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Engenharia Agrícola
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Table of contents
Eng. Agríc. vol.27 no.1 Jaboticabal Jan./Apr. 2007

 Agricultural Building and Environment
 ·  The use of fuzzy logic for the productive environment characterization for pregnant sows
Pandorfi, Héliton; Silva, Iran J. O.; Guiselini, Cristiane; Piedade, Sonia M. S.

 ·  Behavior evaluation of laying hens using image sequences
Barbosa Filho, José A. D.; Silva, Iran J. O.; Silva, Marco A. N.; Silva, Caio J. M.

 ·  Evaluation of the bamboo structure use as constructive element for greenhouses
Mary, Wellington; Kenmochi, Claudio S.; Cometti, Nilton N.; Leal, Paulo M.

 Energy Systems
 ·  Economical and technical feasibility of the conventional energy source substitution by biogas in rural settlement of São Paulo State, Brazil
Esperancini, Maura S. T.; Colen, Fernando; Bueno, Osmar de C.; Pimentel, Andréa E. B.; Simon, Elias J.

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Heavy metal transference models in sugarcane fertilised with urban waste compost
Silva, Fábio C. da; Bergamasco, Alessandra F.; Vendite, Laercio L.

 ·  Soil losses and physical and micromorphological characterization of formed crusts in soils under simulated rainfall
Brandão, Viviane dos S.; Silva, Demétrius D. da; Ruiz, Hugo A.; Pruski, Fernando F.; Schaefer, Carlos E. G. R.; Martinez, Mauro A.; Silva, Eduardo O.

 ·  Variation of the reference evapotranspiration calculated for different times interval
Back, Álvaro J.

 ·  Comparison of penetrometers to evaluate soil compactness in oxisols
Beutler, Amauri N.; Centurion, José F.; Silva, Alvaro P.

 ·  Reuse of wastewater from swine and fish activities in the lettuce culture
Baumgartner, Dirceu; Sampaio, Silvio C.; Silva, Tatiana R. da; Teo, Carla R. P. A.; Vilas Boas, Márcio A.

 ·  Development of chrysanthemum plants cultivated in flower pot in response to electrical conductivity levels
Mota, Poliana R. D' Almeida; Bôas, Roberto L. V.; Sousa, Valdemício F. de; Ribeiro, Valdenir Q.

 ·  Water demand by irrigation in Paracatu basin
Rodriguez, Renata del G.; Pruski, Fernando F.; Novaes, Luciano F. de; Ramos, Márcio M.; Silva, Demetrius D. da; Teixeira, Alessandro de F.

 ·  Phosphorous distribution in the drip bulb, applied by fertigation with phosphoric acid
Zanini, José R.; Barreto, Ana K. G.; Foratto, Leticia C.; Natale, William

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Acting of covering cultures in no tillage system, handling mechanics and chemistry
Reis, Gustavo N. dos; Furlani, Carlos E. A.; Silva, Rouverson P. da; Gerlach, Juliano R.; Cortez, Jorge W.; Grotta, Danilo C. C.

 ·  Evaluation of the performance of a base cutting device of a sugar cane harvester
Salvi, José V.; Matos, Marcos A.; Milan, Marcos

 ·  Farm machinery utilization in a row-crop producer region
Gimenez, Leandro M.; Milan, Marcos

 ·  Draft requirement in direct drilling in crop and cattle rotation systems using different grazing pressures and its relation to soil compactness status
Conte, Osmar; Levien, Renato; Trein, Carlos R.; Cepik, Carla T. C.; Debiasi, Henrique

 ·  Soil tillage methods: alterations in the roughness of the soil
Carvalho Filho, Alberto; Centurion, José F.; Silva, Rouverson P. da; Furlani, Carlos E. A.; Carvalho, Luís C. C.

 Post Harvest Science and Technology
 ·  The use of 1-methylcyclopropene and fast cooling in the peach conservation
Pinto, Lucia C. de B.; Jorge, José T.

 ·  Thermal state of stored products in storage bins with aeration system: experimental-theoretical study
Oliveira, Fabiane A. de; Khatchatourian, Oleg A.; Bihain, Anderson

 Topograpy, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
 ·  Characterization of harvest systems and development yield mapping for citrus
Molin, José P.; Mascarin, Leonardo S.

 Sanitation and Ambient Control
 ·  Plant biosolids composting of wastewater treatment
Torres, Patricia; Pérez, Andrea; Escobar, Juan C.; Uribe, Iris E.; Imery, Ricardo

 ·  Yield and quality of sugar cane cultivated in sewage sludge, vinasse and mineral fertilization supplied soil
Tasso Júnior, Luiz C.; Marques, Marcos O.; Franco, Ademir; Nogueira, Gustavo de A.; Nobile, Fábio O. de; Camilotti, Fábio; Silva, Alysson R. da

 ·  Heavy metals accumulation in sugarcane after application in sewage sludge and vinasse
Camilotti, Fábio; Marques, Marcos O.; Andrioli, Itamar; Silva, Alysson R. da; Tasso Junior, Luiz C.; Nobile, Fabio O. de

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Development of eletronic device to calibrate soil moisture sensors
Leão, Raimundo A. de O.; Teixeira, Adunias dos S.; Canafístula, Francisco J. F.; Mesquita, Paulo E. G.; Coelho, Silvana de L.

 ·  Constant-rate cone penetrometer: development and functionality
Reinert, Dalvan J.; Collares, Gilberto L.; Reichert, José M.

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Aggregation of an haplustox under five systems soil tillage in Uberaba, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Carvalho Filho, Alberto; Silva, Rouverson P. da; Centurion, José F.; Carvalho, Luís C. C.; Lopes, Afonso