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Eclética Química
On-line version ISSN 1678-4618


Special Issue, dedicated to Professor Ernesto Rafael Gonzalez in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Electrochemistry in Brazil

Table of contents
Eclet. Quím. vol.28 no.2 São Paulo  2003

Stradiotto, Nelson Ramos

Eletrocatalysis of the oxygen reduction reaction on graphite electrodes modified with iron tetracarboxyphthalocyanine
Chaves, J. A. P.; Araújo, M. F. A.; Varela Júnior, J. de J. G.; Tanaka, A. A.

Electrochemical and physical characterization of Ni-Cu-Fe alloy for chlor-alkali hydrogen cathodes
Giz, M. J.; Marengo, M. C.; Ticianelli, E. A.; Gonzalez, E. R.

Characteristics of pyridine adsorption on Au(111) and Au(210) by EIS parameters fitting procedure
Motheo, A. de J.; Saldanha, R. M. P.; Neves, R. de S.; Robertis, E. de; Sadkowski, A.

Square wave voltammetric study of the electrochemical behavior of the herbicide ametryne
Cabral, M. F.; Souza, D. de; Alves, C. R.; Machado, S. A. S.

Dielectric spectroscopy and thermally stimulated discharge current in PEEK film
Sakamoto, W. K.

The electro-oxidation of methanol on PtRu and PtMo particules supported on high-surface-area carbon
Oliveira Neto, A.; Linardi, M.; Gonzalez, E. R.

Voltammetric determination of necrodil sodium using glassy carbon electrode
Rosa, T. F.; Saczk, A. A.; Zanoni, M. V. B.; Stradiotto, N. R.

Preparation and electrochemical characterization of Pt nanoparticles dispersed on niobium oxide
Mello, R. L. S.; Mattos-Costa, F. I.; Villullas, H. de las M.; Bulhões, L. O. de S.

Correlation between catalytic activity and particle size of Pt/C prepared by different methods
Salgado, J. R. C.; Gonzalez, E. R.

Effect of alcohol concentration and electrode composition on the ethanol electrochemical oxidation
Bergamaski, K.; Gomes, J. F.; Goi, B. E; Nart, F. C.