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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.29 no.spe Viçosa  2011

 ·  Quantification of sorgoleone in sorghum extracts and roots under different storage periods
Franco, F.H.S; Machado, Y; Takahashi, J.A; Karam, D; Garcia, Q.S

 ·  Allelopathy of cover crops on the soil surface or incorporated into the soil for Digitaria spp. control
Moraes, P.V.D; Agostinetto, D; Panozzo, L.E; Tironi, S.P; Galon, L; Santos, L.S

 ·  Emergence of Merremia cissoides, Mucuna aterrima, and Neonotonia wightii under different sowing depths and amounts of sugarcane straw
Campos, L.H.F; Mello, M.S.C; Carvalho, S.J.P; Nicolai, M; Christoffoleti, P.J

 ·  Phytosociology of weeds in cowpea and cassava crops under the slash-and-burn with plow
Marques, L.J.P; Silva, M.R.M; Lopes, G.S; Corrêa, M.J.P; Araujo, M.S; Costa, E.A; Muniz, F.H

 ·  Competitive capacity of Hymenaea courbaril with green manure, forage species and weeds
Gandini, A.M.M; Santos, J.B; Andrezza, M.M.G; Santana, R.C; Cunha, V.C; Valadão Silva, D; Fiore, R.A

 ·  Weed incidence in grain production systems
Castro, G.S.A; Crusciol, C.A.C; Negrisoli, E; Perim, L

 ·  Reproduction biology of Mimosa bimucronata: a ruderal species
Silva, L.A; Guimarães, E; Rossi, M.N; Maimoni-Rodella, R.C.S

 ·  Synedrellopsis grisebachii foliar area estimate using a non-destructive method
Carvalho, L.B; Bianco, M.S; Bianco, S

 ·  Interference of Brachiaria brizantha in the morphology of sugarcane
Galon, L; Tironi, S.P; Faria, A.T; Silva, A.F; Silva, A.A; Concenço, G; Borges, E.T; Rocha, P.R.R; Ferreira, E.A; Aspiazú, I

 ·  Influence of Brachiaria brizantha in physiological characteristics related to photosynthesis and efficient use of water in sugarcane
Galon, L; Concenço, G; Tironi, S.P; Rocha, P.R.R; Silva, A.F; Aspiazú, I; Ferreira, E.A; Silva, A.A; Borges, E.T

 ·  Relationship between water consumption and herbicide absorption in weeds and sugarcane
Araldi, R; Velini, E.D; Girotto, M; Carbonari, C.A; Sampaio, T.F; Trindade, M.L.B

 ·  Analysis of fluorescence and water consumption in Brachiaria decumbens after herbicide application in post-emergence
Araldi, R; Girotto, M; Velini, E.D; Tropaldi, L; Silva, I.P.F; Carbonari, C.A

 ·  Effect of soil humidity conditions and germination depths of Brachiaria plantaginea and Digitaria spp. on tebuthiuron efficacy
Negrisoli, E; Carbonari, C.A; Corrêa, M.R; Perim, L; Velini, E.D; Toledo, R.E.B; Victoria Filho, R; Rossi, C.V.S

 ·  Selectivity of herbicides registered for corn at the immature stages of Trichogramma pretio sum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
Stefanello Jr, G.J; Grutzmacher, A.D; Pasini, R.A; Bonez, C; Moreira, D.C; Spagnol, D

 ·  Toxicity of herbicides applied on sugarcane to the diazotrophic bacterium Azospirillum brasilense
Procópio, S.O; Fernandes, M.F; Teles, D.A; Sena Filho, J.G; Cargnelutti Filho, A; Vargas, L; Sant'Anna, S.A.C

 ·  Agronomic performance of sorghum as a response to 2,4-D application dosage and times
Petter, F.A; Pacheco, L.P; Alcântara Neto, F; Zuffo, A.M; Procópio, S.O; Almeida, F.A

 ·  Imidazolinone-tolerant rice: red rice seed bank and gene flow
Marchesan, E; Massoni, P.F.S; Grohs, M; Villa, S.C.C; Avila, L.A; Roso, R

 ·  Morphophysiological aspects of ryegrass biotypes (Lolium multiflorum) sensitive and resistant to glyphosate
Galvan, J; Rizzardi, M.A; Scheffer-Basso, S

 ·  Resistance to glyphosate in Conyza spp. biotypes in western and southwestern Parana, Brazil
Trezzi, M.M; Vidal, R.A; Xavier, E; Rosin, D; Balbinot JR, A.A; Prates, M.A

 ·  Response of Euphorbia heterophylla biotypes to glyphosate rates
Vargas, L; Nohatto, M.A; Agostinetto, D; Bianchi, M.A; Gonçalves, E.M; Toledo, R.E

 ·  Leaching of Picloram in ultisol under different rainfall volumes
Assis, E.C; Silva, A.A; D'Antonino, L; Queiroz, M.E.L.R; Barbosa, L.C

 ·  Potential of macrophytes for removing atrazine from aqueous solution
Guimarães, F.P; Aguiar, R; Karam, D; Oliveira, J.A; Silva, J.A.A; Santos, C.L; Sant'anna-Santos, B.F; Lizieri-Santos, C

 ·  Efficacy and loss of 2,4-d amine herbicide applied at different spray volumes and nozzles
Souza, L.A; Cunha, J.P.A.R; Pavanin, L.A

 Literature Review
 ·  Black jack: a special weed in tropical soils
Santos, J.B; Cury, J.P

 Scientific Notes
 ·  Optimization of the use of micro-satellite molecular markers in weed science studies
Goulart, I.C.G.R; Merotto Junior, A; Nunes, A.L; Bered, F