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Química Nova
On-line version ISSN 1678-7064


Table of contents
Quím. Nova vol.21 no.4 São Paulo July/Aug. 1998

 ·  Chemical composition of aerosol collected in the amazon forest
Vasconcellos, Pérola de Castro; Artaxo, Paulo Eduardo; Ciccioli, Paulo; Cecinato, Angelo; Brancaleoni, Enzo; Frattoni, Massimiliano

 ·  Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition of [Pd2 (C2-dmba) (µ-SO4) (SO2)2]
Caires, Antonio Carlos Fávero; Mauro, Antonio Eduardo

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 ·  Ent-16a,17-dihydroxykauran-19-oic acid isolated from Oratea semiserrata and the stereochemistry defiances of the chiral carbons C-4 and C-16
Velandia, Javier Rincón; Carvalho, Mário Geraldo de; Braz-Filho, Raimundo

 ·  Pneumatic nebulizer as a dilution chamber in a flow-injection system for multielement analysis by ICP-MS
Gomes Neto, José Anchieta; Silva, José Bento B.; Rodrigues Neto, Renato; Curtius, Adilson José; Souza, Ivan G.

 ·  Analysis of adsorption isotherms of Cu(II), Ni(II), Pb(II) and Zn(II) by N-(3,4-dihydroxybenzyl) chitosan using nonlinear regression method
Klug, Marilene; Sanches, Maria N. M.; Laranjeira, Mauro C. M.; Fávere, Valfredo T.; Rodrigues, Clovis A.

 ·  Multi-element determination of metals, sulphate and chloride in water samples by ICP-MS
Menegário, A. A.; Giné, M. F.

 ·  Comparison of two types of rain sampling: total deposition and wet only deposition
Campos, Vânia P.; Costa, Angela C. A.; Tavares, Tania M.

 ·  Effects of textile and food industries wastewaters in the physico - chemical properties and metabolism of Piauitinga river (Northern, Brazil)
Andrade, Regina Célia Bastos de; Souza, Marcelo Friederichs Landim de; Couto, Erminda da Conceição Guerreiro

 ·  Textural and catalytic properties of chromium and copper-doped iron oxides
Souza, Marluce Oliveira da Guarda; Quadro, Emerentino Brazil; Rangel, Maria do Carmo

 ·  X-ray fluorescence determination of adsorbed copper on activated charcoal after glycerin complexation
Bueno, Maria Izabel Maretti Silveira; Amaral, Lêda Cristina do

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 ·   Estimative of DDHmo for adducts by thermogravimetry
Farias, Robson Fernandes de

 ·  Antisense Synthtetic DNA
Cravador, Alfredo

 ·  Nitrenium ions
Mota, Claudio J. A.

 ·  Slurry sampling: the technique employment in the direct sample analysis
Magalhães, Carlos Emanuel de Carvalho; Arruda, Marco Aurélio Zezzi

 ·  An introduction analysis exploratory multivariate date
Moita Neto, José Machado; Moita, Graziella Ciaramella

 ·  Drug delivery systems
Montanari, Maria Luiza C.; Montanari, Carlos Alberto; Piló-Veloso, Dorila; Beezer, A. E.; Mitchell, J. C.

 Nota técnica
 ·  Homemade electrodes for voltammetry
Silva, Reinaldo Carvalho; Souza, Ivan Gonçalves de

 ·  Determination of Co and Co2 on line (at low ppbV levels) by gas chromatography
Jesus, Rosangela Novaes de; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  New route for the preparation of 2-chloro-1,3,2-dioxaphospholane and 2-chloro-4,5-benzo-1,3,2-dioxaphospholane and characterization by NMR spectroscopy
Costa, Ricardo França Furtado da; Passos, Bernadette de F. Trigo; Matos, Robson Mendes

 ·  Development of interface and software for synchronous operation of an autosampler and a tungsten coil electrothermal atomizer coupled to an atomic absorption spectophotometer
Neira, J.; Valenzuela, G.; Vega, J.; Moya, J.; Bruhn, C. G.; Nóbrega, J. A.

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 ·  Potentialities of electrodeposited lead dioxide as a potentiometric sensor
Capelato, Milton Duffles; Cassiano, Neila Maria

 ·  The ab-initio formulation of the second law of thermodynamics
Braga, J. P.

 Assuntos gerais
 ·  Some remarks concerning the origins of preparation of nitric acid
Beltran, Maria Helena Roxo

 ·   Glasses coated with transparent thin layers of SnO2
Rizzato, Alessandro P.; Pulcinelli, Sandra H.; Santilli, Celso V.

 ·  Connectivity in sol-gel silica glasses
Vasconcelos, Wander L.

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 ·  Optical properties study in 0.3La2S3-0.7Ga2S 3
Marmolejo, Edgar M.; Paula, Ana M. de; Reynoso, V. C. S.; Barbosa, Luiz C.; Alves, Oswaldo L.

 ·  Optical spectroscopy of in-based fluoride glasses doped with Er3+ and Yb3+ ions
Ribeiro, C. T. M.; Zanatta, A. R.; Sartori, J.; Nunes, L. A. O.; Messaddeq, Y.

 ·  Influence of added deffloculant, binder and alumina particles on the rheological behavior of enamel suspensions
Hotza, Dachamir; Fredel, Márcio C.; Rodrigues Neto, João B.; Alarcon, Orestes E.

 ·  Ostwald ripening in porous materials
Schmelzer, Jürn; Möller, Jörg; Slezov, Vitali V.; Gutzow, Iwan; Pascova, R.

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 ·  Influence of Na2O on the viscosity and devitrification behavior of glasses obtained from fly ashes and Li2O
Neves, Etney; Poffo, Edoardo D.; Fredel, Márcio C.; Riella, Humberto G.; Alarcon, Orestes E.

 ·  Carta ao editor
Berlinck, Roberto G. S.