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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.30 no.2 Viçosa Apr./June 2012

 ·  Hydro-acoustic remote sensing in submerged aquatic macrophyte mapping
Rotta, L.H.S.; Imai, N.N.; Batista, L.F.A.; Boschi, L.S.; Galo, M.L.B.T.; Velini, E.D

 ·  Analysis of the spatial-temporal dynamics of submerged macrophytes mapped with hydro-acoustic techniques in Taquaruçu reservoir, Paranapanema river
Batista, L.F.A.; Imai, N.N.; Rotta, L.H.S.; Watanabe, F.S.Y.; Velini, E.D

 ·  Anatomic leaf changes in Brachiaria subquadripara submitted to herbicide application
Costa, N.V.; Martins, D.; Rodella, R.A.; Rodrigues-Costa, A.C.P

 ·  Influence of rain on Herbicide 2,4-D efficacy in controlling Myriophyllum aquaticum
Souza, G.S.F.; Pereira, M.R.R.; Vitorino, H.S.; Campos, C.F.; Martins, D

 ·  Toxic action of aqueous wheat straw extract on horse e purslane
Khaliq, A.; Matloob, A.; Aslam, F.; Mushtaq, M.N.; Khan, M.B

 ·  Weed communities and their interference in no-tillage bean sown in the spring season
Barroso, A.A.M.; Alves, P.L.C.A.; Yamauti, M.S.; Nepomuceno, M.P

 ·  Accumulation and partitioning of dry matter and nutrients in maize cultivars in competition with weed
Cury, J.P.; Santos, J.B.; Silva, E.B.; Byrro, E.C.M.; Braga, R. R.; Carvalho, F.P.; Valadão Silva, D

 ·  Phytosociology in agricultural areas submitted to distinct wintercropping management
Concenço, G.; Ceccon, G.; Sereia, R.C.; Correia, I.V.T.; Galon, L

 ·  Further molecular characterization of weed-associated begomoviruses in Brazil with an emphasis on Sida spp
Tavares, S.S.; Ramos-Sobrinho, R.; González-Aguilera, J.; Lima, G.S.A.; Assunção, I.P.; Zerbini, F.M

 ·  Growth of the crabgrass species Digitaria ciliaris and Digitaria nuda
Souza, R.C.; Dias, A.C.; Figueiredo, M.R.A.; Obara, F.E.B.; Christoffoleti, P.J

 ·  Selectivity of atrazin and nicosulfurom to Podisus nigrispinus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
Menezes, C.W.G.; Santos, J.B.; Assis Júnior, S.L.; Fonseca, A.J.; França, A.C.; Soares, M.A.; Fernandes, A.F

 ·  Postemergence control and germination characteristics of Synedrellopsis grisebachii
Giancotti, P.R.F.; Alves, P.L.C.A.; Yamauti, M.S.; Barroso, A.A.M

 ·  Effect of hexazinone applied alone and in combination on the photosynthetic efficiency of Panicum maximum
Girotto, M.; Araldi, R.; Velini, E.D.; Trindade, M.L.B.; Carbonari, C.A

 ·  Nutrient and shoot dry matter accumulation of two GR soybean cultivars under the effect of glyphosate formulations
Cavalieri, S.D.; Velini, E.D.; Silva, F.M.L.; São José, A.R.; Andrade, G.J.M

 ·  Use of the new Clearfield® system in sunflower culture to control dicotyledonous weeds
Santos, G.; Francischini, A.C.; Constantin, J.; Oliveira Jr., R.S.; Ghiglione, H.; Velho, G.F.; Oliveira Neto, A.M

 ·  Efficiency of Brachiaria brizantha control and selectivity of the herbicides {(diuron+hexazinone)+MSMA} Applied on sugarcane
Galon, L.; Tironi, S.P.; Silva, A.A.; Silva, A.F.; Concenço, G.; Rocha, P.R.R.; Kunz, V.L.; Ferreira, E.A.; Ferreira, F.A

 ·  Selectivity of nicosulfuron at three popcorn growth stages
Cavalieri, S.D.; Silva, F.M.L.; Velini, E.D.; São José, A.R.; Ulloa, S.M.; Datta, A.; Cavalieri, J.D.; Knezevic, S.Z

 ·  The effect of fluazifop-p-butyl doses on the performance of the common bean plant intercropped with brachiaria species
Carvalho, A.J.; Carneiro, J.E.S.; Santos, M.V.; Ferreira, L.R.; Cecon, P.R.; Santos, M.G.P

 ·  Catalase relative activity of ragweed (Parthenium hysterophorus) compared to that of other weed species
Carvalho, S.J.P.; Machado, E.C.R.; Marques, B.S.; Silva, A.P.P.; Lima, R.S.O.; Costa, R

 ·  Control of glyphosate resistant hairy fleabane (Conyza bonariensis) with dicamba and 2,4-D
Soares, D.J.; Oliveira, W.S.; López-Ovejero, R.F.; Christoffoleti, P.J

 ·  Leaf anatomy of Lolium multiflorum sensitive and resistant to glyphosate
Galvani, J.; Rizzardi, M.A.; Carneiro, C.M.; Bianchi, M.A

 ·  Saflufenacyl and residual leaching after drought periods
Monqueiro, P.A.; Sabbag, R.; Orzari, I.; Hijano, N.; Galvani Filho, M.; Dallacosta, V.; Krolikowski, V.; Hirata, A.C. Silva

 ·  Optimizing activity of herbicides at reduced rate on Emex spinosa campd. with adjuvants
Javaid, M.M.; Tanveer, A.; Ahmad, R.; Yaseen, M.; Khaliq, A

 ·  Reflectance indices as a diagnostic tool for weed control performed by multipurpose equipment in precision agriculture
Merotto JR., A.; Bredemeier, C.; Vidal, R.A.; Goulart, I.C.G.R.; Bortoli, E.D.; Anderson, N.L

 ·  Physical incompatibility of herbicide and insecticide mixtures
Petter, F.A.; Segate, D.; Pacheco, L.P.; Almeida, F.A.; Alcântara Neto, F