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Cadernos de Pesquisa
On-line version ISSN 1980-5314


Table of contents
Cad. Pesqui. vol.39 no.136 São Paulo Jan./Apr. 2009


 Issue in Focus - Infant-Juvenile Labor and Education
 ·  Schooling and family strategies in the outskirts of Maputo
Costa, Ana Bénard da

 ·  Tuteled orphan in the entanglements of the judiciary (Bragança-SP, 1871-1900)
Bastos, Ana Cristina do Canto Lopes; Kuhlmann Jr., Moysés

 ·  The limits of compulsory schooling in Buenos Aires, 1884-1915
Zapioli, María Carolina

 Other Issues
 ·  Family and work: hard reconciliation for low-income working mothers
Bruschini, Maria Cristina A.; Ricoldi, Arlene Martinez

 ·  Reversal of the gender gap in Brazilian education in the 20th century
Beltrão, Kaizô Iwakami; Alves, José Eustáquio Diniz

 ·  Gender, sexuality and race/ethnicity: transversal challenges to teacher
Rohden, Fabíola

 ·  Case study on sexual education: from reproduction to prevention
Altmann, Helena

 ·  Teacher education in face of violence from/at schools
Gomes, Candido Alberto; Pereira, Marlene Monteiro

 ·  Didactics and ethical work in teacher training
Garcia, Maria Manuela Alves

 ·  The graduate program at INPE: the research-development and education alliance
Moreira, Maria Lígia; Velho, Léa

 ·  What is a research in education for?
Campos, Maria Malta

 Open Space
 ·  Vygotsky and Leontiev: resonances of a past
Tunes, Elizabeth; Prestes, Zoia

 Book Reviews
 ·  Ação afirmativa no ensino superior brasileiro
Vieira, Andréa Lopes da Costa

 ·  História das ideias pedagógicas no Brasil (Col. Memória da Educação)
Gonçalves, Maria Dativa de Salles

 ·  Educational research and evidence-based practice
Lüdke, Menga

 Book Highlights