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Cadernos de Pesquisa
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Table of contents
Cad. Pesqui. vol.40 no.141 São Paulo Dec. 2010


 Issue in Focus - Social Studies on Childhood and Child's Rights
 ·  Estudos sociais sobre a infância e direitos da criança
Rosemberg, Fúlvia

 ·  The international convention on the child's rights: debates and tensions
Rosemberg, Fúlvia; Mariano, Carmem Lúcia Sussel

 ·  Reconsidering the new sociology of childhood
Prout, Alan

 ·  The child welfare theory
Alanen, Leena

 ·  Childhood and politics
Qvortrup, Jens

 Other Issues
 ·  State assessment systems: the use of results, implications and trends
Sousa, Sandra Zákia; Oliveira, Romualdo Portela de

 ·  An interpretation of the uses of quality indicators in education
Ribeiro, Vanda Mendes; Gusmão, Joana Borges Buarque de

 ·  Inquiry and conviction: frontiers between science and ideology
Brandão, Zaia

 ·  Education in Rio de Janeiro Municipalities' constitutions: little originality and ample copy
Davies, Nicholas

 ·  Overcoming the dichotomy in retention-promotion debate on compulsory school
Fernandes, Claudia de Oliveira

 ·  Why do most parents and students defend school retention?
Jacomini, Márcia Aparecida

 ·  Educational investigation activities: a psychoanalytical analysis of engagement in small groups
Júlio, Josimeire M; Vaz, Arnaldo M

 ·  Education planing in four chilean municipalities
Romero, Arturo Vallejos; Toledo, Daniela Monteiro; Ñirril, Susan Ávila

 ·  School children in the XXI century: thinking about a post-modern childhood
Momo, Mariangela; Costa, Marisa Vorraber

 ·  Education and the challenges of multi-culturalization: pedagogy of civil society
Barbosa, Manuel

 Open Space
 ·  Guita Ivovna Vigodskaia (1925-2010), filha de Vigotski: entrevista
Prestes, Zoia

 Book Reviews
 ·  Estudos & pesquisas educacionais
Almeida, Patrícia Cristina Albieri de

 ·  Encyclopédie de la formation
Bôas, Lúcia P. S. Villas