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Fitopatologia Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1678-4677


Table of contents
Fitopatol. bras. vol.30 no.1 Brasília Jan./Feb. 2005

 ·  Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on sorghum productivity and on leaf disease severity in the field
Piccinin, Everaldo; Di Piero, Robson M.; Pascholati, Sérgio F.

 ·  Sugarcane yellow leaf virus infection leads to alterations in photosynthetic efficiency and carbohydrate accumulation in sugarcane leaves
Gonçalves, Marcos C.; Vega, Jorge; Oliveira, Jurandi G.; Gomes, Mara M. A.

 ·  Resistance components to bacterial spot and growth of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria, race T2, in tomato genotypes
Lobo, Valácia L. da S.; Lopes, Carlos A.; Giordano, Leonardo de B.

 ·  Differential responses of nematode communities to soybean genotypes resistant and susceptible to Heterodera glycines race 3
Neves, Dinaelia Iva das; Huang, Shiou Pin

 ·  Tomato root colonization by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici in nutrient solution containing three nitrogen sources
Carvalho, Aldir de O. de; Jacob Neto, Jorge; Carmo, Margarida Goréte F. do

 ·  Transgenic passionfruit expressing RNA derived from Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus is resistant to passionfruit woodiness disease
Alfenas, Poliane F.; Braz, Antonio Sérgio K.; Torres, Leonardo B.; Santana, Enilton N.; Nascimento, Ana Verônica S. do; Carvalho, Murilo G. de; Otoni, Wagner C.; Zerbini, F. Murilo

 ·  The effect of different variables on the infectivity of mild strains of Papaya ringspot virus in watermelon plants
Giampan, José Segundo; Rezende, Jorge Alberto M.

 ·  Molecular characterization of Brazilian strains of Xanthomonas campestris pv. viticola by rep-PCR fingerprinting
Trindade, Loiselene C.; Lima, Mirtes F.; Ferreira, Marisa A. S. V.

 ·  Factors affecting density of airborne Gibberella zeae inoculum
Del Ponte, Emerson M.; Fernandes, José Maurício C.; Pierobom, Carlos R.

 ·  Biological and physiological characterization of Sclerotium rolfsii isolates, obtained from green pepper in the State of Maranhão
Serra, Ilka Márcia R. de S.; Silva, Gilson S. da

 ·  Effect of time and dosage of acibenzolar-S-methyl applications in inducing resistance to Verticillium wilt in cocoa seedlings
Cavalcanti, Leonardo S.; Resende, Mário Lúcio V.

 ·  Phoma sp. (sect. Peyronellaea), as causal agent of leaf spot on Paspalum atratum in Brazil
Anjos, José R. N.; Charchar, Maria J. A.; Anjos, Sérgio S. N.; Teixeira, Rogério N.

 ·  Detection of Southern bean mosaic virus in the State of Paraná and separation from Bean rugose mosaic virus in bean
Gasparin, Marcos D. G.; Bianchini, Anésio; Souto, Eliezer R. de; Gaspar, José Osmar; Almeida, Álvaro M. R.; Kitajima, Elliot W.

 ·  Bellulicauda dialii on Dialium guianense (Leguminosae) in Brazil
Pereira, Olinto L.; Bosquetti, Lorrayne B.; Barreto, Robert W.

 ·  Phytophthora nicotianae: causal agent of gummosis of black wattle in Brazil
Santos, Álvaro F. dos; Luz, Edna Dora. M. N.; Souza, Jorge Teodoro de

 ·  Response of cucurbit species to Rotylenchulus reniformis
Torres, Gustavo R. C.; Pedrosa, Elvira M. R.; Siqueira, Kércya M. S.; Moura, Romero M.

 ·  First report of black rot of Colocasia esculenta caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata in Brazil
Harrington, Thomas C.; Thorpe, Daniel J.; Marinho, Vera Lucia A.; Furtado, Edson L.

 Phytopathological Notes
 ·  Occurrence of Cucumber mosaic virus on Antirrhinum majus in Argentina
Arneodo, Joel D.; Guzmán, Fabiana A.; Nome, Claudia F.; Conci, Luis R.

 ·  First record of dieback of Ficus benjamina caused by Phomopsis cinerescens in the States of Tocantins and Minas Gerais
Lima, Milton L. Paz; Uesugi, Carlos H.; Santos, Gil R.

 ·  Spots on eucalyptus wood planks caused by Arxiomyces vitis
Ferreira, Francisco A.; Barrreto, Robert W.; Almada, Roosevelt W.

 ·  Carbohydrate levels in grapevine leaves infected with Grapevine virus A, Grapevine virus B and Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3
Santos, Henrique P.; Tiné, Marco A. S.; Fajardo, Thor V. M.