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Fitopatologia Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1678-4677


Table of contents
Fitopatol. bras. vol.31 no.5 Brasília Sept./Oct. 2006

 ·  Maize diseases caused by fungi of the genus Stenocarpella
Casa, Ricardo T.; Reis, Erlei M.; Zambolim, Laércio

 ·  Citrus exocortis viroid and Hop Stunt viroid Doubly infecting grapevines in Brazil
Eiras, Marcelo; Targon, Maria Luisa P.N.; Fajardo, Thor V.M.; Flores, Ricardo; Kitajima, Elliot W.

 ·  Relationships between disease intensity, solar radiation reflectance and grain yield in the Embrapa 16 wheat leaf rust pathosystem
Reis, Erlei M.; Leites, Airton; Forcelini, Carlos A.

 ·  Characterization of a Bean rugose mosaic virus (BRMV) isolate from Minas Gerais, and yield loss estimate in beans upon single infection and double infection with BCMV
Castillo-Urquiza, Gloria P.; Maia, Felipe G.M.; Carvalho, Murilo G.; Pinto, Cleide M.F.; Zerbini, F. Murilo

 ·  Influence of phosphorus and potassium on severity of soy bean rust, Phakopsora pachyrhizi
Balardin, Ricardo S.; Dallagnol, Leandro J.; Didoné, Henrique T.; Navarini, Lucas

 ·  Efficiency of systemic fungicides for control of Cylindrocladium candelabrum in eucalypt
Ferreira, Eraclides M.; Alfenas, Acelino C.; Maffia, Luiz A.; Mafia, Reginaldo G.

 ·  Didymella bryoniae resistance to fungicides in Brazil
Santos, Gil R.; Café-Filho, Adalberto C.; Reis, Ailton

 ·  Disease progress curves and gradients of witches' broom disease in a cloned cocoa area, in Uruçuca, Bahia
Alves, Silvio A.M.; Pomella, Alan W.V.; Aitken, William M.; Bergamin Filho, Armando

 ·  Induced resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. tracheiphilum in cowpea plants: effectiveness of abiotic inducers and elicited enzymatic activity
Rodrigues, Antonia Alice C.; Bezerra Neto, Egídio; Coelho, Rildo S.B.

 ·  Quantification of Monosporascus cannonballus ascospores in non-cultivated soils of Caatinga and melon producing fields in Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará States
Medeiros, Erika V.; Sales Júnior, Rui; Michereff, Sami J.; Barbosa, Marcos R.

 ·  Characterization of Rhizoctonia spp. associated with cowpea web (Vigna unguiculata) blight in Roraima, Brazil
Nechet, Kátia L.; Halfeld-Vieira, Bernardo A.

 ·  Reaction of cucumber hybrids in protected cultivation against isolates of Corynespora cassiicola
Oliveira, Ricardo R.; Vida, João B.; Tessmann, Dauri J.; Aguiar, Bárbara M.; Caixeta, Marilda P.

 ·  Potential Control of Pratylenchus brachyurus by Chenopodium ambrosioides
Mello, Alexandre F.S.; Machado, Andressa C.Z.; Inomoto, Mário M.

 Phytopathological Notes
 ·  Papaya lethal yellowing virus (PLYV) infects Vasconcellea cauliflora
Amaral, Paulo P.; Resende, Renato O.; Souza Júnior, Manoel Teixeira

 ·  Chemical control of anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in camu camu (Myrciaria dubia Myrtaceae) in Ucayali, Peru
Perez, Diana; Iannacone, José

 ·  Sporulation of both Erythricium salmonicolor and its anamorphic stage Necator decretus, causal agent of citrus pink disease in Brazil
Moraes, Sylvia R. G.; Furtado, Gleiber Q.; Scaloppi, Érika A. G.; Barreto, Modesto; Massola Júnior, Nelson Sidnei