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Eclética Química
versión On-line ISSN 1678-4618


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Eclet. Quím. v.29 n.2 São Paulo  2004

Amperometric titration of phenolic compounds using crude extract of sweet potato as titrant
Vieira, I. C.; Fatibello-Filho, O.; Granato, A. C.; Lupetti, K. O.

Photochemistry and photophysic of 1,4-bis(3-carboxy-3-oxo-prop-1-en-1-yl)benzene
Bariccatti, R. A.; Rosa, M. F. da; Oliveira, J. D. S. de

Photo- Fenton applicability in the treatment of ink wastewater industry
Silva, M. R. A. da; Oliveira, M. C. de; Nogueira, R. F. P.

Mössbauer spectroscopy investigation of Fe(0) compounds with carbon disulfide
Muraoka, T. K.; Zutin, K.; Ananias, S. R.; Mauro, A. E.; Nogueira, V. M.; Rechenberg, H. R.

Determination of Copper, Iron, Nickel and Zinc in fuel kerosene by FAAS after adsorption and pre-concentration on 2-aminothiazole-modified silica gel
Roldan, P. S.; Alcântara, I. L.; Rocha, J. C.; Padilha, C. C. F.; Padilha, P. M.

Study of the thermal stability of fish oils under nitrogen atmosphere
Garcia, J.U.; Santos, H. I. dos; Fialho, A. P.; Garro, F. L. T.; Antoniosi Filho, N. R.; Leles, M. I. G.

Characterization of humic acids of different origins by capillary electrophoresis
Moraes, S. L. de; Landgraf, M. D.; Rezende, M. O. O.

Application of differential scanning calorimetry in hair samples as a possible tool in Forensic Science
Ionashiro, E. Y.; Hewer, T. S. R.; Fertonani, F. L.; Almeida, E. T. de; Ionashiro, M.

Thermal behavior of alginic acid and its sodium salt
Soares, J. P.; Santos, J. E.; Chierice, G. O.; Cavalheiro, E. T. G.

Utilization of a graphite electrode coated with PbO2 attached in matrix of PVC as an indicator electrode in coulometric titration
Ramos, L. A.; Cassiano, N. M.; Capelato, M. D.