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Engenharia Agrícola
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Table of contents
Eng. Agríc. vol.30 no.4 Jaboticabal July/Aug. 2010

 Agricultural Building and Environment
 ·  Impact of environmental variables in multi setter incubation in broiler's production
Baracho, Marta S.; Nääs, Irenilza De A.; Gigli, Ana C. S.

 Energy Systems
 ·  Water tariffs in irrigation districts
Ribeiro, Marcos C.; Oliveira Filho, Delly; Soares, Antônio A.; Martins, José H.; Mantovani, Everardo C.

 ·  Comparative energy analysis for soybean journey transport
Biaggioni, Marco A. M.; Bovolenta, Fábio C.

 ·  Evaluation of anaerobic biodigestion parameters of swine waste fed with diets based on corn and sorghum
Orrico Júnior, Marco A. P.; Orrico, Ana C. A.; Lucas Júnior, Jorge De

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Sensor placement for soil water monitoring in banana crop irrigated by drip irrigation systens
Coelho, Eugênio F.; Silva, Alisson J. P. Da; Miranda, Jarbas H. De

 ·  Reference evapotranspiration based on solar radiation estimated by the Bristow-Campbell model
Conceição, Marco A. F.

 ·  Performance of leak-preventing device and microsprinkler
Sandri, Delvio; Bessa, Kady S. E.; Mesquita, Márcio; Prado, Lazaro C. R. A.

 ·  Efficiency of a hydrocyclone of "rietema" geometry for pre-filtering of water for irrigation
Cruz, Othon C. Da; Zanini, José R.

 ·  Evaluation of methods of estimation of hourly evapotranspiration for hydroponic lettuce under protected environment
Moura, Carlos R. W.; Zolnier, Sérgio; Ribeiro, Aristides; Oliveira, Rubens A. De

 ·  Spatial distribution of physical-hydric properties of a nitosols under irrigated bean crop
Guimarães, Rachel M. L.; Gonçalves, Antônio C. A.; Tormena, Cássio A.; Folegatti, Marcos V.; Blainski, Éverton

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Dynamic surface tension and contact angle of water solutions with spray surfactants in artificial and natural surfaces
Iost, Cristina A. R.; Raetano, Carlos G.

 ·  Proposal of a performance measuring system applied to agricultural mechanization
Peloia, Paulo R.; Milan, Marcos

 ·  Spray volume and spray nozzle effects on chemical control of Spodoptera frugiperda in fodder sorghum
Cunha, João P. A. R. Da; Silva Júnior, Ademilson D. Da

 ·  Spatial variability of profitability, harvest losses and productivity of beans
Johann, Jerry A.; Silva, Maria C. A.; Uribe-Opazo, Miguel A.; Dalposso, Gustavo H

 Post Harvest Science and Technology
 ·  Mass transfer mechanisms during the osmotic dehydration of guava in sucrose, sucralose and inverted sugar solutions
Queiroz, Valéria A. V.; Berbert, Pedro A.; Molina, Marília A. B.; Gravina, Geraldo A.; Queiroz, Luciano R.

 ·  Drying simulation model of agricultural products with constant air enthalpy
Dalpasquale, Valdecir A.; Sperandio, Décio

 Sanitation and Ambient Control
 ·  Water quality of rico stream micro-basin evalueted by water quality index and trophic state index
Zanini, Helen L. H. T.; Amaral, Luiz A. Do; Zanini, José R.; Tavares, Lucia H. S.

 Agricultural Building and Environment
 ·  Dairy farms at Ribeirão Preto region - SP, Brazil
Milani, Adhemar P.; Souza, Fernando A. De

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Influence of suspension in the safety and comfort of a self-propelled sprayer
Ferreira, André L.; Balthazar, José M.; Pontes Júnior, Bento R.

 ·  Comparison between two types of passive boom suspension under simulated conditions of track test
Pontelli, Cristiano O.; Mucheroni, Mário F.; Balthazar, José M.; Pontes Júnior, Bento R.