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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.27 no.3 Viçosa  2009

 ·  Genetic variability among Commelina weed species from the states of Paraná and São Paulo, Brazil
Rocha, D.C.; Rodella, R.A.; Marino, C.L.; Martins, D.

 ·  Using multivariate statistics and artificial neural networks to determe the colonization behavior of aquatic macrophyte populations in Santana reservoir
Pitelli, R.L.C.M.; Ferraudo, A.S.; Pitelli, A.M.C.M.; Pitelli, R.A.; Velini, E.D.

 ·  Comparative evaluation of water losses by evapotranspiration in mesocosms colonized by different aquatic weeds
Rosa, C.S.; Antunes, R.D.; Pitelli, R.A.; Pitelli, R.L.C.M.

 ·  Water use by hybrid and conventional rice plants
Concenço, G.; Sant'Anna, S.J.; Schwanke, A.M.L.; Galon, L.; Ferreira, E.A.; Aspiazú, I.; Silva, A.F.; Ferreira, F.A.

 ·  Soybean crop oversowing used as a technique to suppress weed emergence
Pacheco, L.P.; Pires, F.R.; Monteiro, F.P.; Procópio, S.O.; Assis, R.L.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Carmo, M.L.; Petter, F.A.

 ·  Cover crops used to control weeds under the no-tillage tomato production system
Hirata, A.C. Silva; Hirata, E.K.; Monquero, P.A.; Golla, A.R.; Narita, N.

 ·  Periods of weed interference in carrot in function of spacing between rows
Freitas, F.C.L.; Almeida, M.E.L.; Negreiros, M.Z.; Honorato, A.R.F.; Mesquita, H.C.; Silva, S.V.O.F.

 ·  Times and extension of weed coexistence period of weeds interfering in corn (Zea mays) yield
Kozlowski, L.A.; Koehler, H.S.; Pitelli, R.A.

 ·  Effect of cowpea intercropping on weed control and corn yieid
Silva, P.S.L.; Oliveira, O.F.; Silva, P.I.B.; Silva, K.M.B.; Braga, J.D.

 ·  Potentially allelophatic activity of the essential oil of Ocimum americanum
Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Bayma, J.C.; Guilhon, G.M.S.P.; Zoghbi, M.G.B.

 ·  Phytochemical study of Senna alata using two methodologies
Rodrigues, I.M.C.; Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Ferreira, F.A.

 ·  Anatomy and histochemistry of Senna alata leaves
Rodrigues, I.M.C.; Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Ferreira, F.A.; Ilkiu-Borges, F.; Gurgel, E.S.C.

 ·  Euphorbia heterophylla leaf area estimate
Duarte, D.J.; Bianco, S.; Leonardo, B.C.; Panosso, A.R.

 ·  Anatomical characters of Brachiaria brizantha submitted to Trinexapac-Ethyl application
Fialho, C.M.T.; Ferreira, E.A.; Meira, R.A.S.; Santos, J.B.; Silva, A.A.; Freitas, F.C.L.; Galon, L.; Concenço, G.; Silva, A.F.; Tironi, S.P.; Rocha, P.R.R.

 ·  Effect of dose and application site on quinclorac absorption by barnyardgrass biotypes
Concenço, G.; Silva, A.F.; Ferreira, E.A.; Galon, L.; Noldin, J.A.; Aspiazú, I.; Ferreira, F.A.; Silva, A.A.

 ·  Absorption, translocation and radicular glyphosate exudation in Eucalyptus sp
Machado, A.F.L.; Ferreira, L.R.; Santos, L.D.T.; Santos, J.B.; Ferreira, F.A.; Viana, R.G.

 ·  Effect of herbicides on raw the matter quality of sugarcane genotypes
Galon, L.; Ferreira, E.A.; Ferreira, F.A.; Silva, A.A.; Barbosa, M.H.P.; Reis, M.R.; Silva, A.F.; Concenço, G.; Aspiazú, I.; França, A.C.; Tironi, S.P.

 ·  Effectiveness of herbicides applied at different times on B. pilosa and I. quamoclit in mechanically harvested sugarcane area
Monquero, P.A.; Binha, D.P.; Inácio, E.M.; Silva, P.V.; Amaral, L.R.; Silva, A.C.

 ·  Initial tolerance of physic nut plants to pre and post-emergence herbicide application
Erasmo, E.A.L.; Costa, N.V.; Terra, M.A.; Fidelis, R.R.

 ·  Persistence of the herbicides imazethapyr and imazapic in irrigated rice soil
Kraemer, A.F.; Marchesan, E.; Avila, L.A.; Machado, S.L.O.; Grohs, M.; Massoni, P.F.S.; Sartori, G.M.S.

 ·  Picloram leaching on red-yellow latosol and red-yellow ultisol with different pH values
D'Antonino, L.; Silva, A.A.; Ferreira, L.R.; Cecon, P.R.; França, A.C.; Silva, G.R.

 ·  CO2 evolution and enzymatic activites in herbicide-treated soil samples
Fernandez, G.; Pitelli, R.A.; Cadenazzi, M.

 ·  Residual activity of (imazethapyr+imazapic) on ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum), following clearfield® rice
Pinto, J.J.O.; Noldin, J.A.; Rosenthal, M.D.; Pinho, C.F.; Rossi, F.; Machado, A.; Piveta, L.; Galon, L.

 ·  Acute toxicity to herbicides to Oreochromis niloticus
Botelho, R.G.; Santos, J.B.; Oliveira, T.A.; Braga, R.R.; Byrro, E.C.M.

 Literature Review
 ·  Environmental fate of imidazolinone herbicides: a review
Kraemer, A.F.; Marchesan, E.; Avila, L.A.; Machado, S.L.O.; Grohs, M.