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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.29 no.4 Viçosa Oct./Dec. 2011

 ·  Unexpected effects of pigeon-peas (Cajanus cajan) in the restoration of rupestrian fields
Hilário, R.R; Castro, S.A.B; Ker, F.T.O; Fernandes, G

 ·  Soil seed bank of plant species as a function of long-term soil management and sampled depth
Concenço, G; Salton, J.C; Brevilieri, R.C; Mendes, P.B; Secretti, M.L

 ·  Germination of Conyza canadensis and Conyza bonariensis seeds as a function of light quality
Yamashita, O.M; Guimarães, S.C; Cavenaghi, A.L

 ·  Weeds on vegetation islands under natural regeneration
Souza, P.F; Siqueira, T.C; Martins, R.L

 ·  Evaluation of economic levels for the Solanum americanum x tomato crop interaction using multiple models
Portugal, J.M; Moreira, I

 ·  Weeds influence in common bean as a function of spacing and plant density
Parreira, M.C; Alves, P.L.C.A; Peñaherrera-Colina, L.A

 ·  Competitive ability of barley cultivars against ryegrass
Galon, L; Tironi, S.P; Rocha, P.R.R; Concenço, G; Silva, A.F; Vargas, L; Silva, A.A; Ferreira, E.A; Minella, E; Soares, E.R; Ferreira, F.A

 ·  Interference of Raphanus sativus in soybean cultivars' yield
Bianchi, M.A; Fleck, N.G; Agostinetto, D; Rizzardi, M.A

 ·  Corn growth and yield in competition with weeds
Silva, P.S.L; Silva, P.I.B; Silva, K.M.B; Oliveira, V.R; Pontes Filho, F.S.T

 ·  Photosynthetic characteristics of hybrid and conventional rice plants as a function of plant competition
Concenço, G; Aspiazú, I; Galon, L; Ferreira, E.A; Freitas, M.A.M; Fialho, C.M.T; Schwanke, A.M.L; Ferreira, F.A; Silva, A.A

 ·  Weeds occurrence and importance under distinct intercropping systems
Concenço, G; Ceccon, G; Schwerz, F; Fonseca, I.C; Leite, L.F

 ·  Potential of plant species in the remediation of soil contaminated with sulfentrazone
Belo, A.F; Coelho, A.T.C.P; Ferreira, L.R; Silva, A.A; Santos, J.B

 ·  Effect of planting system and nicosulfuron doses on soil microbial activity
Camelo, G.N; Santos, J.B; Lazari, T.M; Oliveira, T.A; Santos, E.A; Ferreira, E.A; Pereira, G.A.M

 ·  Morphological and physiological alterations induced by lactofen in soybean leaves are reduced with nitric oxide
Ferreira, L.C; Cataneo, A.C; Remaeh, L.M.R; Búfalo, J; Scavroni, J; Andréo-Souza, Y; Cechin, I; Soares, B.J.A

 ·  Integration of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) residues with a pre-plant herbicide enhances weed suppression in broad bean (Vicia faba)
Alsaadawi, I.S; Khaliq, A; Al-Temimi, A.A; Matloob, A

 ·  Suppression imposed by mesotrione to Brachiaria brizantha in crop-livestock system
Dan, H.A; Barroso, A.L.L; Dan, L.G.M; Procópio, S.O; Oliveira Jr, R.S; Constantin, J; Feldkircher, C

 ·  Evaluation of intoxication of sugarcane cultivars and I. grandifolia by amicarbazone
Araldi, R; Velini, E.D; Girotto, M; Carbonari, C.A; Gomes, G.L.G.C; Trindade, M.L.B

 ·  Selectivity of metolachlor and alachlor for the "carioca" bean
Lamego, F.P; Basso, C.J; Vidal, R.A; Trezzi, M.M; Santi, A.L; Ruchel, Q; Kaspary, T.E; Gallon, M

 ·  Photosynthetic activity of plants cultivated in soil contaminated with picloram
Belo, A.F; Coelho, A.T.C.P; Tironi, S.P; Ferreira, E.A; Ferreira, L.R; Silva, A.A

 ·  Sorption and desorption of picloram in soils under pastures in Brazil
Assis, E.C; Silva, A.A; Barbosa, L.C; Queiroz, M.E.L.R; D'Antonino, L; Cruz, L.S

 ·  Quick test of foliar immersion of Euphorbia heterophylla to confirm resistance to PPO and ALS-inhibiting herbicides
Trezzi, M.M; Xavier, E; Vidal, R.A; Portes, E.D.S; Vottri, M; Lamego, F.P

 ·  Initial symptoms of Eucalyptus intoxication by glyphosate rates applied on the stem or leaves
Salgado, T.P; Alves, P.L.C.A; Kuva, M.A; Takahashi, E.N; Dias, T.C.S; Lemes, L.N

 ·  Influence of rainfall on diquat efficiency in controlling Salvinia auriculata, Pistia stratiotes and Eichhornia crassipes
Souza, G.S.F; Campos, C.F; Pereira, M.R.R; Martins, D

 ·  Selectivity of glyphosate tank mixtures for RR soybean
Alonso, D.G; Constantin, J; Oliveira Jr, R.S; Arantes, J.G.Z; Cavalieri, S.D; Santos, G; Rios, F.A; Franchini, L.H.M

 ·  Uniformity of spray droplet deposition in peanut and Brachiaria plantaginea plants
Rodrigues-Costa, A.C.P; Martins, D; Costa, N.V