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Química Nova
On-line version ISSN 1678-7064


Table of contents
Quím. Nova vol.28 no.5 São Paulo Sept./Oct. 2005


 ·  Analysis of organophosphorus pesticides in water using SPE C18 disks and gas chromatography: evaluation of Furnas dam contamination
Santos Neto, Alvaro José dos; Siqueira, Maria Elisa Pereira Bastos de

 ·  Magnetic zeolites for removal of metals in water
Pergher, Sibele B. C.; Oliveira, Luiz C. A.; Smaniotto, Alessandra; Petkowicz, Diego I.

 ·  Evaluation of common-use indicators as corrosion inhibitors
Cardoso, Sheila Pressentin; Reis, Fernanda Almeida dos; Massapust, Filipe Castelletti; Costa, Jeremias de Freitas; Tebaldi, Larissa Silveira; Araújo, Luiz Felipe Leal de; Silva, Marcus Vinícius Augusto da; Oliveira, Thiago Sousa de; Gomes, José Antônio da Cunha Ponciano; Hollauer, Eduardo

 ·  Thermal decomposition of Zn and Cd complexes with isomaleonitriledithiolate (imnt)
Barbosa, Cristiane M. L.; Sansiviero, Maria Terezinha Caruso

 ·  Application of the electroflocculation technology for the recovery of indigo blue from industrial effluents
Paschoal, Fabiana Maria Monteiro; Tremiliosi-Filho, Germano

 ·  Diazepam and nordiazepam in plasma: liquid-liquid and solid phase extraction in sample pre-treatment for high performance liquid chromatography analysis
Freire, Ellen Figueiredo; Miranda, Juniella Luiza; Maia, Patrícia Penido; Vieira, Elisabeth Pizzamiglio; Borges, Keyller Bastos; Siqueira, Maria Elisa Pereira Bastos de

 ·  Pillarization of a brazilian clay with aluminium polyhydroxications: preparation, characterization and catalytic properties
Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã; Sprung, Renato

 ·  Flow injection turbidimetric determination of dipyrone using a solid-phase reactor containing silver chloride immobilized in a polyester resin
Marcolino-Jr., Luiz H.; Bonifácio, Viviane Gomes; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando; Teixeira, Marcos F. S.

 ·  Industrial impact on chemical composition of groundwater: the human consumption aspect (Rio Grande, RS)
Mirlean, Nicolai; Machado, Maria Isabel; Osinaldi, Guillermo Martinez; Demoliner, Adriana; Baisch, Paulo

 ·  Study of the influence of solvent, carbohydrate and fatty acid in the enzymatic synthesis of sugar esters by lipases
Paula, Ariela V. de; Barboza, Jayne C. de Souza; Castro, Heizir F. de

 ·  Indirect flow injection determination of N-acetyl-L-cysteine using cerium(IV) and ferroin
Vieira, Heberth Juliano; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando

 ·  Cycloartane triterpenoids of propolis from Teresina - PI
Silva, Maria do Socorro Sousa da; Citó, Antônia Maria das Graças Lopes; Chaves, Mariana H.; Lopes, José Arimatéia Dantas

 ·  Spectroscopic study of the Eu3+, Tb3+ and Gd3+ complexes with ligands derived from dicarboxylic acids
Lima, Patrícia P.; Malta, Oscar L.; Alves Júnior, Severino

 ·  Synthesis and characterization of new platinum (II) complexes containing furan and nitrofuran derived ligands
Guerra, Wendell; Fontes, Ana Paula Soares; Almeida, Mauro Vieira de; Silva, Heveline

 ·  Characterization of dental cement obtained from a glass prepared by the polymeric precursor method
Bertolini, Marcio José; Zaghete, Maria Aparecida; Gimenes, Rossano; Paiva-Santos, Carlos de Oliveira; Palma-Dibb, Regina Guenka

 ·  Utilization of a [Zn(FEN)3][tetrakis(4-chlorophenyl) borate]2 coated-graphite zinc(II) ion-selective electrode in 1,10-phenantroline medium as indicator electrode in potenciometric precipitation titrations
Teixeira, Marcos F. S.; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando; Ramos, Luiz Antônio

