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Fitopatologia Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1678-4677


Table of contents
Fitopatol. bras. vol.28 no.3 Brasília May/June 2003

 ·  Coevolution of plant-pathogen interactions in common bean
Araya, Carlos Manuel

 ·  In vitro toxin production by Fusarium solani f. sp. piperis
Duarte, Maria de Lourdes R.; Archer, Simon A.

 ·  Combining ability among corn lines resistant to Mal de Río Cuarto
Morata, Mónica M.; Presello, Daniel A.; Gonzalez, Miriam Del P.; Frutos, Edith

 ·  Chemigation with benomyl and fluazinam and their fungicidal effects in soil for white mold control on dry beans
Vieira, Rogério F.; Pinto, Cleide M. F.; Paula Júnior, Trazilbo J. de

 ·  Biological control of Colletotrichum acutatum, causal agent of citrus postbloom fruit drop disease
Kupper, Katia C.; Gimenes-Fernandes, Nelson; Goes, Antonio de

 ·  Nematode community, trophic structure and population fluctuation in soybean fields
Gomes, Gilmar S.; Huang, Shiou P.; Cares, Juvenil E.

 ·  Development of Pasteuria penetrans in Meloidogyne spp. parasitizing different host plants
Rodrigues, Adriana K.; Freitas, Leandro G.; Azevedo, Aristéa A.; Ferraz, Silamar

 ·  Temporal progress of southern rust in maize under different environmental conditions
Godoy, Cláudia V.; Amorim, Lílian; Bergamin Filho, Armando; Silva, Herbert P.; Silva, Willian J.; Berger, Richard D.

 ·  Genotypic diversity among brazilian isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina revealed by RAPD
Almeida, Álvaro M. R.; Abdelnoor, Ricardo V.; Arias, Carlos A. Arrabal; Carvalho, Valdemar P.; Jacoud Filho, David S.; Marin, Silvana R. R.; Benato, Luís C.; Pinto, Mauro C.; Carvalho, Cláudio G. P.

 ·  Incidence and severity of the brown eye spot of coffee according to supply of potassium and calcium in nutrient solution
Júnior, Daniel G.; Pozza, Edson A.; Pozza, Adélia A. A.; Souza, Paulo E.; Carvalho, Janice G.; Balieiro, Alexandre C.

 ·  Comparative morphometric study of populations of Rotylenchulus reniformis (Nemata: Rotylenchulinae) from Brazil
Soares, Pedro L. M.; Santos, Jaime M. dos; Lehman, Paul S.

 ·  Sequencing and variability of the Xylella fastidosa - specific genomic fragment amplified by the primer pair RST 31/33
Wendland, Adriane; Daniela, Truffi; Leite Júnior, Rui P.; Camargo, Luis E. A.

 ·  Inheritance of resistance to anthracnose in the common bean cultivar Cornell 49-242
Marin, Ana Lilia A.; Costa, Márcia Regina; Menarim, Henrique; Moreira, Maurilio A.; Barros, Everaldo G.

 ·  Erigeron bonariensis: an alternative host of Lettuce mosaic virus in Brazil
Chaves, Alexandre L. R.; Braun, Marina R.; Eiras, Marcelo; Colariccio, Addolorata; Galleti, Silvia R.

 ·  Use of RAPD markers for the classification of Phytophthora spp. isolates causing cacao black pod disease in Brazil
Faleiro, Fábio G.; Luz, Edna Dora M.N.; Cerqueira, Ademildes O.; Rocha, Cenilda S.S.

 ·  Natural infection of jatobá by Phomopsis sp. in Federal District
Charchar, Maria José d' A.; Anjos, José R. N.; Melo, José T.

 ·  Quantification of conidia produced by Pyrenophora chaetomioides on dead leaves of Avena sativa under field condition
Rosa, Carlos R. E. da; Martinelli, José A.; Federizzi, Luiz C.; Bocchese, Carla A. C.

 Phytopathological Notes
 ·  Serological detection of the Grapevine virus A in vineyards of the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Kuniyuki, Hugo; Rezende, Jorge A. M.; Yuki, Valdir A.; Betti, Juarez A.

 ·  First occurrence of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens on bean in the State of Goias and Federal District of Brazil
Uesugi, Carlos H.; Freitas, Marcos A.; Menezes, José R.

 ·  Ceratocystis wilt of black wattle in Brazil
Santos, Álvaro F. dos; Ferreira, Francisco A.