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Fitopatologia Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1678-4677


Table of contents
Fitopatol. bras. vol.31 no.1 Brasília Jan./Feb. 2006

 ·  Quantification of post harvest damage in peaches in São Paulo's wholesale market
Martins, Marise C.; Lourenço, Silvia A.; Gutierrez, Anita S. D.; Jacomino, Angelo P.; Amorim, Lilian

 ·  Evaluation of cotton damages caused by Pratylenchus brachyurus
Machado, Andressa C. Z.; Beluti, Daniel B.; Silva, Rosangela A.; Serrano, Mirian A. S.; Inomoto, Mário M.

 ·  Thermotherapy and chemotherapy of banana 'Prata-Anã' associated with storage temperature in post harvest rot control
Moraes, Wilson da S.; Zambolim, Laércio; Lima, Juliana D.; Vale, Francisco Xavier R. do; Salomão, Luiz C. C.

 ·  Identification of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliensis through PCR-RFLP of the rec-A gene
El Tassa, Samira O. M.; Duarte, Valmir

 ·  Effect of temperature, leaf wetness, and rainfall on the production of Guignardia citricarpa ascospores and on back spot severity on sweet orange
Reis, Renato F.; Timmer, Lavern W.; Goes, Antonio de

 ·  The influence of temperature and time of seed inoculation in the transmission of Colletotrichum gossypii var. cephalosporioides
Araújo, Dejânia V.; Pozza, Edson A.; Machado, José C.; Zambenedetti, Elisandra B.; Celano, Fabiane A. O.; Carvalho, Enia M.; Camargos, Valquíria N.

 ·  Epidemiological studies and chemical control of Phakopsora euvitis
Naruzawa, Erika S.; Celoto, Mercia I. B.; Papa, Marli F. S.; Tomquelski, Germison V.; Boliani, Aparecida C.

 ·  Development and validation of a diagrammatic scale to evaluate cercospora leaf spot in watermelon
Halfeld-Vieira, Bernardo A.; Nechet, Kátia L.

 ·  Biological and molecular diagnosis and nucleotide sequence analysis of the coat protein gene of an isolate of Apple stem pitting virus
Radaelli, Paula; Nickel, Osmar; Schons, Jurema; Aragão, Francisco J.L.; Fajardo, Thor V. M.

 ·  Physiologic specialization of Puccinia triticina in Brazil in 2002
Chaves, Márcia S.; Barcellos, Amarilis L.

 ·  Diagrammatic scale for assessment of soybean rust severity
Godoy, Cláudia V.; Koga, Lucimara J.; Canteri, Marcelo G.

 ·  Effects of silicon sources on the incidence and severity of the common beans anthracnose
Moraes, Sylvia R. G.; Pozza, Edson A.; Alves, Eduardo; Pozza, Adélia A. A.; Carvalho, Janice G.; Lima, Paulo H.; Botelho, Alex O.

 ·  Inheritance of resistance to Colletotrichum gossypii var. cephalosporioides in Brazilian cotton
Zandoná, Carla; Novaes, Tanara G.; Mehta, Yeshwant R.; Schuster, Ivan; Teixeira, Eliria A.; Cunha, Hélio

 ·  Transmission by contaminated hands and absence of embryonary seed transmission of papaya lethal yellowing virus
Saraiva, Armando C. M.; Paiva, Waldelice O. de; Rabelo Filho, Francisco A. C.; Lima, J. Albérsio A.

 ·  Penetration and colonization of Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli in leaves, seeds and fruits of melon type yellow
Silva Neto, Edson B.; Silveira, Elineide B.; Mariano, Rosa L. R.; Nogueira, Neusa L.; Rossi, Mônica L.; Santos, Liliana A.

 ·  Integration of fungicides and refrigeration for the control of melon rot
Terao, Daniel; Oliveira, Sônia M.A. de; Viana, F. Marto P.; Rossetti, Adroaldo G.; Souza, Carmem C. M. de

 ·  Severity of green rot in yellow and water yams and the physiological specialization of Penicillium sclerotigenum
Oliveira, Idjane S.; Luz, Edna Dora. M. N.; Bezerra, José Luiz; Moura, Romero M.; Torres, Gustavo R. C.; Maia, Leonor C.

 Phytopathological Notes
 ·  First report of the electron micrograph of "Candidatus Liberibacter" particles on citrus in Brazil
Tanaka, Francisco A. O.; Kitajima, Elliot W.; Jesus Junior, Waldir C. de; Ayres, Antonio J.; Gimenes-Fernandes, Nelson; Bové, Joseph M.

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 ·  Occurrence of passion fruit green spot virus in the passion fruit crop in the State of Maranhão, Brazil
Moraes, Flávio H. R.; Belo, Wenyo R. F.; Moraes, Gilberto J.; Kitajima, Elliot W.

 ·  Evaluation of Arabidopsis thaliana response to infection by Tomato spotted wilt virusand Groundnut ringspot virus
Cândido, Elizabete S.; Carmo, Lílian S.T. do; Campos, Pollyanna F.; Santana, Bárbara; Ávila, Antônio Carlos de; Quirino, Betania F.

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 ·  Association of Pseudothis coccodes and its anamorph with Machaerium villosum (Papilionoideae)
Beserra Júnior, J. Evando A.; Pfenning, Ludwig H.

 ·  Web blight on watermelon caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IA in Roraima, Brazil
Nechet, Kátia de L.; Halfeld-Vieira, Bernardo A.