 ·  Adsorption of As, Cu, Pb and Cr for the assessment of metal retention by two different residues from iron ore mines
Basílio, Márcio Silva; Friese, Kurt; Lena, Jorge Carvalho de; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias; Roeser, Hubert Mathias Peter

 ·  Pentacoordinate and hexacoordinate ferric hemes from the native and reconstituted d monomers of Glossoscolex paulistus extracellular hemoglobin: spectroscopic studies in acid medium
Ribelatto, Julio C.; Poli, Alessandra L.; Moreira, Leonardo M.; Imasato, Hidetake

 ·  Chemical constituents of Luehea divaricata Mart. (Tiliaceae)
Tanaka, Júlio Cesar Akio; Silva, Cleuza Conceição da; Dias Filho, Benedito Prado; Nakamura, Celso Vataru; Carvalho, João Ernesto de; Foglio, Mary Ann

 ·  Use of multivariate regression in spectrophotometric evaluation of chemical oxigen demand in samples of environmental relevance
Peralta-Zamora, Patricio; Cordeiro, Gilcélia A.; Nagata, Noemi

 ·  Synthesis and characterization of Ni: SiO2 nanocomposites processed as thin films
Gouveia, Paulo Sérgio; Escote, Marcia Tsuijama; Longo, Elson; Leite, Edson R.; Carreño, Neftali L. V.; Fonseca, Fabio C.; Jardim, Renato de F.

 ·  Use of photo-Fenton reactions in the prevention of agricultural contaminations
Trovó, Alam Gustavo; Dalla Villa, Ricardo; Nogueira, Raquel Fernandes Pupo

 ·  Sodium alendronate: methods for analytical quantitation
Ribeiro, Ana Ferreira; Volpato, Nadia Maria

 ·  Atmospheric aerosols: historical perspective, sources, chemical formation processes and organic composition
Alves, Célia

 ·  Production, purification, cloning and application of lytic enzymes
Fleuri, Luciana Francisco; Sato, Hélia Harumi

 ·  Analysis of drugs in biological samples: automated "in-tube" solid-phase microextraction and high performance liquid chromatography
Queiroz, Maria Eugênia C.; Lanças, Fernando M.

 ·  Riboflavin: a multifunctional vitamin
Souza, Ana Carolina Santos de; Ferreira, Carmen Veríssima; Jucá, Marilena Bezerra; Aoyama, Hiroshi; Cavagis, Alexandre D. Martins; Peppelenbosch, Maikel P.

 ·  Tannis: from chemistry to ecology
Monteiro, Julio Marcelino; Albuquerque, Ulysses Paulino de; Araújo, Elcida de Lima; Amorim, Elba Lúcia Cavalcanti de

 ·  From colors to inexistent colors: a reflection on electronic spectra and chromatic effects
Toma, Henrique E.; Bonifácio, Leonardo da Silva; Anaissi, Fauze J.

 ·  The role of the carbon paste electrodes in the electrochemical study of metallic minerals
Nava, José L.; González, Ignacio

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 ·  PARAFAC: a chemometric tool for multi-dimensional data treatment. Applications in direct determination of drugs in human plasma by spectrofluorimetry
Sena, Marcelo M.; Trevisan, Marcello G.; Poppi, Ronei J.

 Nota técnica
 ·  Construction and performance studies of a CPC type photochemical reactor
Duarte, Edward Thomas Fleury Mendonça; Xavier, Thiago Padovani; Souza, Danilo Rodrigues de; Miranda, Jacques Antonio de; Machado, Antonio Eduardo da Hora; Jung, Christian; Oliveira, Lamark de; Sattler, Christian

 ·  Construction of a low-cost ultraviolet-viewing cabinet with lamp
Alvarenga, Elson Santiago de; Saliba, William Argolo; Milagres, Benjamin Gonçalves

 ·  The trouble with resonance energies: a Hückel theory topic
Langler, Richard Francis

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 ·  Use of Nafion® membranes for the construction of optical sensors for pH measurements
Pinheiro, Silvia Cristina Lopes; Raimundo Jr, Ivo M.