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Química Nova
On-line version ISSN 1678-7064


Table of contents
Quím. Nova vol.34 no.9 São Paulo Sept. 2011

 ·  Responsabilidade, ética e progresso social
Torresi, Susana I. Córdoba de; Pardini, Vera L; Ferreira, Vitor F

 ·  Production of synthesis gas by thermal plasma via pyrolysis of methane and carbon dioxide
Khalaf, Péricles Inácio; Souza, Ivan Gonçalves de; Carasek, Eduardo; Debacher, Nito Angelo

 ·  Vehicular emissions inventory from Metropolitan Region of Campinas (MRC), SP, Brazil
Ueda, Ana Cláudia; Tomaz, Edson

 ·  Evaluation of the Hildebrand/Hansen solubility parameters in the selection of solvents to the extraction of organochlorine pesticides from soil
Villa, Ricardo D; de Oliveira, Adriana P; Nogueira, Raquel F. Pupo

 ·  Citric acid as multifunctional agent in blowing films of starch/PBAT
Garcia, Patrícia Salomão; Grossmann, Maria Victória Eiras; Yamashita, Fábio; Mali, Suzana; Dall'Antonia, Luiz Henrique; Barreto, Wagner José

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 ·  Esterification of fatty acids using sulfated zirconia and composites activated carbon / sulfated zirconia catalysts
Brum, Sarah S; Santos, Valéria C.dos; Destro, Priscila; Guerreiro, Mário César

 ·  Electrochemical oxidation of vinasses using a boron doped diamond electrode
Batista, Eveline Cristine; Oliveira, Robson Tadeu Soares de; Ferreira, Rafael de Queiroz; Miwa, Douglas; Santos, Mauro Coelho dos

 ·  Interaction of small atoms with transition metal clusters
Cassús, Eduardo Pires; Machado, Sérgio de Paula; Garrido, Francisco M. S; Medeiros, Marta E; Machuca-Herrera, Juan Omar

 ·  Removal of the hormones 17β-estradiol and 17α-ethinylestradiol from aqueous solutions employing a decomposed peat as adsorbent material
Fernandes, Andreia N; Giovanela, Marcelo; Almeida, Carlos A. P; Esteves, Valdemar I; Sierra, Maria M. D; Grassi, Marco T

 ·  Improving the solubility of the antichagasic drug benznidazole through formation of inclusion complexes with cyclodextrins
Sobrinho, José Lamartine Soares; Soares, Mônica Felts de La Roca; Labandeira, Juan Jose Torres; Alves, Lariza Darlene Santos; Rolim Neto, Pedro José

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 ·  Evaluation of effects to the therapeutical ultrasound on caffeine and the release in vertical diffusion systems
Tassinary, João Alberto; Bianchetti, Paula; Rempel, Claudete; Stülp, Simone

 ·  Barium mobilit in soil treated with barium sulfate under conditions of oxidation and reduction
Magalhães, Marcio Osvaldo Lima; Sobrinho, Nelson Moura Brasil do Amaral; Zonta, Everaldo; Lima, Leilane da Silva; Paiva, Filipe Soares Diniz de

 ·  Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of essential oils from verbenaceae species: alternative sources of (E)-caryophyllene and germacrene-D
Montanari, Ricardo M; Barbosa, Luiz C. A; Demuner, Antonio J; Silva, Cleber J; Carvalho, Larissa S; Andrade, Nélio J

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 ·  Chromatographic characterization of organic compounds deriving from solid residues of recycle paper industry and its applications to vegetable charcoal briket production
Schneider, Anelise; Mühlen, Carin von

 ·  Nitrate occluded in zeolite 4A: absorption and leaching of nitrogen in the cultivation of corn
Andrade, Jardel Cavalcante Rolim de Almeida; Silva, Lindomar Roberto Damasceno da; Soares, Ismail; Romero, Ricardo Espíndola

 ·  Indomethacin solubility estimation in 1,4-dioxane + water mixtures by the extended hildebrand solubility approach
Ruidiaz, Miller A; Delgado, Daniel R; Martínez, Fleming

