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Fitopatologia Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1678-4677


Table of contents
Fitopatol. bras. vol.30 no.3 Brasília May/June 2005

 ·  Detection and epidemiology of white rot on apples
Valdebenito-Sanhueza, Rosa M.; Duarte, Valmir; Amorim, Lílian; Porto, Miguel D. M.

 ·  Histology of Stemphylium solani and tomato interaction
Bentes, Jânia L.S.; Matsuoka, Kiyoshi

 ·  Effect of colony exudates and culture filtrates of actinomycetes on hatching, mobility and mortality of second stage juveniles of Meloidogyne javanica
Coimbra, João L.; Campos, Vicente P.

 ·  Effect of two resistance inducers on Panama disease severity
Querino, César M. B.; Laranjeira, Delson; Coelho, Rildo S. B.; Matos, Aristóteles P. de

 ·  Distribution of the transposable element impala in Fusarium oxysporum isolates pathogenic and nonpathogenic to common bean
Zanotti, Michele G. S.; Santos, Jildete K.; Reis, Kledna C. P.; Araújo, Elza F.; Dhingra, Onkar Dev; Queiroz, Marisa V.

 ·  Selection of resistant plants and fungicides for the control of passion fruit collar rot, caused by Nectria haematococca
Fischer, Ivan H.; Lourenço, Silvia A.; Martins, Marise C.; Kimati, Hiroshi; Amorim, Lilian

 ·  Aphid transmission and Buchnera sp. GroEL affinity of a Potato leafroll virus RTD deficient mutant
Gonçalves, Marcos C.; van der Wilk, Frank; Dullemans, Annette M.; Verbeek, Martin; Vega, Jorge; van den Heuvel, Johannes F.J.M.

 ·  Isoesterase variability associated with gene resistant wheat leaf rust
Sbalcheiro, Cheila C.; Brammer, Sandra P.; Barcellos, Amarilis L.

 ·  Different genes can confer resistance to Cowpea severe mosaic virus in cowpea
Assunção, Iraildes P.; M.-Filho, Liliane R.; Resende, Luciane V.; Barros, Márcia C. S.; Lima, Gaus S. A.; Coelho, Rildo Sartori B.; Lima, J. Albérsio A.

 ·  Selection of common bean F4 progenies for resistance to Bean golden mosaic virus resistance
Juliatti, Fernando C.; Moraes, Simone A.; Silva, Heyder D.; Borges, Márcio H. C.

 ·  Production of extracellular enzymes by Crinipellis perniciosa
Bastos, Cleber N.

 ·  Pathogenicity evaluation of Cytospora eucalypticola isolated from Eucalyptus spp: cankers in Uruguay
Alonso, Raquel; Lupo, Sandra; Bettucci, Lina

 ·  Transformation of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri by electroporation
Amaral, Alexandre M. do; Toledo, Cristiane P.; Baptista, Juliana C.; Machado, Marcos A.

 ·  Kasugamycin and copper oxichloride effect on bacterial blotch of melon
Sales Júnior, Rui; Oliveira, Idjane S.; Mariano, Rosa L. R.; Silva, George F. da; Nunes, Glauber H. S.

 ·  First report of leaf spot on Cedrela odorata caused by Pseudobeltrania cedrelae
Hanada, Rogério E.; Gasparotto, Luadir; Ferreira, Francisco A.

 ·  Leaf blight and seedling damping-off of medicinal plants caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG1 - 1B
Mafia, Reginaldo G.; Alfenas, Acelino C.; Maffia, Luiz A.; Ventura, Gizella M.; Ferreira, Eraclides M.; Neves, Irislei F.; Vanetti, Cláudia A.; Silva, Clarice

 ·  Protection between strains of Passion fruit woodiness virus in sunnhemp
Novaes, Quelmo S.; Rezende, Jorge A. M.

 Phytopathological Notes
 ·  Erysiphe cichoracearum on Acalypha wilkesiana in Brazil
Mafia, Reginaldo G.; Alfenas, Acelino C.; Ferreira, Eraclides M.; Andrade, Gabriela C. G.

 ·  Cylindrocladium pteridis on Ornamental Palms
Silva, Gilson S.; Alfenas, Acelino C.; Alfenas, Rafael F.; Zauza, Edival V.

 ·  Phytomonas wilt, a new coconut disease in the State of Mato Grosso
Souza, Napoleão Silvino de

 ·  A virus serologically related to Tomato ringspot virus in blackberries in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Nickel, Osmar; Fajardo, Thor V. M.; Vanni, Marcos F.; Pagot, Eduardo

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 ·  Preciosa: banana variety resistant to black Sigatoka, yellow Sigatoka and Panama disease
Cordeiro, Zilton José M.; Cavalcante, Maria de Jesus B.; Matos, Aristoteles P.; Silva, Sebastião O.