silva, Circe Mary Silva da

 ·  Social representation theories and gender theory
Arruda, Angela

 ·  Teacher's professionalism in a constructivism approach
Chakur, Cilene Ribeiro de Sá Leite

 ·  For and in-service teacher's education environment
Belintane, Claudemir

 Temas em Debate
 ·  Ação Afirmativa
Pinto, Regina Pahim

 ·  Affirmative action: History and debates in Brazil
Moehlecke, Sabrina

 ·  Affirmative action and the fight against institutional racism in Brazil
Silvério, Valter Roberto

 Destaque Editorial