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Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia
On-line version ISSN 1806-9339


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ginecol. Obstet. vol.27 no.8 Rio de Janeiro Aug. 2005

 ·  Um programa de triagem populacional para toxoplasmose?
Amaral, Eliana

 Artigos Originais
 ·  Acute toxoplasmosis: study of the frequency, vertical tansmission rate and the relationship between maternal-fetal diagnostic tests during pregnancy in a Central-Western state of Brazil
Figueiró-Filho, Ernesto Antonio; Lopes, Alessandro Henrique Antunes; Senefonte, Flávio Renato de Almeida; Souza Júnior, Virgilio Gonçalves de; Botelho, Carlos Augusto; Figueiredo, Mauro Silvério; Duarte, Geraldo

 ·  Cardiofemoral index for the evaluation of fetal anemia in isoimmunized pregnancies
Cabral, Antônio Carlos Vieira; Barcelos, Thales Bittencourt de; Apocalipse, Isabela Gomes Melo; Leite, Henrique Vitor; Reis, Zilma Silveira Nogueira

 ·  Treatment of puerperal endometritis using a regimen with exclusive parenteral antibiotics
Duarte, Geraldo; Ribeiro, Camila Toffoli; Quintana, Silvana Maria; Marcolin, Alessandra Carvalho; Cavalli, Ricardo Carvalho; Stefaneli, Silvia Helena Stefaneli

 ·  Preliminary results of the use of oral hypoglycemic drugs on gestational diabetes mellitus
Silva, Jean Carl; Taborda, Wladimir; Becker, Felipe; Aquim, Gabriela; Viese, Juliana; Bertini, Anna Maria

 ·  Prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism and its effects on lipidic profile and bone mineral density in postmenopausal women
Nahas, Eliana Aguiar Petri; Nahas-Neto, Jorge; Santos, Paulo Eduardo Mattos Ferreira; Mazeto, Gláucia Maria Ferreira da Silva; Dalben, Ivete; Pontes, Anaglória; Traiman, Paulo

 ·  Polymorphism in genes of the progesterone receptor (PROGINS) in women with breast cancer: a case-control study
Linhares, José Juvenal; Silva, Ismael Dale Cotrim Guerreiro da; Souza, Naiara Correa Nogueira de; Noronha, Emmanuelle Coelho; Ferraro, Odair; Baracat, Fausto Farah

 ·  Prevalence of overweight and obesity among climacteric women
De Lorenzi, Dino Roberto Soares; Basso, Eliane; Fagundes, Petrônio de Oliveira; Saciloto, Bruno

 ·  Coverage of the Pap smear in Brazil and its determining factors: a systematic literature review
Martins, Luís Felipe Leite; Thuler, Luiz Claudio Santos; Valente, Joaquim Gonçalves

 ·  Methods for labor induction
Moraes Filho, Olímpio Barbosa de; Cecatti, José Guilherme; Feitosa, Francisco Edson de Lucena

 Resumos de Teses
 ·  Ultrasonographic and Doppler velocimetry evaluation of levator ani muscle in premenopausal women with and without urinary stress incontinence
Oliveira, Emerson de

 ·  Placental thickness and fetal abdominal circumference by ultrasound on gestational diabetes mellitus patients
Steibel, João Alfredo Piffero

 ·  Comparative study of the use of the intrauterine device inserted in the immediate postpartum/post-cesarean section period
Müller, Ana Lúcia Letti

 ·  Breast cancer, menopause, and quality of life
Conde, Délio Marques