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Química Nova
On-line version ISSN 1678-7064


Table of contents
Quím. Nova vol.22 n.3 São Paulo May/Jun. 1999

        · text in Portuguese
 ·  Study of adsorption/desorption of herbicide 2,4D in soil
Vieira, Eny Maria; Prado, Alexandre Gustavo Soares do; Landgraf, Maria Diva; Rezende, Maria Olímpia de Oliveira

 ·  Calorimetric study on the interaction of alcohols with Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Sc)
Silva Filho, Eloi A.; Volpe, Pedro L. O.

 ·  Voltammetric study of complex of copper (II) with alizarin red S ligand, absorbed on surface of pyrolytic graphite electrode
Mouchrek Filho, Victor E.; Chierice, Gilberto O.; Marques, Aldaléa L. B.

 ·  Estimating the value of the metal-ligand bond dissociation enthalpy<D> (M-L) for adducts using empirical equations supported by TG data
Farias, Robson Fernandes

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 ·  Íon BeH+ on intense eletric field
Righi, Assis Francisco Moro; Kuhnen, Carlos Alberto

 ·  Chemometric evaluation of the heavy metal distribution in compost of domiciliary urban garbage
Egreja Filho, Fernando Barboza; Reis, Efraim Lázaro; Jordão, Cláudio Pereira; Pereira Neto, João Tinoco

 ·  Synthesis and cytotoxicity of some cyclometallated palladium (II) complexes containing coordinated azide and diphosphines
Caires, Antonio Carlos Fávero; Almeida, Eduardo T.; Mauro, Antonio E.; Hemerly, Jefferson P.; Valentini, Sandro R.

 ·  Organo-gel of heptane: phases diagram and synthetic applications
Queiroz, Neide; Nascimento

 ·  Potentiometric method for copper determination in sugarcane spirit
Küchler, Ivo L.; Silva, Fernando Antônio M.

 ·  Adsorption of H[Ru(III)Cl2(H2EDTA)] complex on modified silica gel surface with [3-(2-aminoethyl)aminopropyl]trimethoxysilane in ethanol solutions
Lazarin, Angélica Machi; Sernaglia, Rosana Lázara

 ·  Immobilization of 8-hydroxiquinolein in silica gel. Improvements in the traditional diazotation route
Vaz, Jorge Moreira; Pitombo, Luiz Roberto de Moraes

 ·  Energy-rich phosphate compounds
Machado, Vanderlei Gageiro; Nome, Faruk

 ·  Mass transport in intrinsically conducting polymers: importance, techniques and theoretical models
Girotto, Emerson M.; De Paoli, Marco-A.

 ·  Sesquiterpenes of the marine algae Laurencia lamouroux (ceramiales, rhodophyta). 1. Ecological significance
Pereira, Renato Crespo; Teixeira, Valéria Laneuville

 ·  Synthesis of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors: an important class of antihypertensive drugs
Lima, Dênis Pires de

        · abstract in English     · text in English     · pdf in Englishpdf in English
 ·  Diels-Alder reactions between a,b- insaturated carbonyl compounds and cyclopentadiene
Camilo, Fernanda Ferraz; Gruber, Jonas

 ·  Molecular mechanics application in inorganic Chemistry
Coelho, Lilian Weitzel; Junqueira, Georgia Maria Amaral; Machuca Herrera, Juan Omar; Machado, Sérgio de Paula; Machado, Bianca da Cunha

        · abstract in English     · text in English     · pdf in Englishpdf in English
 ·  Genetic algorithm in Chemistry
Costa Filho, Paulo Augusto da; Poppi, Ronei Jesus

 ·  Frequency-domain fluorometry
Nakaema, Marcelo K. K.; Sanches, Rosemary

 ·  DNA-modified electrodes: a new alternative for electroanalysis
La-Scalea, Mauro A.; Serrano, Silvia H. P.; Gutz, Ivano G. R.

 Nota técnica
 ·  Assembly and optimization of a system for ozone utilization in laboratory scale
Kunz, Airton; Freire, Renato S.; Rohwedder, Jarbas J. R.; Duran, Nelson; Mansilla, Hector; Rodriguez, Jaime

 ·  Ability forming in general Chemistry in the perspective of the Galperin' theeory as na ativity of knowledge
Beltrán Núñez, Isauro

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish     · pdf in Spanishpdf in Spanish
 Assuntos gerais
 ·  Thermochemistry at Unicamp: testimony of a 25 year journey
Chagas, Aécio Pereira; Airoldi, Claudio

 ·  Evaluation of graduate programs in Chemistry in Brazil
Gama, A. Arnóbio S. da; Nome, Faruk José; Machado, José Caetano

 ·  Impact factor of scientific journals: what is the meaning of this parameter?
Pinto, Angelo C.; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Curricular directions for undergraduate Chemistry courses
Zucco, César; Pessine, Francisco B. T.; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Carta ao editor
Matos, Robson Mendes