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Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1678-5150


Table of contents
Pesq. Vet. Bras. vol.31 no.9 Rio de Janeiro Sept. 2011

 Livestock Diseases
 ·  Hereditary encephalopaty of cattle in Espírito Santo state, Brazil
Peixoto, Paulo V.; Cunha, Bernardo M.; França, Ticiana N.; Bezerra Junior, Pedro S.; Brust, Luís A.C.; Terra, Talitha M.F.; Armién, Aníbal G.

 ·  Weak phenotypic reversion of ivermectin resistance in a field resistant isolate of Haemonchus contortus by verapamil
Borges, Fernando A.; Rossini, Julhiano B.; Velludo, Patrícia P.; Buzzulini, Carolina; Costa, Gustavo H.; Molento, Marcelo B.; Costa, Alvimar J.

 ·  Abortion in cattle due to Tetrapterys acutifolia poisoning
Caldas, Saulo A.; Peixoto, Tiago C.; Nogueira, Vivian A.; França, Ticiana Nascimento; Tokarnia, Carlos H.; Peixoto, Paulo V.

 ·  Outbreak of mandibular abscess by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in sheep
Amorim, Rogério Martins; Toma, Hugo Shisei; Vulcano, Luiz Carlos; Ribeiro, Márcio Garcia; Fernandes, Simone; Borges, Alexandre Secorun; Chiacchio, Simone Biagio; Gonçalves, Roberto Calderon

 ·  Evaluation of the efficacy of hydrated sodium aluminosilicate in the prevention of aflatoxin-induced hepatic cancer in rainbow trout
Arana, Sarah; Dagli, Maria L. Z.; Sabino, Myrna; Tabata, Yara A.; Rigolino, Marcos G.; Hernandez-Blazquez, Francisco J.

 ·  Glycemia and serum concentrations of insuline, triglycerides and cortisol in Mangalarga Marchador horses after physical exercise
Coelho, Clarisse S.; Gama, Juliana A.N.; Lopes, Priscila F.R.; Souza, Vinicius R.C.

 ·  Isolation and characterization of a pandemic H1N1 influenza virus in pigs in Brazil
Schaefer, Rejane; Zanella, Janice R.C.; Brentano, Liana; Vincent, Amy L.; Ritterbusch, Giseli A.; Silveira, Simone; Caron, Luizinho; Mores, Nelson

 ·  Traumatic skin injuries caused by the thorns of Mimosa pudica and Mimosa debilis in Equidae
Reis, Alessandra S. Belo; Duarte, Marcos Dutra; Sousa, Melina G.S. de; Freitas, Nayra Fernanda de Q.R.; Yamasaki, Elise M.; Silva, André G. Marciel e; Oliveira, Carlos Magno C.; Barbosa, José Diomedes

 ·  Clinical and pathological aspects of the experimental poisoning by Bothrops snakes in horses
Sousa, Melina Garcia de; Tokarnia, Carlos Hubinger; Brito, Marilene de Farias; Reis, Alessandra Belo; Oliveira, Carlos Magno; Freitas, Nayra Fernanda; Oliveira, Cairo Henrique; Barbosa, José Diomedes

 ·  Behavioral disturbances in ruminants not associated with disease: origin, significance and importance
Malafaia, Pedro; Barbosa, José Diomedes; Tokarnia, Carlos Hubinger; Oliveira, Carlos Magno Chaves

 Small Animal Diseases
 ·  Clinical evaluation of enalapril maleate and furosemide usage in dogs with degenerative myxomatous mitral valve, CHF functional class Ib
Franco, Rodrigo P.; Pereira, Gener T.; Camacho, Aparecido A.

 Wildlife Medicine
 ·  Isosporoid Coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) parasites of tanagers (Passeriformes: Thraupidae) from the Marambaia Island, Brazil
Berto, Bruno P.; Luz, Hermes R.; Flausino, Walter; Teixeira-Filho, Walter L.; Ferreira, Ildemar; Lopes, Carlos Wilson G.

 ·  Serological investigation and PCR in detection of pathogenic leptospires in snakes
Biscola, Natália P.; Fornazari, Felipe; Saad, Eduardo; Richini-Pereira, Virginia B.; Campagner, Michelle V.; Langoni, Helio; Barraviera, Benedito; Ferreira Junior, Rui S.

 Animal Morphophysiology
 ·  Intra-abdominal pressure in dogs
Gonçalves, Ronald Paiva M.; Wouk, Antonio Felipe P.F.; Mira, Anabella

 ·  Systematization, description and territory of the caudal cerebral artery of the brain in broad-snouted Caiman (Caiman latirostris)
Almeida, Lygia; Campos, Rui