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Eclética Química
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Eclet. Quím. vol.28 no.1 São Paulo  2003

Determination of Cd (II) by FAAS in aqueous medium after preconcentration in line on a SiAT
Moraes, F.; Alcântara, I. L. de; Roldan, P. dos S.; Castro, G. R. de; Margionte, M. A. L.; Padilha, P. de M.

Synthesis, characterization and thermal behaviour of solid state compounds of 2-chlorobenzylidenepyruvate with trivalent aluminium, gallium, indium and scandium metals
Bannach, G.; Schnitzler, E.; Ionashiro, M.

Apatites coating "in vitro" on titanium: influence of the thermal treatment
Vercik, L. C. de O.; Assis, C. M. de; Fook, M. V. Lia; Santos, M. L. dos; Guastaldi, A. C.

Influence of the Al content on the phase transformations in Cu-Al-Ag alloys
Adorno, A. T.; Benedetti, A. V.; Silva, R. A. G. da; Blanco, M.

Potentiometric determination of captopril in pharmaceutical formulations
Ribeiro, P. R. da S.; Santini, A. O.; Pezza, H. R.; Pezza, L.

Structural bioinformatics study of cyclin-dependent kinases complexed with inhibitors
Canduri, F.; Silveira, N. J. F. da; Camera Jr, J. C.; Azevedo Jr, W. F. de

About the kinetics and mechanism of the reactions of 4-(2-pyridylazo)-resorcinol, with Zn2+, Cu2+ and Zn2++Cu2+ equimolar mixtures, in aqueous solutions
Rossi, A. V.; Tubino, M.

Generalization of a linear model of electrochemical impedance
Capela, J. M. V.; Capela, M. V.; Magnani, R.

Electrolytic coating with corrosion and wear resistant Ni-W-B amorphous alloy
Santana, R. A. C. de; Prasad, S.; Santana, F. S. M. de

Espectroelectrochemical behavior of clay-dye structured systems
Souza, G. R. de; Fertonani, F. L.; Pastre, I. A.

Evaluation and characterization of the sensor pellet of an electrode of the second kind sensitive to oxalate
Villafranca, A. C.; Moraes, M. de; Pezza, L.

Simultaneous and direct determination of Al, As, Fe, Mn and Ni in cachaça by graphite furnace on atomic absoption spectrometry
Oshita, D.; Oliveira, A. P. de; Gomes Neto, J. A.; Moraes, M. de

Evaluation of the employment of adsorventes: active coal, chromosorb W and membrane C18 in the preparation of samples of air for the d-aletrine determination in shut atmospheres
Paiva, K. B. S.; Menezes, M. L. de