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Planta Daninha
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Planta daninha vol.18 no.1 Viçosa  2000

Glyphosate and imazapyr leaching in soils with different textures and chemical composition: I - bioassay method
Souza, Adailson P. de; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Silva, Antônio A. da; Ruiz, Hugo A.; Prates, Hélio T.

Logistic equation use in studying the dose-response of glyphosate and imazapyr by using bioassays
Souza, Adailson P. de; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Silva, Antônio A. da; Cardoso, Antônio A.; Ruiz, Hugo A.

Chemical control of weeds in irrigated rice in the State of Ceará, Brazil
Santos, Francisco J.; Pitombeira, João B.; Pinho, João L. N.; Melo, Francisco I. O.

Selectivity and efficacy of the sequential application of oxyfluorfen and ioxynyl-octanoate in direct sowing of onion
Ferreira, Lino R.; Durigan, Julio C.; Churata-Masca, Manuel G. C.; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Silva, Antônio A.

Chemical control of Commelina erecta L. in trangenic soybean
de la Vega, Marcelo H.; Lemir, Abraham H. M.; García, Augusto E.; Pace, Ricardo; Aceñolaza, Mariana

Effects of rainfall on weed control in soil with two moisture levels, after herbicide applied in postemergence
Bastiani, Marcos L.R.; Silva, Antônio A.; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Cardoso, Antônio A.

Growth, biomass allocation and photosynthesis of Rolandra fruticosa (asteraceae) in response to shade
Dias-Filho, Moacyr B.; Chagas Júnior, Aloisio F.

Leaf area estimative in weeds Brachiaria decumbens Stapf and Brachiaria brizantha (Hochst.) Stapf
Bianco, Silvano; Brendolan, Rodrigo A.; Alves, Pedro L. da C. A.; Pitelli, Robinson A.

Seed germination of Peschiera fuchsiaefolia: effects of temperature and light
Martins, Cibele C.; Martins, Dagoberto; Negrisoli, Eduardo; Stanguerlim, Heleno

Tolerance of the soybean cultivar Coodetec 201 to ALS inhibitor herbicides
Merotto Jr, Aldo; Vidal, Ribas A.; Fleck, Nilson G.

Soybean (Glycine max) cultivars sensibility to the herbicides diclosulam and flumetsulam
Leite, Célio R. F.; Almeida, José C. V.; Prete, Cássio E. C.

Selectivity of oxyfluorfen and ametryn in sugarcane varieties
Velini, Edivaldo D.; Martins, Dagoberto; Manoel, Luiz A.; Matsuoka, Shizuo; Travain, José C.; Carvalho, José C.

Bidens pilosa flower heads predation in relation to plant size and grouping
Yanagizawa, Yuriko A. N. P.; Fidalgo, Adriana O.; Maimoni-Rodella, Rita C. S.

Effect of methods and control time of weeds in maize crop
Zagonel, Jeferson; Venâncio, Wilson S.; Kunz, Reni P.

Mechanical and chemical management of black oat and its influence on decomposition rate and weed control in no-till of maize
Araújo, Augusto G. de; Rodrigues, Benedito N.

Occurence of Commelina villosa as weed in Paraná State, Brazil
Rocha, Dalva C.; Rodella, Roberto A.; Martins, Dagoberto

Alexandergrass (Brachiaria plantaginea) resistance to ACCase inhibitor herbicides
Gazziero, Dionisio L. P.; Christoffoleti, Pedro J.; Brighenti, Alexandre M.; Prete, Cássio E. C.; Voll, Elemar