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Revista Brasileira de Educação Médica
On-line version ISSN 1981-5271


Table of contents
Rev. bras. educ. med. vol.35 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Oct./Dec. 2011

 ·  Scientific research as an integrating axis between medical training and practice
Palácios, Marisa

 ·  Primary health care as a practice setting as perceived by student doctors
Massote, Alice Werneck; Belisário, Soraya Almeida; Gontijo, Eliane Dias

 ·  Assessment of the Medical Residency programs of the Paediatrics Department of the University of São Paulo Medical School in light of the professional profiles of the graduates
Koch, Vera Hermina K.; Doria Filho, Ulysses; Bollela, Valdes Roberto

 ·  The effects of AMM group participation on psychiatric resident training
Otanari, Thais Mikie de Carvalho; Leal, Erotildes Maria; Campos, Rosana Teresa Onocko; Palombini, Analice de Lima; Pereira, Eduardo Henrique Passos

 ·  Teaching through active learning methods in medical training
Almeida, Maria Tereza Carvalho; Batista, Nildo Alves

 ·  Medicine students in primary health care services: as perceived by health professionals
Caldeira, Érika Soares; Leite, Maisa Tavares de Souza; Rodrigues-Neto, João Felício

 ·  Scientific production about health teaching: a study into brazilian journals
Araujo, Erica Chagas; Batista, Sylvia Helena; Gerab, Irani Ferreira

 ·  Assessment of the cognitive growth of the Medicine student: applying the equalization test to the Progress Test
Sakai, Marcia Hiromi; Ferreira Filho, Olavo Franco; Matsuo, Tiemi

 ·  A synthetic three-dimensional pelvic model as an effective didactic tool compared to cadaveric pelvis
Portugal, Hélio Sérgio Pinto; Palma, Paulo Cesar Rodrigues; Fraga, Rogério de; Riccetto, Cássio Luis Zanettini; Rocha, Sergio; Carias, Luciane

 ·  Suicide: a little-known topic in medical trainingt
Ramos, Isadora Nunes Barbosa; Falcão, Eliane Brígida Morais

 ·  Evaluation of the development of humanistic attitudes in undergraduate medical studies
Andrade, Silvia Caixeta de; Deus, Janio Agostinho de; Barbosa, Eduardo Carvalho Horta; Trindade, Eliana Mendonça Vilar

 ·  Intimate partner violence: challenges for education and health care
Berger, Sônia Maria Dantas

 ·  Student Leagues: motivations and criticisms regarding a necessary reconsideration
Hamamoto Filho, Pedro Tadao

 ·  The training of the medical teacher as an "intellectual": a critical analysis
Santos, Marcos Antonio Almeida

 ·  Preparatory courses for medical residency: reflections on possible causes and consequences
Hamamoto Filho, Pedro Tadao; Zeferino, Angélica Maria Bicudo

 ·  Transformation of medical education: can a new physician be trained based on changes in the teaching-learning method?
Gomes, Andréia Patrícia; Rego, Sergio

 Report Experience
 ·  Psychogenic seizure care in accident and emergency units
Luccia, Thiago Paes de Barros De; Luccia, Danna Paes de Barros De

 ·  Regional supervised internship: the student's view
Gardenal, Renata Vidal Cardoso; Marques, Ana Maria Campos; Martello, Lílian Bianca; Braga, Lucylea Pompeu Muller; Bonilha, Marcos Marinelli; Braga, Odilei; Assunção, Leandro Almeida

 ·  The primary health care preceptor in undergraduate and graduate training at Pernambuco Federal University: a reference term
Barreto, Vitor Hugo Lima; Monteiro, Regina Onezifora da Silva; Magalhães, Gustavo Sérgio de Godoy; Almeida, Rodrigo Cariri Chalegre de; Souza, Lara Neves

 ·  Where death is used to aid life: the history of Human Anatomy studies in the medical curriculum of the first official school of medicine in São Paulo - the Renato Locchi period (1937-1955)
Tavano, Patricia Teixeira

 Book Review
 ·  "Theoretical foundations for ethical reflection on health education"
Aragão, Júlio