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 ·  Evaluation of the disolution profile of drugs by multivariate electronic spectroscopy
Santos, Juliana dos; Cordeiro, Gilcélia A; Nagata, Noemi; Peralta-Zamora, Patricio; Rodrigues, Letícia Norma Carpentieri

 ·  Evaluation of porosity of microcapsules containing biocative protein by mercury porosimetry and nitrogen adsorption
Porte, Luciana Helena Maia; Leão, Maria Helena Miguez Rocha; Porte, Alexandre

 ·  Electrocatalytic activity of catalase biomimetic systems
Matos, Iorquirene de Oliveira; Alves, Wendel A; Nascimento, Otaciro R

 ·  Hydrogen bond study by ab initio calculations for dimers formed from H2O, NH3, HF, HCl and HBr monomers
Duvoisin Jr, Sergio; Lima, Ighor Cunha Vieira; Kuhnen, Carlos Alberto

 ·  Modern techniques of sample preparation for pesticide residues determination in water by liquid chromatography with detection by diode array and mass spectrometry
Caldas, Sergiane Souza; Gonçalves, Fábio Ferreira; Primel, Ednei Gilberto; Prestes, Osmar Damian; Martins, Manoel Leonardo; Zanella, Renato

 ·  Acid volatile sulfides and simultaneously extracted metals in the assessment of freshwater sediments
Fagnani, Enelton; Guimarães, José Roberto; Mozeto, Antonio Aparecido; Fadini, Pedro Sérgio

 Nota técnica
 ·  Optimization of saponin extraction conditions from Ampelozizyphus amazonicus by using experimental design and surface response methodology
dos Santos, Fabiane M; Simões, Jersika C; Silva, Jefferson R. A; Barthus, Rosangela C; Poppi, Ronei J; Amaral, Ana C. F

 ·  Characterization of the antibiotic doripenem using physicochemical methods: chromatography, spectrophotometry, spectroscopy and thermal analysis
Mendez, Andreas S. L; Mantovani, Luciano; Barbosa, Fábio; Sayago, Carla T. M; Garcia, Cássia V; Paula, Fávero R; Silva, Fabiana E. B. da; Denardin, Elton L. G; Schapoval, Elfrides E. S

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 ·  Method for preservation of the fungicide mancozeb in soil samples
Rosa, Ana Claudia Pires da; Marques, Mônica Regina da Costa; Pérez, Daniel Vidal

 ·  Validation of a spectrophotometric method to estimate the adsorption on nanoemulsions of an antimalarial oligonucleotide
Bruxel, Fernanda; Guterres, Silvia S; Teixeira, Helder F

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 ·  Construction of a cell-autoclave for electrochemical measurements at high temperatures
Ferreira, Elivelton Alves; Polachini, Ferminio Cesar; Fugivara, Cecílio Sadao; Benedetti, Assis Vicente

 ·  Validation of an analytical method and spectrometric determination of flavonoids from sugarcane leaves and vinasse and comparison with an HPLC-UV method
Ferreira, Carolina Hyppólito Alves; Colombo, Renata

 ·  Determination of dissociation constant (Ka) of captopril and nimesulide: analytical chemistry experiments for undergraduate pharmacy
Pereira, Airton Vicente; Garabeli, Aline Ansbach; Schunemann, Grazieli Delponte; Borck, Patrícia Cristine

 ·  Using molecular modeling to study nucleophilicity and basicity concepts
Ferreira, Celeste; Arroio, Agnaldo; Rezende, Daisy de Brito

 ·  Chemistry teacher formation: a multivariate perspective applied to public high schools in the state of Goiás, Brazil
Damasceno, Deangelis; Godinho, Mariana da S; Soares, Marlon H. F. B; Oliveira, Anselmo E. de

 ·  Students' attitudes toward chemistry in different undergraduate programs in Colombia
Molina, Manuel F; Carriazo, José G; Farías, Diana M

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