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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.26 no.2 Viçosa Apr./June 2008

 ·  Morphological characterization of red rice (Oryza Sativa) ecotypes derived from irrigated rice areas
Schwanke, A.M.L.; Noldin, J.A.; Andres, A.; Procópio, S.O.; Concenço, G.

 ·  Competitive potential of ryegras (Lolium multiflorum) biotypes
Ferreira, E.A.; Concenço, G.; Silva, A.A.; Reis, M.R.; Vargas, L.; Viana, R.G.; Guimarães, A.A.; Galon, L.

 ·  Critical period for weed competition with wheat
Agostinetto, D.; Rigoli, R.P.; Schaedler, C.E.; Tironi, S.P.; Santos, L.S.

 ·  Weed interference in cassava (Manihot esculenta) yield
Albuquerque, J.A.A.; Sediyama, T.; Silva, A.A.; Carneiro, J.E.S.; Cecon, P.R.; Alves, J.M.A.

 ·  Interference and phytosociological study of the weed community on direct sowing beet
Carvalho, L.B.; Pitelli, R.A.; Cecílio Filho, A.B.; Bianco, S.; Guzzo, C.D.

 ·  Plant selection for phytoremediation of soils contaminated with picloram
Carmo, M.L.; Procopio, S.O.; Pires, F.R.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Barroso, A.L.L.; Silva, G.P.; Carmo, E.L.; Braz, G.B.P.; Silva, W.F.P.; Braz, A.J.B.P.; Pacheco, L.P.

 ·  Influence of Panicum maximum cultivation period on phytoremediation of soil contaminated with picloram
Carmo, M.L.; Procopio, S.O.; Pires, F.R.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Braz, G.B.P.; Silva, W.F.P.; Barroso, A.L.L.; Silva, G.P.; Carmo, E.L.; Braz, A.J.B.P.; Assis, R.L.

 ·  Microbial activity in soil cultivated with sugarcane after herbicide application
Reis, M.R.; Silva, A.A.; Costa, M.D.; Guimarães, A.A.; Ferreira, E.A.; Santos, J.B.; Cecon, P.R.

 ·  Action of herbicides on inorganic phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms in sugarcane rhizospheric soil
Reis, M.R.; Silva, A.A.; Guimarães, A.A.; Costa, M.D.; Massenssini, A.M.; Ferreira, E.A.

 ·  Selectivity of herbicides registered on corn to Trichogramma pretiosum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
Stefanello Júnior, G.J.; Grützmacher, A.D.; Grützmacher, D.D.; Lima, C.A.B.; Dalmozo, D.O.; Paschoal, M.D.F.

 ·  Tifton 85 (Cynodon spp.) and Brachiaria brizantha tolerance to glyphosate
Santos, M.V.; Ferreira, F.A.; Freitas, F.C.L.; Ikeda, A.K.; Oliveira, F.L.R.; Rocha, D.C.C.; Lima, J.G.; Silva, F.N.A.; Assis, F.G.V.

 ·  Tolerance of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Oat (Avena spp.) to ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides
Hartwing, I.; Bertan, I.; Galon, L.; Noldin, J.A.; Concenço, G.; Silva, A.F.; Aspiazú, I.; Ferreira, E.A.

 ·  Radicular exudation of glyphosate by Brachiaria decumbens and its effects on eucalypt plant
Tuffi Santos, L.D.; Santos, J.B.; Ferreira, F.A.; Oliveira, J.A.; Bentivenha, S.; Machado, A.F.L.

 ·  Control of Alexandergrass (Brachiaria plantaginea) in soybean as a function of clethodim herbicide application rate and timing
Fleck, N.G.; Lazaroto, C.A.; Schaedler, C.E.; Ferreira, F.B.

 ·  Persistence of S-metolachlor associated to glyphosate or paraquat under no-tillage
Nunes, A.L.; Vidal, R.A.

 ·  Imazapyr sorption in soils with different textures
Firmino, L.E.; Tuffi Santos, L.D.; Ferreira, F.A.; Ferreira, L.R.; Tiburcio, R.A.S.

 ·  Leaching potential of herbicides in soil under different rainfall simulations
Monquero, P.A.; Amaral, L.R.; Binha, D.P.; Silva, A.C.; Silva, P.V.

 ·  Mobility and persistence of herbicides applied in pre-emergence on different soils
Monquero, P.A.; Silva, A.C.; Binha, D.P.; Amaral, L.R.; Silva, P.V.; Inacio, E.M.

 ·  Herbicide resistance of Cyperus difformis to ALS-inhibitors in paddy rice of Santa Catarina
Galon, L.; Panozzo, L.E.; Noldin, J.A.; Concenço, G.; Tarouco, C.P.; Ferreira, E.A.; Agostinetto, D.; Silva, A.A.; Ferreira, F.A.

 ·  A quick method for detecting resistance of Echinochloa spp. to quinclorac
Concenço, G.; Melo, P.T.B.S.; Andres, A.; Ferreira, E.A.; Galon, L.; Ferreira, F.A.; Silva, A.A.

 ·  Interaction of imazapic in the integrated system using sugarcane mulch residue, herbicide and vinasse on purple nutsedge growth
Novo, M.C.S.S.; Victoria Filho, R.; Langbeck, F.M.; Lago, A.A.; Deuber, R.; Rolim, G.S.

 ·  Response of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) and carrot (Daucus carota) to simulated glyphosate and clomazone drift
Rogoli, R.P.; Fontana, L.C.; Figueredo, S.S.; Noldin, J.A.

 ·  Possibility of applaying total action herbicide tank mixture using direct sprayer on dwarf internode castor bean
Maciel, C.D.G.; Poletine, J.P.; Velini, E.D.; Amaral, J.G.C.; Zani, L.P.; Santos, R.F.; Rodrigues, M.; Raimondi, M.A.; Ribeiro, R.B.

 Scientific Notes
 ·  Resistance to glyphosate in Conyza bonariensis and Conyza canadensis biotypes in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Lamego, F.P.; Vidal, R.A.