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Revista Árvore
Print version ISSN 0100-6762


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Rev. Árvore vol.31 no.4 Viçosa July/Aug. 2007

Growth and seedling quality of Dalbergia nigra (Vell.) Fr. All. ex Benth.) in response to base saturation in the substrate
Bernardino, Daíse Cardoso de Souza; Paiva, Haroldo Nogueira de; Neves, Júlio César de Lima; Gomes, José Mauro; Marques, Vanderléia Braga

Soil moisture and soil fertility of coffee in agroforestry systems
Neves, Yonara Poltronieri; Martinez, Herminia Emilia Prieto; Souza, Caetano Marciano de; Cecon, Paulo Roberto

Rooting induction and growth of eucalyptus by rhizobacteria: effect of addition of nutrient source and growing substrate composition
Mafia, Reginaldo Gonçalves; Alfenas, Acelino Couto; Ferreira, Eraclides Maria; Teixeira, Débora do Amaral; Zauza, Edival Ângelo Valverde

Growth and nutrient absorption in brazilian walnut (Cordia goeldiana huber) seedlings as a function of phosphorus and zinc levels
Fernandes, Antonio Rodrigues; Paiva, Haroldo Nogueira de; Carvalho, Janice Guedes de; Miranda, José Romilson Paes de

Genetic variations in root system quality of candeia seedlings (Eremanthus erythropappus (DC.) MacLeish)
Silva, Ana Carolina da; Rosado, Sebastião Carlos da Silva; Calegario, Natalino; Rodrigues, Érica Alvarenga Crespo; Oliveira, Adelson Nascimento; Vieira, Cenir Teodoro

Effect of light and nitrogen on the growth of Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil.
Mazuchowski, Jorge Zbigniew; Silva, Eduardo Teixeira da; Maccari Junior, Agenor

Damping-off of forest species caused by Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc
Mafia, Reginaldo Gonçalves; Alfenas, Acelino Couto; Resende Júnior, Márcio Fernando Ribeiro de

Compatibility among rhizobacteria isolates and effect of mixture of isolates in inducing rooting and growth of eucalyptus clones
Mafia, Reginaldo Gonçalves; Alfenas, Acelino Couto; Maffia, Luiz Antônio; Ferreira, Eraclides Maria; Siqueira, Leandro de

Temperature, light and substrate for germination of seeds of Brazilwood (Caesalpinia echinata Lam., Leguminosae - Caesalpinioideae)
Mello, Juliana Iura de Oliveira; Barbedo, Claudio José

Quantification of carbon stored in the aerial part and roots of 12-year-old Hevea sp., in the "Zona da Mata Mineira"
Fernandes, Tarcísio José Gualberto; Soares, Carlos Pedro Boechat; Jacovine, Laércio Antônio Gonçalves; Alvarenga, Antônio de Pádua

Phytossociological characterization in areas of natural occurrence of candeia (Eremanthus erythropappus (D.C.) MacLeish)
Souza, Agostinho Lopes de; Oliveira, Marcio Leles Romarco de; Silva, Elisiane Fátima da; Coelho, Danilo José da Silva

Physical and environmental behavior of solid waste in forest road pavements
Machado, Carlos Cardoso; Pires, José Maurício Machado; Pereira, Reginaldo Sérgio

Evaluation of the influence of varying sample sizes and composition on the precision of a hypsometric relation for Eucalyptus grandis
Silva, Gilson Fernandes da; Xavier, Alexandre Cândido; Rodrigues, Flávio Lopes; Peternelli, Luiz Alexandre

Analysis of the relationship between deforestation and hotspots: case study in the municipal Districts of Altamira and São Félix do Xingu in the State of Pará
Martinez, Luciano Lamper; Fiedler, Nilton César; Lucatelli, Geraldo José

Evaluation of the demanded physical effort in ornamental nursery operations in the Federal District: a case study
Fiedler, Nilton Cesar; Ferreira, Antônio Henrique S.; Venturoli, Fábio; Minette, Luciano José

Economic and financial evaluation of a project based on container and 40-stere rectangular kilns
Guimarães Neto, Rosalvo Maciel; Pimenta, Alexandre Santos; Silva, Marcio Lopes da; Soares, Naisy Silva; Vital, Benedito Rocha; Silva, José de Castro

Structure and floristic composition of a tree community in a submontane Atlantic Forest remnant in Rio Bonito, RJ, Brazil (Rio Vermelho Forest)
Carvalho, Fabrício Alvim; Nascimento, Marcelo Trindade; Braga, João Marcelo Alvarenga

Resistance of Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens to rust
Xavier, Adelica Aparecida; Von. Sanfuentes, Eugênio; Junghans, Davi Theodoro; Alfenas, Acelino Couto

Net throughfall quality assessment in a spontaneous forest ecosystem (Mata Atlântica) in Viçosa, MG, Brazil
Souza, Vinícius Valiati de; Dias, Herly Carlos Teixeira; Costa, Adriana Albuquerque da; Oliveira Júnior, José Carlos de

Use of biologically treated wastewater in Eucalyptus grandis Hill. ex. maiden seedling production by continuum sub irrigation
Augusto, Danielle Camargo Celentano; Guerrini, Iraê Amaral; Engel, Vera Lex; Rousseau, Guillaume Xavier

Cutting activity by Atta sexdens rubropilosa Forel, 1908 (hymenoptera: formicidae) on eucalyptus seedlings treated by irrigation or immersion with solutions of liquid pyroligneous
Souza-Silva, Alan; Zanetti, Ronald

Use of morphoanatomic parameters in the analysis of fluoride toxicity in leaves of Magnolia ovata (A. St.-Hil.) Spreng. (Magnoliaceae)
Sant'Anna-Santos, Bruno Francisco; Duque-Brasil, Reinaldo; Azevedo, Aristéa Alves; Silveira, Alice de Souza; Araújo, João Marcos de; Aguiar, Rosane