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Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1678-5150


Table of contents
Pesq. Vet. Bras. vol.31 no.3 Rio de Janeiro Mar. 2011

 Livestock Diseases
 ·  Brachiaria spp. poisoning of ruminants in Brazil
Riet-Correa, B.; Castro, M.B.; Lemos, R.A.; Riet-Correa, G.; Mustafa, V.; Riet-Correa, F.

 ·  Levels of phosphorus, copper, cobalt and zinc in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) on Marajo Island, Pará
Pinheiro, C.P.; Bomjardim, H.A.; Andrade, S.J.T.; Faial, K.C.F.; Oliveira, C.M.C.; Barbosa, J.D.

 ·  Passive transfer of immunity in meat lambs reared in the tropics on extensive management
Turquino, C.F.; Flaiban, K.K.M.C.; Lisbôa, J.A.N.

 ·  Urolithiasis: a comparative study in Guzerá cattle from properties with and without the problem
Sacco, S.R.; Lopes, R.S.

 ·  Spontaneous and experimental poisoning by the leaves and fruits of Erythroxylum deciduum (Cocão) in sheep in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Borelli, V.; Lentz, D.; Veronezi, L.O.; Silva, T.C.E.; Kaufer, L.; Traverso, S.D.; Gava, A.

 ·  Somatic cell count profile in intramammary infection of buffaloes from the Brazilian Northeast
Medeiros, E.S.; Barbosa, S.B.P.; Jatobá, R.B.; Azevedo, S.S.; Pinheiro Junior, J.W.; Saukas, T.N.; Albuquerque, P.P.F.; Mota, R.A.

 ·  Caseous lymphadenitis in slaughtered hair sheep in northeastern Brazil
Souza, M.F.; Carvalho, A.Q.; Garino Jr, F.; Riet-Correa, F.

 ·  Phenotypic profile and antimicrobial susceptibility of Streptococcus equi isolated from horses in southern Brazil
Kirinus, J.K.; Pötter, L.; Gressler, L.T.; Leite, F.L.L.; Vargas, A.P.C.

 ·  Cattle tick fever in the semiarid region of the Brazilian state of Paraiba
Costa, V.M.M.; Rodrigues, A.L.; Medeiros, J.M.A.; Labruna, M.B.; Simões, S.V.D.; Riet- Correa, F.

 ·  Meteorologic influence on leucogram and cytology in the respiratory tract of healthy calves
Bertagnon, H.G.; Esper, G.V.Z.; Emanuelli, M.P.; Pellegrine, L.G.

 ·  The use of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblotting for the detection of Campylobacter fetus immunoglobulins in the cervico-vaginal mucus of female cattle
Pellegrin, A.O.; Miranda, K.L.; Figueiredo, J.F.; Barbosa, E.F.; Lage, A.P.

 Small Animal Diseases
 ·  Clinical characteristics of the acute phase of feline immunodeficiency virus experimental infection
Zanutto, M.S.; Froes, T.R.; Teixeira, A.L.; Hagiwara, M.K.

 Animal Morphophysiology
 ·  Comparative anatomy of the thigh nerves of Cebus libidinosus (Rylands et al., 2000)
Aversi-Ferreira, R.A.G.M.F.; Marin, K.A.; Carneiro e Silva, F.O.; Aversi-Ferreira, T.A.

 ·  Bleaching of melanin in the epidermis of South American fur seal and its application on enzyme immunohistochemistry
Silva, A.P.; Silva, R.G.; Cogliati, B.; Dias, A.S.M.; Le Bas, A.E.; Hernandez-Blazquez, F.J.

 ·  Vaginal cytology of maned sloth (Bradypus torquatus)
Snoeck, P.P.N.; Cruz, A.C.B.; Catenacci, L.S.; Cassano, C.R.