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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.30 no.1 Viçosa Jan./Mar. 2012

 ·  Effects of early compost application on no-till organic soybean
Penha, L.A.O.; Khatounian, C.A.; Fonseca, I.C.B

 ·  Phytochemistry and quantification of polyphenols in extracts of the Asteraceae weeds from Diamantina, Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Petacci, F.; Tavares, W.S.; Freitas, S.S.; Teles, A.M.; Serrão, J.E.; Zanuncio, J.C

 ·  Weed competition between Brachiaria plantaginea and rice culture, cv. 'Primavera'
Velho, G.F.; Crusciol, C.A.C.; Velini, E.D.; Castro, G.S.A.; Borghi, E

 ·  Determination of weed interference periods in sunflower culture
Silva, J.I.C.; Martins, D.; Pereira, M.R.R.; Rodrigues-Costa, A.C.P.; Costa, N.V

 ·  Weed interference in the development of the cassava plant
Albuquerque, J.A.A.; Sediyama, T.; Silva, A.A.; Alves, J.M.A.; Finoto, E.L.; Neto, F.A.; Silva, G.R

 ·  Effect of the density and distance of slender amaranth and milkweed on the common bean (Phaseolus vulgari)
Barroso, A.A.M.; Yamauti, M.S.; Nepomuceno, M.P.; Alves, P.L.C.A

 ·  Phyto-sociological assessment of pasture
Inoue, M.H.; Silva, B.E.; Pereira, K.M.; Santana, D.C.; Conciani, P.A.; Sztoltz, C.L

 ·  Leaf nutrient content in coffee plants and weeds cultivated in competition
Fialho, C.M.T.; Silva, A.A.; Faria, A.T.; Torres, L.G.; Rocha, P.R.R.; Santos, J.B

 ·  Nutrient accumulation in conventional and glyphosate-resistant soybean under different types of weed control
Zobiole, L.H.S.; Oliveira JR., R.S.; Constantin, J.; Oliveira JR, A.; Castro, C.; Oliveira, F.A.; Kremer, R.J.; Moreira, A.; Romagnoli, L.M

 ·  Accumulation of dry mass and macronutrients by Glycine max and Solanum americanum plants
Bianco, S.; Carvalho, L.B.; Bianco, M.S.; Pitelli, R.A

 ·  Biological aspects of Brevipalpus phoenicis, a mite vector of citrus leprosis and horseweed (Conyza canadensis)
Andrade, D.J.; Correia, N.M.; Barbosa, C.L.; Oliveira, C.A.L

 ·  Growth of residual herbicide (imazethapyr+imazapic) bio-indicators sown in rotation with Clearfield® rice
Sousa, C.P.; Bacarin, M.A.; Pinto, J.J.O

 ·  Response of sugarcane metabolism to ripener application
Meschede, D.K.; Velini, E.D.; Tonin, F.G.; Carbonari, C.A

 ·  Lignin and cellulose contents in sugarcane after ripener application
Meschede, D.K.; Velini, E.D.; Carbonari, C.A.; Moraes, C.P

 ·  Optimizing the width of strip weeding in arabica coffee in relation to crop age
Araújo, FC.; Ronchi, C.P.; Almeida, W.L.; Silva, M.A.A.; Magalhães, C.E.O.; Good-God, P.I.V

 ·  Effect of glyphosate and associations in post-emergence on the agronomic performance and quality of RR® soybean seeds
Albrecht, L.P.; Alonso, D.G.; Albrecht, A.J.P.; Oliveira JR., R.S.; Braccini, A.L.; Constantin, J

 ·  Sulfentrazone selectivity and root absorption in eucalyptus clones
Carbonari, C.A.; Velini, E.D.; Gomes, G.L.G.C.; Takahashi, E.N.; Araldi, R

 ·  Glyphosate effects on the growth and free sugar accumulation of two lolium perenn e biotypes with different herbicide sensitivity
Yanniccari, M.; Istilart, C.; Giménez, D.O.; Acciaresi, H.; Castro, A.M

 ·  Efficacy of herbicides applied to Digitaria horizontalis plants under different water conditions
Pereira, M.R.R.; Martins, D.; Souza, G.S.F.; Rodrigues-Costa, A.C.P.; Klar, A.E

 ·  Sugarcane tolerance to herbicides based on the difference between treatments
Schiavetto, A.R.; Perecin, D.; Azania, C.A.M.; Zera, F.S.; Azania, A.A.P.M.; Lorenzato, C.M

 ·  Effect of water stress on the efficiency of herbicides and on the biochemical characteristics of Ipomoea grandifolia
Vitorino, H.S.; Martins, D

 ·  Development of coffee plants in soils with picloram residues
D'Antonino, L.; França, A.C.; Silva, A.A.; Ferreira, L.R.; Silva, G.R

 ·  Quantitative aspects of spray droplet deposition on peanut plants and Brachiaria plantaginea
Rodrigues-Costa, A.C.P.; Martins, D.; Costa, N.V.; Pereira, M.R.R

 ·  Transposition amount of liquid sprayed on sugarcane straw using fan and cone type nozzles
Contiero, R.L.; Francischini, A.C.; Santos, G.; Ruver, A.; Curione, C

 ·  Weed mapping using a machine vision system
Silva Junior, M.C.; Pinto, F.A.C.; Queiroz, D.M.; Gómez-Gil, J.; Navas-Gracia, L.M