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Química Nova
Print version ISSN 0100-4042


Table of contents
Quím. Nova vol.21 no.6 São Paulo Nov./Dec. 1998

 ·  Synthesis and characterisation of the nanocomposites K0,1(PEO)xMoS2 (x= 0,5; 1,2)
Wypych, Fernando; Adad, Luciana Barreto; Grothe, Mariely Cristina

 ·  Reactions of Cp'(CO)2MnPPh2H with CH3COCl and CH3S(O)2Cl in THF/triethylamine: evidences of the first complex stabilisation of a phosphorus-homologous of the sulfonamides
Oliveira, Gelson Manzoni de; Seiffert, Milton; Lorenz, Ingo-Peter

 ·  Monte Carlo thermodynamic and structural properties of the TIP4P water model: dependence on the computational conditions
Cordeiro, João Manuel Marques

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 ·  Triterpenic esters from himatanthus sucuuba (Spruce) Woodson
Silva, Jefferson Rocha de A.; Rezende, Claudia M.; Pinto, Ângelo C.; Pinheiro, Maria L. B.; Cordeiro, Milade C.; Tamborini, Everaldo; Young, Cláudia M.; Bolzani, Vanderlan da S.

 ·  Dealumination of offretite through g-irradiation
Carvalho, A. P.; Carvalho, M. Brotas de

 ·  TOP ¾ a software for calculation of topological descriptors to be used in structure - activity relationships
Neves, Porfírio Jesus das; Costa, João Batista Neves da; Ndiyae, Papa Matar; Carneiro, José Walkimar de Mesquita

 ·  Geometric model apllied for studying glory and rainbow effects in atomic collisions
Lemes, N. H. T.; Belchior, J. C.; Braga, J. P.

 ·  Stereoselective sodium borohydride reductions of cyclopentanones: influence of ceric chloride on the stereochemistry of reaction
Constantino, Mauricio Gomes; Matias, Luiz Gonzaga de Oliveira; Silva, Gil Valdo José da; Barbieri, Emerson; Gambardella, Maria Teresa do Prado

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 ·  Utilization of residual liquid orange from juice processing as cultivation medium of Penicillium citrinum: biological depuration of the residue and enzyme production
Tavares, Valquíria Barco; Sivieri, Kátia; Ceron, Carlos Roberto; Silva, Roberto da; Trabuco, Elizeu; Lombardi, Fábio Renato; Gomes, Eleni

 ·  Synthesis of a brassinosteroid analogue from vespertiline
Gárate, José L. M.; Magalhães, Gouvan C. de; Romeiro, Luiz A. S.

 ·  Electrocatalytic oxidation of alcohols and diols in a biphasic medium using CeIV methanesulfonate as mediator
Lavagnoli, L. V.; Madurro, J. M.; Romero, J. R.

 ·  The influence of the material used in building the distiller in the sugar-cane-spirit chemical profile
Nascimento, Ronaldo F.; Cardoso, Daniel R.; Lima Neto, Benedito dos Santos; Franco, Douglas Wagner; Farias, João Bosco

 ·  Triterpenes isolated from Eschweilera longipes miers (Lecythidaceae)
Carvalho, Mario Geraldo de; Rincón Velandia, Javier; Oliveira, Lucilene Faustina de; Bezerra, Flavio Barbosa

 ·  Sources, reactivity and quantification of atmospheric methanol and ethanol
Pereira, Pedro Afonso de Paula; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Potentiality of the rhodium compounds utilization in electrochemical sensors development: a brief review
Gil, Eric de Souza; Kubota, Lauro Tatsuo; Najjar, Renato

 ·  Selective inhibitors of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase-2 (PGHS-2): new target to the treatment for inflammatory diseases
Lages, Adriana dos Santos; Romeiro, Nelilma Correia; Fraga, Carlos Alberto Manssour; Barreiro, Eliezer Jesus

 ·  Organic chemiluminescence: some classroom demonstration experiments
Albertin, Ricardo; Arribas, Marco A. G.; Bastos, Erick L.; Röpke, Sascha; Sakai, Patricia N.; Sanches, Adrey M. M.; Stevani, Cassius V.; Umezu, Ilka S.; Yu, Joana; Baader, Wilhelm J.

 ·  The interactive technologies and teaching
Ferreira, Vítor F.

 ·  Determination of total protein by spectrophotometry: advantages and disadvantages of proposed methods
Zaia, Dimas A. M.; Zaia, Cássia Thaïs B. V.; Lichtig, Jaim

 ·  Photoinitiation of vinyl polymerization
Gehlen, Marcelo H.; Buchviser, Silmara F.; Rodrigues, Maira R.; Neumann, Miguel G.

 Nota técnica
 ·  A simple cell for assembling commercial ion-selective electrodes in continuous flow analyzers
Marin, Maria Angélica Bonadiman; Ganzarolli, Edgard Moreira; Queiróz, Roldão Rooseveld Urzêdo de; Souza, Ivan Gonçalves de

 ·  Application of SPME (Solid Phase Micro-Extraction) to the analysis of drinkable water from three locations in the state of São Paulo
Valente, Antonio Luiz Pires; Augusto, Fabio; Montero, Larisse; Rocha, Eduardo Carasek da; Pawliszyn, Janusz

 Assuntos gerais
 ·  Chemistry of materials in Brazil: a look through the Brazilian Chemical Society annual meetings
Alves, Oswaldo Luiz

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