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Cadernos de Pesquisa
On-line version ISSN 1980-5314


Table of contents
Cad. Pesqui. vol.35 no.124 São Paulo Jan./Apr. 2005

 Issue in Focus - Inclusive and Compensatory Policies
 ·  Inclusive and compensatory policies in elementary education
Cury, Carlos Roberto Jamil

 ·  Contemporary tensions between the public and the private
Dupas, Gilberto

 ·  Affirmative action from a human rights perspective
Piovesan, Flavia

 Other Issues
 ·  Education in cycles: school under a new logic
Fernandes, Claudia de Oliveira

 ·  Twenty years of basic cycle policy in São Paulo State school system
Duran, Marília Claret Geraes; Alves, Maria Leila; Palma Filho, João Cardoso

 ·  Education and social stratification: regarding state university access
Borges, José Leopoldino das Graças; Carnielli, Beatrice Laura

 ·  The meaning of school education for a group of garbage collectors
Paixão, Lea Pinheiro

 ·  School as object of study of brazilian academic production: 1981/1998
Marin, Alda Junqueira; Bueno, José Geraldo Silveira; Sampaio, Maria das Mercês Ferreira

 ·  Secondary education reform in Ceará State and its contradictions
Zibas, Dagmar M. L.

 ·  Quality indicators for school mobilization
Ribeiro, Vera Masagão; Ribeiro, Vanda Mendes; Gusmão, Joana Buarque de

 Book Highlights
 ·  A educação do deficiente no Brasil: dos primórdios ao início do século XXI
Jannuzzi, Gilberta de Martino