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Eclética Química
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Eclet. Quím. vol.31 no.1 São Paulo  2006

The use of the exploratory analysis in the evaluation of chemical modifiers for direct and simultaneous determination of metals in fuel ethanol by GFAAS
Oliveira, A. P. de; Gomes Neto, J. A.; Ferreira, M. M. C.

Determination of validation parameters to chromatographic methods in 5-hydroxymethilfurfurol and sugar analysis to samples from production process of biodegradable polymer
Santos, A. F. dos; Ribeiro, C. A.; Polese, L.; Ernandes, J. R.; Kesserlingh, S. M.; Nonato, R. V.

Synthesis, characterization and thermal behaviour of solid-state compounds of 4-methoxybenzoate with lanthanum (III) and trivalent lighter lanthanides
Rodrigues, E. C.; Siqueira, A. B.; Ionashiro, E. Y.; Bannach, G.; Ionashiro, M.

Interaction study of moxifloxacin with Cu(II) ion using square-wave voltammetry and its application in the determination in tablets
Trindade, M. A. G.; Cunha, P. A. C.; Araújo, T. A. de; Silva, G. M. da; Ferreira, V. S.

Synthesis and characterization of platinum (II) complexes containing iodide and furan derivatives as ligands
Guerra, W.; Silva, H.; Almeida, M. V. de; Fontes, A. P. S.

Thermal degradation behaviour of some polydithiooxamide metal complexes
Al-Maydama, H.; El-Shekeil, A.; Khalid, M. A.; Al-Karbouly, A.

Experimental and theoretical investigation of the IR spectra and thermochemistry of four isomers of 2-N,N-dimethylaminecyclohexyl 1-N',N'-dimethylcarbamate
Jalbout, A. F.; Xin-Hua, Li; Trzaskowski, B.; Raissi, H.

Optimization of ELISA using Tc85-11 protein and factorial design
Zanoni, T. B.; Carlos, I. Z.; Tognolli, J. O.; Yamanaka, H.; Ferreira, A. A. P.

Determination of chromium (VI) by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after cloud point extraction and preconcentration
Sussulini, A.; Arruda, M. A. Z.

Electro-oxidation of ethanol on PtRh/C, PtSn/C and PtSnRh/C electrocatalysts prepared by alcohol-reduction process
Oliveira Neto, A.; Dias, R. R.; Ribeiro, V. A.; Spinacé, E. V.; Linardi, M.