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Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia
On-line version ISSN 1806-9339


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ginecol. Obstet. vol.26 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Mar. 2004

 Trabalhos Originais
 ·  Knowledge, opinion and attitudes of Brazilian gynecologists and obstetricians regarding induction of abortion
Faúndes, Aníbal; Duarte, Graciana Alves; Andalaft Neto, Jorge; Olivatto, Adriane Elisabeth; Simoneti, Rosana Martins

 ·  Association of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia with CD4 T cell counts and viral load in HIV-infected women
Coelho, Raquel Autran; Facundo; Nogueira, Aline Leite; Sakano, Célia Regina Souza Bezerra; Ribalta, Julisa Chamorro Lascasas; Baracat, Edmund Chada

 ·  Detection rate of human papillomavirus by hybrid capture II in women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
Borges, Sonia Cristina Vidigal; Melo, Victor Hugo de; Mortoza Júnior, Garibalde; Abranches, Anthony; Lira Neto, José Benedito; Trigueiro, Maurílio Cruz

 ·  Characterization of sexual violence against women in the Maria-Maria project in Teresina, PI
Lopes, Ione Maria Ribeiro Soares; Gomes, Keila R. O.; Silva, Benedito Borges da; Deus, Maria Castelo Branco R. de; Galvão, Elisa Rosa de C. G. Nunes; Borba, Danielle Cavalcante

 ·  Histoarchitecture, endocrine function and pregnancy rate after orthotopic intact and sliced ovarian autologous transplantation in the rabbit
Petroianu, Andy; Alberti, Luiz Ronaldo; Vasconcellos, Leonardo de Souza

 ·  Shoulder movement after surgery for invasive breast carcinoma: randomized controlled study of postoperative exercises
Silva, Marcela Ponzio Pinto e; Derchain, Sophie Françoise Mauricette; Rezende, Laura; Cabello, César; Martinez, Edson Zangiacomi

 ·  Human immunodeficiency virus transmission from mother to infant in Fortaleza: revealing the epidemiological situation in a capital of the Brazilian Northeast
Cavalcante, Maria do Socorro; Ramos Junior, Alberto Novaes; Silva, Terezinha do Menino Jesus e; Pontes, Ligia Regina Sansigolo Kerr

 ·  Contact with paternal antigens in oral and vaginal mucosa and recurrent abortion
Mattar, Rosiane; Soares, Regina Victoria Pereira; Camano, Luiz; Daher, Silvia

 ·  Length of the uterine cervix by transvaginal ultrasonography in pregnant women with preterm rupture of membranes
Spara, Patricia; Mauad Filho, Francisco; Costa, Antonio Gadelha da; Ferreira, Adilson Cunha; Freitas-Júnior, Reginaldo Antônio de Oliveira; Berezowski, Aderson Tadeu

 Relato de Casos
 ·  Pustular psoriasis of pregnancy (impetigo herpetiformis): a report of two cases and review of the literature
Azulay-Abulafia, Luna; Brotas, Arles; Braga, Antônio; Volta, Andréia Cunha; Gripp, Alexandre Carlos

 Resumos de Teses
 ·  Bayesian estimation of the performance of cervical cytology, hybrid capture II and visual inspection with acetic acid in to detect cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
Martinez, Edson Zangiacomi

 ·  Sacrospinal colpopexy: analysis of its application to patients with uterovaginal and vaginal dome prolapse after hysterectomy
Netto, Octacílio Figueirêdo

 ·  Evaluation of oncotic colpocytology slides previously diagnosed as ASCUS: intra- and interobserver comparison
Souza, José Helvécio Kalil de

 ·  Blood pressure and heart rate evaluated by ABPM in primigravid women during the labor and early puerperium
Marchioli, Milton