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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.29 no.3 Viçosa July/Sept. 2011

 ·  Soil organisms associated to the weed suppressant Crotalaria juncea (fabaceae) and its importance as a refuge for natural enemies
Tavares, W.S; Cruz, I; Silva, R.B; Figueiredo, M.L.C; Ramalho, F.S; Serrão, J.E; Zanuncio, J. C

 ·  The space aggressiveness index (SAI) for the Chenopodium album in cotton crop in santiago del estero, Argentina
Ochoa, M. C; Chaila, S; Sobrero, M. T

 ·  Quantifying seed production by volunteer canola (Brassica napus) and Sinapis arvensis
Soltani, E; Soltani, A; Galeshi, S; Ghaderi-far, F; Zeinali, E

 ·  Pore system and water retention capacity in a latosol under different weed management systems in a coffee plantation
Araujo-Junior, C.F; Dias Junior, M.S; Guimarães, P.T.G; Alcântara, E.N

 ·  Effect of long-term agricultural management systems on occurrence and composition of weed species
Concenço, G; Salton, J.C; Secretti, M.L; Mendes, P.B; Brevilieri, R.C; Galon, L

 ·  Influence of wheat straw and rhizosphere on seed germination, early seedling growth and bio-chemical attributes of Trianthema portulacastrum
Khaliq, A; Matloob, A; Aslam, F; Bismillah Khan, M

 ·  Weed control in corn via intercropping with gliricidia sown by broadcasting
Oliveira, A.M; Silva, P.S.L; Albuquerque, C.C; Azevedo, C.M.S.B; Cardoso, M.J; Oliveira, O.F

 ·  Effect of corn and Panicum maximum intercropping on weed and soybean crop in rotation
Correia, N.M; Leite, M.B; Daniel, B

 ·  Competition of wheat with ryegrass as a function of application times and nitrogen doses
Paula, J.M; Agostinetto, D; Schaedler, C.E; Vargas, L; Silva, D.R.O

 ·  Phyto-sociological evaluation of the weed community in areas in transition to organic coffee
Ferreira, E.A; França, A.C; Carvalho; Santos, J.B; D.V, Silva; Santos, E.A

 ·  Ethanolic extract of Senna alata in the control of Myrothecium roridum, causal agent of myrothecium leaf spot
Medeiros, E.V; Viana, M.G; Albuquerque, C.C; Viana, F.A; Silva, K.M.B

 ·  Performance of roundup ready soybean under glyphosate application at different stages
Albrecht, L.P; Barbosa, A.P; Silva, A.F.M; Mendes, M.A; Maraschi-Silva, L.M; Albrecht, A.J.P

 ·  Tolerance of different sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) Cultivars to herbicides
Zera, F.S; Azania, C.A.M; Schiavetto, A.R; Lorenzato, C.M; Azania, A.A.P.M

 ·  Selectivity of clomazone applied alone or in tank mixtures to cotton
Dan, H.A; Barroso, A.L.L; Oliveira JR, R.S; Constantin, J; Dan, L.G.M; Braz, G.B.P; Oliveira Neto, A.M; D'Avila, R.P

 ·  Selectivity and efficacy of accase-inhibiting herbicides in castor bean crop
Maciel, C.D.G; Silva, T.R.B; Poletine, J.P; Velini, E.D; Zanotto, M.D; Martins, F.M; Gava, F

 ·  Selectivity of saflufenacil to Eucalyptus urograndis
Pereira, M.R.R; Martins, D; Rodrigues, A.C.P; Souza, G.S.F; Cardoso, L.A

 ·  Selectivity of pre-emergence herbicides applied on forage grasses
Rodrigues-Costa, A.C.P; Martins, D; Costa, N.V; Campos, C.F; Martins, C.C; Pereira, M.R.R; Silva, J.I.C

 ·  Isolated or combined application of diuron, oxyfluorfen and prometryn for Euphorbia heterophylla control
Oliveira JR, R.S; Carneiro, J.C; Constantin, J; Santos, G; Martini, P.E; Francischini, A.C; Osipe, J.B

 ·  Effects on the electron transport rate of weeds after amicarbazone application
Araldi, R; Velini, E.D; Girotto, M; Carbonari, C.A; Jasper, S.P; Trindade, M.L.B

 ·  Eletrolite leakage as a technique to diagnose euphorbia heterophylla biotypes resistant to ppo-inhibitors herbicides
Trezzi, M.M; Vidal, R.A; Kruse, N.D; Gustman, M.S; Xavier, E; Rosin, D; Dedordi, G.F

 ·  Effect of the residual activity of herbicides applied in post-emergence soybean on pearl millet grown in succession
Dan, H.A; Barroso, A.L.L; Dan, L.G.M; Procópio, S.O; Oliveira JR, R.S; Simon, G.A; Munhoz, D.M

 ·  Persistence of trifloxysulfuron-sodium and pyrithiobac-sodium in different types of soil
Guerra, N; Oliveira Jr, R.S; Constantin, J; Oliveira Neto, A.M; Santos, G; Jumes, T.M.C

 ·  Optimization and validation of the solid-liquid extraction technique for determination of picloram in soils by high performance liquid chromatography
Assis, E.C; Silva, A.A; Barbosa, L.C; Queiroz, M.E.L.R; D'Antonino, L; Gonçalves, V.A

 ·  Volumetric distribution and droplet size of hydraulic spraying nozzles for the control of scarlet morningglory
Ferreira, M.C; Lohmann, T.R; Campos, A.P; Viel, S.R; Figueiredo, A

 Literature Review
 ·  Seeds as alternative source of chemical substances with allelopathic activity
Souza Filho, A.P.S; Trezzi, M.M; Ioue, M.H