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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.17 no.1 Viçosa Jan./Apr. 1999

Mechanical and chemical treatments in the weed controls in the cotton crop
Foloni, Luiz L.; Rodrigues, João D.; Ono, Elizabeth O.

Effect of storage time of diluted herbicides mix on their effectiveness: pre-emergency herbicides (part II)
Ramos, Hamilton H.; Durigan, Julio C.

Dimethenamid movement in different soils
Paes, José M. V.; Araújo, Shirley S.; Silva, Antônio A. da; Ruiz, Hugo A.; Oliveira, Maurílio F. de

Selectivity of aryloxyphenoxy propionate herbicides to winter cereals
Vargas, Leandro; Fleck, Nilson G.

Selectivity of herbicides for onions in direct sowing
Ferreira, Lino R.; Durigan, Julio C.; Churata-Masca, Manuel G. C.

Efficacy of herbicides on weed control in onion direct sowing
Ferreira, Lino R.; Durigan, Julio C.; Churata-Masca, Manuel G. C.

CO2 liberation, microbial biomass and available phosphorus in soil supplemented with Brasil callality dry matter
Machado, Eliete S.; Minhoni, Marli T.A.; Büll, Leonardo T.

Nozzles and spray boom performance for herbicide application
Perecin, Dilermando; Peressin, Valdemir A.; Matuo, Tomomassa; Braz, Benedito A.; Pio, Luis C.

Simulation of the transgenic soybean tolerant to glyphosate through explant cultivation
Siqueira, Sérgio C.; Moreira, Maurílio A.; Mosquim, Paulo R.; José, Inês C.; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Sediyama, Carlos S.

Metribuzin soil bioactivity as a function of swine liquid manure and organic matter
Freitas, Silvério de P.; Sediyama, Tocio; Silva, Antônio A. da; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Sediyama, Carlos S.

Influence of timing of application on the behavior of atrazine and mixtures applied in post-emergence in maize
Fornarolli, Donizeti A.; Rodrigues, Benedito N.; Chehata, Adel N.; Valério, Maria A.

Efficiency of the herbicide pyrithiobac applied in post-emergence to control weeds in cotton
Almeida, José C. V.; Leite, Célio R. F.

Effects of application parameters on desiccation action of herbicide sulfosate on rice
Fleck, Nilson G.; Vargas, Leandro; Cunha, Marcos M. da; Andres, André

Broadleaf weed emergence in soil covered with sugar cane straw
Martins, Dagoberto; Velini, Edivaldo D.; Martins, Cibele C.; Souza, Luciano S. de

Contents of macronutrients and micronutrients and CN relation of several weed species
Souza, Luciano S.; Velini, Edivaldo D.; Maimoni-Rodella, Rita C. S.; Martins, Dagoberto