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Engenharia Agrícola
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Table of contents
Eng. Agríc. vol.32 no.2 Jaboticabal Mar./Apr. 2012

 Scientific Papers
 ·  Efficiency of distinct data mining algorithms for classifying stress level in piglets from their vocalization
Cordeiro, Alexandra F. da S.; Nääs, Irenilza de A.; Oliveira, Stanley R. de M.; Violaro, Fabio; Almeida, Andréia C. M. de

 ·  Spatial variability of noise level in agricultural machines
Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Schiassi, Leonardo; Rossoni, Diogo F.; Ponciano, Patrícia F.; Lima, Renato R. de

 ·  Substrate with Organosuper® for cucumber seedlings formation in protected environments and polystyrene trays
Costa, Edilson; Vieira, Laura C. R.; Leal, Paulo A. M.; Jara, Murillo C. de S.; Silva, Priscilla N. de L.

 ·  The influence of the season of the year and of dilution on the development of swine manure and wood shaves co-composting
Higarashi, Martha M.; Sardá, Luana G.; Oliveira, Paulo A. V.

 Energy Systems
 ·  Annual evolution of global, direct and diffuse radiation and fractions in tilted surfaces
Souza, Adilson P. de; Escobedo, João F.; Dal Pai, Alexandre; Gomes, Eduardo N.

 ·  Material embodiment and energy flows as efficiency indicators of soybean (Glycine max) production in Brazil
Romanelli, Thiago L.; Nardi, Hudson de S.; Saad, Filipe A.

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Physical and chemical characteristics changes of a red-yellow latosol after implementation of water reuse in the culture of curly lettuce (Lactuca sativa, L.)
Varallo, Antonio C. T.; Souza, Claudinei F.; Santoro, Bruno de L.

 ·  Mapping the relief forms to estimate the fertilization expenses in sugarcane
Sanchez, Rodrigo B.; Marques Júnior, José; Pereira, Gener T.; Baracat Neto, Jorge; Siqueira, Diego S.; Souza, Zigomar M. de

 ·  Modelling for estimating the orientation of coffee planting rows
Oliveira, Klerisson M. G.; Carvalho, Luiz G. de; Lima, Luiz A.; Gomes, Raphaela C. C.

 ·  Development of experimental structure and influence of high CO2 concentration in maize cro
Silva, João B. Lopes da; Ferreira, Paulo A.; Pereira, Eduardo G.; Costa, Luís C.; Miranda, Glauco V.

 ·  Biomass allocation and water use efficiency in fertigated sweet pepper
Albuquerque, Francimar da S.; Silva, Ênio F. de F. e; Nunes, Marcus F. F. N.; Souza, Amanda E. R. de

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Emergence of corn according to the sowing depth of the seed and loads on press wheels
Neto, Pedro H. Weirich; Lopes, Angelo R. C.

 Post-Harvest Science and Technology
 ·  Rheological behavior of mixed drink of annona and milk
Duarte, Maria E. M.; Gouveia, Deyzi S.; Mata, Mario E. R. M. C.; Queiroz, Alexandre J. de M.

 ·  Effective diffusivity and convective mass transfer coefficient during the drying of bananas
Silva, Cleide M. D. P. da S. e; Silva, Wilton P. da; Farias, Vera S. de O.; Gomes, Josivanda P.

 ·  Determination of the influence of the variation of reducing and non-reducing sugars on coffee quality with use of artificial neural network
Messias, José A. T.; Melo, Evandro de C.; Lacerda Filho, Adílio F. de; Braga, José L.; Cecon, Paulo R.

 ·  Several regulations in gravity table in quality of tobacco seeds
Gadotti, Gizele I.; Baudet, Leopoldo; Villela, Francisco A.

 Topography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
 ·  Spectral classification of planted area with sugarcane through the decision tree
Delgado, Rafael C.; Sediyama, Gilberto C.; Costa, Marcos H.; Soares, Vicente P.; Andrade, Ricardo G.

 ·  Spatial variability of yield and other parameters associated with pear trees
Konopatzki, Marcia R. S.; Souza, Eduardo G.; Nóbrega, Lúcia H. P.; Uribe-Opazo, Miguel A.; Suszek, Graziele

 ·  Comparison of maps of spatial variability of soil resistance to penetration constructed with and without covariables using a spatial linear model
Bastiani, Fernanda de; Uribe-Opazo, Miguel A.; Dalposso, Gustavo H.

 Professional Teaching, Researching, Extension and Politics
 ·  Recycling of nutrients with application of organic waste in degraded pasture
Silva, Adriane de A.; Costa, Adriana M. da; Lana, Regina M. Q.; Lana, Ângela M. Q.