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Engenharia Agrícola
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Table of contents
Eng. Agríc. vol.25 no.1 Jaboticabal Jan./Apr. 2005

 Agricultural Building and Environment
 ·  Points of microchips implants in pigs for eletronic identification: placing and validation by image analysis
Pandorfi, Héliton; Silva, Iran J. O.; Sevegnani, Kelly B.; Caro, Ivan W.

 ·  Gases and noise level in swine housing: application of the NR-15, CIGR and ACGIH norms
Sampaio, Carlos A. de P.; Nääs, Irenilza de A.; Nader, Alexandre

 ·  Determination of the modulus of elasticity of juvenile and mature wood of Pinus taeda L.with ultrasonic method
Ballarin, Adriano W.; Nogueira, Marcelo

 ·  Evaluation of the temperature data transmission in the 1-wireTM system
Steidle Neto, Antonio J.; Baêta, Fernando C.; Martins, José H.; Zolnier, Sérgio; Monteiro, Paulo M. B.

 ·  Thermal evaluation of rice husk and cement mortar boards warmed by electric resistance
Rossi, Luiz A.; Cardoso, Paulo E. dos R.; Beraldo, Antonio L.

 ·  Relationship between environmental variables in sheds covered with a polyethylene structure and the performance of bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana)
Teodoro, Sônia M.; Chaves, Modesto A.; Escobedo, João F.; Agostinho, Cláudio A.

 Energy Systems
 ·  Composting and vermicomposting caprine dejections: effect of season
Amorim, Ana C.; Lucas Júnior, Jorge de; Resende, Kleber T. de

 ·  Systematization of the technical and economic sizing of isolated photovoltaic systems through specific software
Marini, José A.; Rossi, Luiz A.

 ·  Evaluation of global solar irradiation with sazonal and monthly partition for the area of Cascavel - PR, Brazil
Valiati, Melania I.; Ricieri, Reinaldo P.

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Stomatal conductance as an indicator of water stress in bean
Oliveira, Alexsandra D. de; Fernandes, Edemo J.; Rodrigues, Teresinha de J. D.

 ·  Software for generation of synthetic series of precipitation
Zanetti, Sidney S.; Pruski, Fernando F.; Moreira, Michel C.; Sediyama, Gilberto C.; Silva, Demetrius D.

 ·  Spatial variability of the erosion factors in eutrudox Red Latosol under sugarcane crop
Souza, Zigomar M. de; Martins Filho, Marcílio V.; Marques Júnior, José; Pereira, Gener T.

 ·  Water quality of springs with different land uses in córrego rico watershed, São Paulo, Brazil
Donadio, Nicole M. M.; Galbiatti, João A.; Paula, Rinaldo C. de

 ·  Computational routine for the determination of the sedimentation velocity of the soil particles in the drain
Oliveira, Luiz F. C. de; Martinez, Mauro A.; Pruski, Fernando F.; Griebeler, Nori P.; Oliveira, Geraldo C. de

 ·  Effect of greenhouse cultivated with melon crop under meteorological elements and its relationship with external conditions
Vásquez, Manuel A. N.; Folegatti, Marcos V.; Dias, Nildo da S.; Silva, Cláudio R. da

 ·  Physics and chemical attributes and enter-rill erosion under simulated rain in no tillage and conventional systems
Silva, Cristiane G. da; Alves Sobrinho, Teodorico; Vitorino, Antonio C. T.; Carvalho, Daniel F. de

 ·  Yield, fruit quality and nutritional status of valencia orange under fertigation and conventional fertilization
Duenhas, Luiza H.; Villas Bôas, Roberto L.; Souza, Cláudio M. P.; Oliveira, Marcus V. A. M.; Dalri, Alexandre B.

 ·  Stomatal conductance in leaves of bean plants submitted to different irrigation regimes
Paiva, Auricleia S.; Fernandes, Edemo J.; Rodrigues, Teresinha J. D.; Turco, José E. P.

 ·  Growth of young 'Tahiti' acid lime trees under irrigation levels
Alves Júnior, José; Silva, Cláudio R. da; Ribeiro, Rafael V.; Silva, Tonny J. A. da; Folegatti, Marcos V.

 ·  CO2 emission rate from a fertigated bare soil with phosphoric acid by dripping
Zanini, José R.; Barreto, Ana K. G.; La Scala Júnior, Newton

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Long-term effect of soil tillage systems with and without tillage of green-cane stump in soil physical properties
Camilotti, Fábio; Andrioli, Itamar; Dias, Fábio L. F.; Casagrande, Ailto A.; Silva, Alysson R. da; Mutton, Miguel A.; Centurion, José F.

 ·  Evaluating the operational performance of a tractor-harvester system for beans
Garcia, Ricardo F.; Queiroz, Daniel M. de; Fernandes, Haroldo C.; Peternelli, Luiz A.

 ·  Losses in the soybean mechanical harvesting in Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Campos, Marco A. O.; Silva, Rouverson P. da; Carvalho Filho, Alberto; Mesquita, Hugo C. B.; Zabani, Samir

 Post Harvest Science and Technology
 ·  Granulometry relationship in the rice milling process
Luz, Carlos A. S.; Luz, Maria L. G. S. da; Bizzi, Luciano T.; Falk, César L.; Isquierdo, Eder P.; Loregian, Rudimar

 ·  Mathematical model and numerical simulation of strawberry fast cooling with forced air
Pirozzi, Daniela C. Z.; Amendola, Mariângela

 Topograpy, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
 ·  Landscape compartimentation for environmental analysis of the erosive potential from the properties of the drainage network
Nascimento, Paulo S. R.; Garcia, Gilberto J.

 ·  Evaluation of areas of different states of accelerated erosion of soil in sugar cane plantations and citrus orchards utilizing photointerpretation techniques
Politano, Walter; Pissarra, Teresa C. T.

 Sanitation and Ambient Control
 ·  Application effects of sewage treatment effluent on soil fertility and yield of cucumber with subsurface irrigation
Azevedo, Leonardo P. de; Oliveira, Eduardo L. de

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Design and hydraulics evaluation of  a  low-head microirrigation, bubbler system
Souza, Ivam H. de; Andrade, Eunice M. de; Silva, Elio L. da

 ·  Automatic structures for water control in channels on irrigated rice crops
Amaral, Luís G. H. do; Righes, Afranio A.

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Maintenance of agricultural tractors and technical condition of the operators
Reis, Gustavo N. dos; Lopes, Afonso; Furlani, Carlos E. A.; Silva, Rouverson P. da; Grotta, Danilo C. C.; Câmara, Felipe T. da