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Eclética Química
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Eclet. Quím. vol.30 no.3 São Paulo July/Sept. 2005

Synthesis, characterization and thermal studies on solid 3-methoxybenzoate of some bivalent transition metal ions
Vallejo, A. C.; Siqueira, A. B.; Rodrigues, E. C.; Ionashiro, E.Y.; Bannach, G.; Ionashiro, M.

Electrochemical evaluation of lipophilic antioxidants from Iryanthera juruensis fruits (Myristicaceae)
Silva, D. H. S.; Pereira, F. C.; Yoshida, M.; Zanoni, M. V. B.

Spectrophotometric determination of methyldopa in pharmaceutical formulations
Ribeiro, P. R. S.; Pezza, L.; Pezza, H. R.

Synthesis of hydroxyapatite by sol-gel method using alternative precursors: calcium nitrate and phosphoric acid

Comparative analysis of the trypanocidal activity and chemical properties of E-lychnophoric acid and its derivatives using theoretical calculations
Alcântara, A. F. C.; Silveira, D.; Chiari, E.; Oliveira, A. B.; Guimarães, J. E.; Raslan, D. S.

Determination of Hg in water by CVAAS using 2-aminothiazole modified silica
Silva, F. A.; Alcântara, I. L. de; Roldan, P. S.; Padilha, C. C. F.; Araújo, A. B. de; Valente, J. P. S.; Florentino, A. O.; Padilha, P. M.

Electrochemical evidence of sulfinic acid derivative as an intermediate in the reduction of aromatic sulfonyl chloride in an aprotic medium
Angelo, A. C .D.; Jorge, S. M. A.; Stradiotto, N. R.

Spectrophotometric study of iron oxidation in the iron(II)/thiocyanate/acetone system and some analytical applications
Martins, F. G.; Andrade, J. F.; Pimenta, A. C.; Lourenço, L. M.; Castro, J. R. M.; Balbo, V. R.

Thermal behaviour of 1,4-bis(3-carboxy-3-oxo-prop-1-en-1-yl)benzene compounds with Ag+ and Pb2+
Oliveira, J. D. S. de; Barilli, D. J.; Hamer, M.; Siqueira, O. S.; Ionashiro, M.

Fast determination of minoxidil by photometric flow titration
Sousa, R. A. de; Semaan, F. S.; Baio, J. A. F.; Cavalheiro, E. T. G.