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Eclética Química
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Eclet. Quím. vol.33 no.2 São Paulo  2008

Comparison of some properties of 2,3 - and 3,4 - dimethoxybenzoates of Cu(II), Co(II) and Nd(III)
Ferenc, W.; Czapla, K.; Sarzynski, J.; Zwolinska, A.

Self-assembly of supermolecular species directed by hydrogen bonding and aromatic π-π stacking interactions
Li, X.H.; Jalbout, A. F.; Xiang, W.D.

Cerimetric determination of simvastatin in pharmaceuticals based on redox and complex formation reactions
Basavaiah, K.; Devi, O. Z.

Study of complexes of cadmium with some L-amino acids and vitamin-C by voltammetric technique
Khan, F.; Khanam, A.

Simple and sensitive spectrophotometric methods for the determination of acebutolol hydrochloride in bulk sample and pharmaceutical preparations
Manjunatha, D.H.; Shaikh, S.M.T.; Harikrishna, K.; Sudhirkumar, R.; Kandagal, P.B.; Seetharamappa, J.

A simple method for the spectrophotometric determination of cephalosporins in pharmaceuticals using variamine blue
Pasha, C.; Narayana, B.

Spectrophotometric flow injection procedure to indirect determination of paracetamol in pharmaceutical formulations using o-tolidine as reagent
Fatibello-Filho, O.; Vieira, H. J.

Morphological and thermal analyses of flexible polyurethane foams containing commercial calcium carbonate
Sant'Anna, S. S.; Souza, D. A.; Carvalho, C. F.; Yoshida, M. I.

Solid phase extraction of zinc with octadecyl silica membrane disks modified by N,N'-disalicylidene-1,2-phenylendiamine and determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Shabany, M.; Haji Shabani, A. M.; Dadfarnia, S.; Gorji, A.; Ahmadi, S. H.

Flow injection analysis of vancomycin
Vila, M. M. D. C.; Salomão, A. A.; Tubino, M.