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Química Nova
On-line version ISSN 1678-7064


Table of contents
Quím. Nova vol.24 no.2 São Paulo Mar./Apr. 2001

 ·  The catalytic combustion of methane: statistical study of preparation and pretreatment conditions of palladium supported catalysts and their relationship with catalytic activity
Rocha, Maria da Graça Carneiro da; Frety, Roger; Lanteri, Pierre

 ·  Solid-phase extraction (SPE) and solid-phase microextraction of pyrethroids in water
Barrionuevo, Wilma Regina; Lanças, Fernando Mauro

 ·  Comparison between on-column injection and dynamic headspace in the determination of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene (BTX) in water
Gobato, Elaine A. A. F.; Lanças, Fernando M.

 ·  Combination of low- and high-pressure flow systems for the determination of Mg, Ca and Sr in brines by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Neira, José; Poveda, Irma

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 ·  Activity-guided isolation of the constituents from bark of stem of Duguetia glabriuscula - Annonaceae, using Brine Shrimp Lethality test (BSL)
Siqueira, João Máximo de; Ziminiani, Maria Graziela; Resende, Ubirazilda Maria; Boaventura, Maria Amélia Diamantino

 ·  Flow injection spectrophotometric system for hydrogen peroxide monitoring in photo-Fenton degradation processes
Oliveira, Mirela C.; Nogueira, Raquel F. Pupo; Gomes Neto, José A.; Jardim, Wilson F.; Rohwedder, Jarbas J. R.

 ·  Flow system for spectrophotometric urea determination in animal blood plasma employing leguminous plant as natural urease enzyme source
Luca, Gilmara C.; Reis, Boaventura F.

 ·  Comparative study of analytical methods for iron and titanium determination in Portland cement
Franco Jr., Jorge de O.; Korn, Maria das Graças A.; Costa, Antonio Celso S.; Santos Jr., Anibal de Freitas; Teixeira, Leonardo S. G.

 ·  Metal-hexacyanoferrate films: a tool in analytical Chemistry
Mattos, Ivanildo Luiz de; Gorton, Lo

 ·  Strategies for the syntheses of deoxinucleosides
Soares, Marcos C.; Souza, Maria Cecília B. V. de; Ferreira, Vítor F.

 ·  Gas chromatography coupled with atomic absorption spectrometry
Campos, Reinaldo Calixto de; Grinberg, Patricia

 ·  Ultrathin polymer films produced by the self-assembly technique: preparation, properties and applications
Paterno, Leonardo Giordano; Mattoso, Luiz Henrique Capparelli; Oliveira Jr., Osvaldo Novais de

 ·  Applications of combinatorial Chemistry to drug development
Dias, Ricardo L. Araújo; Corrêa, Arlene G.

 ·  Nickel-metal hydride batteries, an alternative for the nickel-cadmium batteries
Ambrosio, Renato Canha; Ticianelli, Edson Antonio

 ·  The petrochemical industry in the next century: how to replace petroleum as raw material
Schuchardt, Ulf; Ribeiro, Marcelo L.; Gonçalves, Adilson R.

 Nota técnica
 ·  Considerations on the hydrogen peroxide electrogeneration
Ragnini, Christiane A. R.; Di Iglia, Rosana A.; Bertazzoli, Rodnei

 ·  Construction and optimization of a low cost reactor for the photodegradation of organic matter from natural waters and its application for the study of copper speciation by voltammetry
Campos, M. Lúcia A. M.; Mello, Lígia C.; Zanette, Dilson R.; Sierra, M. Marta de Souza; Bendo, Anderson

 ·  Dropping out of the Chemistry course at the University of Brasilia: students reasons to leave the course
Cunha, Aparecida Miranda; Tunes, Elizabeth; Silva, Roberto Ribeiro da

 Assuntos gerais
 ·  Women in science and technology: restricted success
Soares, Thereza Amélia

 ·  The physician George Thomson and the early developments of the concept of gas
Porto, Paulo Alves