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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.21 no.3 Viçosa Sept./Dec. 2003

 ·  Allelopathic effect of weeds and concentrations of Brachiaria decumbens on the initial development of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus grandis)
Souza, L.S.; Velini, E.D.; Maiomoni-Rodella, R.C.S.

 ·  Tillage systems in the cerrado and dinamics of weed populations
Pereira, F.A.R.; Velini, E.D.

 ·  Influence of straw management of Brachiaria decumbens on the initial development of Glycine max and Euphorbia heterophylla
Maciel, C.D.G.; Corrêa, M.R.; Alves, E.; Negrisoli, E.; Velini, E.D.; Rodrigues, J.D.; Ono, E.O.; Boaro, C.S.F.

 ·  Effects of sugarcane cultivars straw on Cyperus rotundus emergence
Silva, J.R.V.; Costa, N.V.; Martins, D.

 ·  Effect of density and coexistence periods of Cyperus esculentus on irrigated rice crop
Erasmo, E.A.L.; Costa, N.V.; Pinheiro, L.L.A.; Silva, J.I.C.; Terra, M.; Sarmento, R.A.; Cunha, A.M.; Garcia, S.L.R.

 ·  Periods of weed interference with transplanted onion crop (Allium cepa)
Soares, D.J.; Pitelli, R.A.; Braz, L.T.; Gravena, R.; Toledo, R.E.B.

 ·  Phenology and accumulated dry matter accumulation in Murdannia nudiflora along its life cycle
Erasmo, E.A.L.; Terra, M.A.; Costa, N.V.; Domingos, V.D.; Didonet, J.

 ·  Anatomical studies of leaves in weed widely largely occurring in Brazil. V - Leonurus sibiricus, Leonotis nepetaefolia, Plantago tomentosa and Sida glaziovii
Procópio, S.O.; Ferreira, E.A.; Silva, E.A.M.; Silva, A.A.; Rufino, R.J.N.

 ·  Selectivity to corn crop (Zea mays) of herbicides applied in different crop phenological stages
López-Ovejero, R.F.; Fancelli, A.L.; Dourado-Neto, D.; García y García, A.; Christoffoleti, P.J.

 ·  Tolerance of coffee plants to post emergence herbicide application
Ronchi, C.P.; Silva, A.A.

 ·  Application dissecants in soybean: degree of humidity in the plant's seeds and biomass
Lacerda, A.L.S.; Lazarini, E.; Sá, M.E.; Walter Filho, V.V.

 ·  Influence of weather conditions at application of post emergence herbicides on the control efficacy of turnip (Raphanus raphanistrum) in the wheat crop
Penckowski, L.H.; Podolan, M.J.; López-Ovejero, R.F.

 ·  Germination of Sida rhombifolia and Brachiaria decumbens seeds influenced by vinasse, flegmass and fusel oil
Azania, A.A.P.M.; Marques, M.O.; Pavani, M.C.M.D.; Azania, C.A.M.

 ·  Plant selection with potential for tebuthiuron phytodecontamination
Pires, F.R.; Souza, C.M.; Silva, A.A.; Queiroz, M.E.L.R.; Procópio, S.O.; Santos, J.B.; Santos, E.A.; Cecon, P.R.

 ·  Efficiency of a sprayer boom for herbicide application in young coffee crops
Rodrigues, G.J.; Teixeira, M.M.; Ferreira, L.R.; Fernandes, H.C.

 ·  Effects of herbicide spraying period and volume on the safety of tractor drivers spraying herbicides on sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) crop
Momesso, J.C.; Machado Neto, J.G.

 Scientific Notes
 ·  Morphological differences between Amaranthus cruentus, cv. BRS Alegria, and the weed species A. hybridus, A. retroflexus, A. viridis and A. spinosus
Spehar, C.R.

 ·  Differences between Chenopodium quinoa and the weed Chenopodium album
Spehar, C.R.; Santos, R.L.B.; Nasser, L.C.B.

 Bibliographics Review
 ·  Applying postemergence herbicides through sprinkler irrigation: review
Vieira, R.F.; Silva, A.A.; Ramos, M.M.

 ·  Main aspects on weed herbicide resistance to glyphosate
Christoffoleti, P.J.; López-Ovejero, R.