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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.24 no.2 Viçosa Apr./June 2006

 ·  Comparative analysis of the allelopathic effects of the chemical compounds tithonine and acetylated tithonine
Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Borges, F.C.; Santos, L.S.

 ·  Differentiation between Egeria densa and Egeria najas by leaf anatomic characters
Rodella, R.A.; Costa, N.V.; Costa, L.D.N.C.; Martins, D.

 ·  Study on the degradation of three aquatic weeds at the Americana-SP reservoir in Brazil
Negrisoli, E.; Corrêa, M.R.; Velini, E.D.; Bravin, L.F.; Marchi, S.R.; Cavenaghi, A.L.; Rossi, C.V.S.

 ·  Fuzzy classification system for risk of weed infestation considering spatial variability
Bressan, G.M.; Koenigkan, L.V.; Oliveira, V.A.; Cruvinel, P.E.; Karam, D.

 ·  Genetic diversity of Begomovirus infecting weeds in northeastern Brazil
Asssunção, I.P.; Listik, A.F.; Barros, M.C.S.; Amorin, E.P.R.; Silva, S.J.C.; O. Silva, Izael; Ramalho-Neto, C.E.; Lima, G.S.A.

 ·  Influence of type and amount of crop residues on weed emergence
Correia, N.M.; Durigan, J.C.; Klink, U.P.

 ·  Early growth of soybean as affected by sorghum crop residues
Olibone, D.; Calonego, J.C.; Pavinato, P.S.; Rosolem, C.A.

 ·  Weed control in corn as a function of amount of turnip crop residue
Rizzardi, M.A.; Silva, L.F.; Vargas, L.

 ·  Mycorrhizal inoculation and desiccation timings of Brachiaria brizantha on soybean development
Silva, A.C.; Santos, J.B.; Kasuya, M.C.M.; Silva, A.A.; Manabe, A.

 ·  Effects of cover nitrogen fertilization on herbicide selectivity in corn
Nicolai, M.; López Ovejero, R.F.; Carvalho, S.J.P.; Moreira, M.S.; Christoffoleti, P.J.

 ·  Effect of plant row spacing and herbicide use on weed aboveground biomass and corn grain yield
Acciares, H.A.; Zuluaga, M.S.

 ·  Effect of herbicides applied in pre-emergence and water management on rice growth
Concenço, G.; Andres, A.; Lopes, N.F.; Moraes, D.M.; Resende, R.G.; Fontoura, T.P.

 ·  Weed control in irrigated rice as a function of pre-emergence herbicide rates and irrigation start
Concenço, G.; Lopes, N.F.; Andres, A.; Moraes, D.M.; Santos, M.Q.; Rieffel Filho, J.A.; Vilella, J.V.

 ·  Weed Management with S-metolachlor and trifloxysulfuron-sodium in cotton field
Freitas, R.S.; Ferreira, L.R.; Berger, P.G.; Silva, A.C.; Cecon, P.R.; Silva, M.P.

 ·  S-metholachlor toxicity in maize plants originated from seeds with different sizes and shapes
Rosenthal, M.D.A.; Procópio, S.O.; Pinto, J.J.O.; Jacob Júnior, E.A.; Peres, W.B.; Manica, R.; Zanatta, J.F.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Sganzerla, D.C.; Carneiro, J.C.; Canabarro, L.G.; Franzini, W.

 ·  Selectivity of herbicides upon Myracrodruon urundeuva (Aroeira)
Duarte, N.F.; Karam, D.; Sá, N.; Cruz, M.B.; Scotti, M.R.M.

 ·  Weed management of cotton under no-tillage
Freitas, R.S.; Berger, P.G.; Ferreira, L.R.; Silva, A.C.; Cecon, P.R.; Silva, M.P.

 ·  Control of toothed spurge (Euphorbia dentata) with glyphosate
Juan, V.F.; Saint-Andre, H.M.; Fernandez, R.R.

 ·  Quality of cotton seeds from plants submitted to reduced rates of glyphosate
Yamashita, O.M.; Guimarães, S.C.

 ·  Intoxication of eucalypt species under glyphosate drift
Tuffi Santos, L.D.; Ferreira, F.A.; Ferreira, L.R.; Duarte, W.M.; Tiburcio, R.A.S.; Santos, M.V.

 ·  Glyphosate translocation in Italian ryegrass biotypes (Lolium multiflorum)
Ferreira, E.A.; Santos, J.B.; Silva, A.A.; Oliveira, J.A.; Vargas, L.

 ·  Selectivity of herbicides applied on pre-emergence of nematicide-treated sugarcane crop (RB 867515)
Barela, J.F.; Christoffoleti, P.J.

 ·  Oxidative stress in sunflower (Helianthus annuus) indicates synergism for the metribuzin clomazone combination
Kruse, N.D.; Vidal, R.A.; Dalmaz, C.; Trezzi, M.M.; Siqueira, I.

 ·  Efficacy and persistence of herbicides in pasture soils
Santos, M.V.; Freitas, F.C.L.; Ferreira, F.A.; Viana, R.G.; Tuffi Santos, L.D.; Fonseca, D.M.

 ·  Safety of aquatic herbicide application using an airboat
Machado Neto, J.G.; Velini, E.D.; Antuniassi, U.R.; Bravin, L.F.; Nery, M.S.

 ·  Chemical management alternatives of the weed Digitaria ciliaris resistant to ACCASE inhibiting herbicides in soybean crop
López-Ovejero, R.F.; Penckowski, L.H.; Podolan, M.J.; Carvalho, S.J.P.; Christoffoleti, P.J.