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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.28 no.3 Viçosa  2010

 ·  Modeling light interception and distribution in mixed canopy of common cocklebur (Xanthium stramarium) in competition with corn
Vazin, F.; Hassanzadeh, M.; Madani, A.; Nassiri-Mahallati, M.; Nasri, M.

 ·  Influence of environmental factors on seed germination and seedling emergence of yellow sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis)
Ghaderi-Far, F; Gherekhloo, J.; Alimagham, M.

 ·  Period of weed interference in cassava (Manihot esculenta) in northwestern Parana
Biffe, D.F.; Constantin, J.; Oliveira Jr., R.S.; Franchini, L.H.M.; Rios, F.A.; Blainski, E.; Arantes, J.G.Z.; Alonso, D.G.; Cavalieri, S.D.

 ·  Allelopathic activity of chemical substances isolated from Acacia mangium and its variations in function of PH
Luz, S.M.; Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Guilohn, G.M.S.P.; Vilhena, K.S.S.

 ·  Allelopathic potential of Annona crassiflora: effects on weeds
Inoue, M.H.; Santana, D.C.; Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Possamai, A.C.S.; Silva, L.E.; Pereira, M.J.B.; Pereira, K.M.

 ·  Allelopathy and homeopathy in the management of nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus)
Silveira, H.R.O.; Ferraz, E.O.; Matos, C.C.; Alvarenga, I.C.A.; Guilherme, D.O.; Tuffi Santos, L.D.; Martins, E.R.

 ·  Begomovirus transmission from weeds to tomato by the whitefly
Silva, A.K.F.; Santos, C.D.G.; Nascimento, A.K.Q.

 ·  Competitiveness of alexandergrass or Bengal dayflower with soybean
Dias, A.C.R.; Carvalho, S.J.P.; Marcolini, L.W.; Melo, M.S.C.; Christoffoleti, P.J.

 ·  Weed coexistence with cowpea cultivars in the Amazonas floodplain
Oliveira, O.M.S.; Silva, J.F.; Gonçalves, J.R.P.; Klehm, C.S.

 ·  Nitrogen doses and weed control via intercropping with gliricidia for corn production
Silva, P.S.L.; Braga, J.D.; Ribeiro, M.S.S.; Oliveira, O.F.; Santos, T.S.

 ·  Weed response on fusel oil applied at initial and late post-emergence
Azania, C.A.M.; Azania, A.A.P.M.; Pizzo, I.V.; Schiavetto, A.R.

 ·  Trinexapac-ethyl effect on the leaf anatomy of four turfgrass species
Costa, N.V.; Martins, D.; Rodella, R.A.; Rodrigues, A.C.P.; Cardoso, L.A.

 ·  Desiccation timings of soil cover crop before soybean sowing
Monquero, P.A; Milan, B.; Silva, P.V.; Hirata, A.C.S.

 ·  Simultaneous addition of ammonium sulfate and urea to glyphosate spray solution
Carvalho, S.J.P.; Dias, A.C.R.; Shiomi, G.M.; Christoffoleti, P.J.

 ·  Control of ten weed species in sugarcane using mesotrione mixed with ametryn and metribuzin
Carvalho, F.T.; Castro, R.M.; Otsubo, R.I.; Pereira, F.A.R.

 ·  Influence of herbicides on the photosynthetic activity of sugarcane genotypes
Galon, L.; Ferreira, F.A.; Silva, A.A.; Concenço, G.; Ferreira, E.A.; Barbosa, M.H.P.; Silva, A.F.; Aspiazú, I.; França, A.C.; Tironi, S.P.

 ·  Growth of arabica coffee cultivars submitted to glyphosate doses
França, A.C.; Freitas, M.A.M.; Fialho, C.M.T.; Silva, A.A.; Reis, M.R.; Galon, L.; Victoria Filho, R.

 ·  Action of trifluralin on mycorrhization and growth of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) plants
Peixoto, M.F.S.P.; Borges, V.P.; Borges, V.P.; Peixoto, C.P.

 ·  Tolerance of grain sorghum to tembotryone
Dan, H.A.; Barroso, A.L.L.; Dan, L.G.M.; Procópio, S.O.; Ferreira Filho, W.C.; Menezes, C.C.E.

 ·  Control of Euphorbia heterophylla and Ipomoea grandifolia using glyphosate isolated or in association with broadleaf herbicides
Ramires, A.C.; Constantin, J.; Oliveira Jr., R.S.; Guerra, N.; Alonso, D.G.; Biffe, D.F.

 ·  Efficacy of herbicides applied during the dry and wet seasons for the control of Merremia aegyptia in sugarcane
Correia, N.M.; Braz, B.A.; Fuzita, W.E.

 ·  Use of exogenous amino acid to prevent glyphosate injury in glyphosate-resistant soybean
Zobiole, L.H.S.; Oliveira Jr., R.S.; Constantin, J.; Biffe, D.F.; Kremer, R.J.

 ·  Ametryn leaching on Red-Yellow Latosol and Red-Yellow Ultisol with different pH values
Andrade, S.R.B.; Silva, A.A.; Lima, C.F.; D'Antonino, L.; Queiroz, M.E.L.R.; França, A.C.; Felipe, R.S.; Victoria Filho, R.

 ·  Temperature effect on the physical-chemical characteristics of aqueous solutions with spray adjuvants
Cunha, J.P.A.R.; Alves, G.S.; Reis, E.F.

 ·  Static superficial tension of glyphosate and chlorimuron-ethyl tank mixtures with or without adjuvants
Maciel, C.D.G.; Guerra, N.; Oliveira Neto, A.M.; Poletine, J.P.; Bastos, S.L.W.; Dias, N.M.S.

 Literature Review
 ·  Methodologies applied in allelopathic activity evaluation studies in the laboratory: a critical review
Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Guilhon, G.M.S.P.; Santos, L.S.